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Wednesday, January 3rd

It's noon, so naturally we crack into a 610 6-Pack. Plus, the Eric Hosmer news has everyone buzzing and a great coach clears the air. 


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There weights. It's noon here. I feel. It's an years. It doesn't matter. At noon on this show. We've got something caucuses or six back brought to by the folks at the red toward real relocations. One of Brooke's body other instantly wouldn't camel like court and that it was location which opened up back in the fall. It opened a part of a 109. Strikes out I wanted to three locations even today just one day away from getting the most amazing chicken I have ever had in your face to plan accordingly for Thursday. We're gonna great manual every day with the rest of those I think they want free location. Started off with the big news of the day guys USA today is reporting that the royals haven't offer on the table to Eric Hosmer. A reported seven years 147. Million dollars we have Jeffrey Flanagan on 610 royals insider and contributor. He reported that the royals not confirming the USA today report. And also spoke with Dayton Moore had no further comment for now but as throughout the off season Jeffrey Flanagan. Has made it abundantly clear that one of the royals' top priorities. Is bringing back here. Almost eight of their houses would love to see him back. If the price of seven years a 147 million dollar Soviet that that that's fine. Because of the a lot of times we talk about that does the team discovered team if you. Takes you on its you don't see of the ballpark. You want them to best money team players that have been productive force. It's air house has been a big reason why the team is big success success so I had no issue with that. I don't equate it though to being absolutely. A winning situation from here on out. I don't view it that way I think there are a lot of gains at look at this right now the average fan would equate this to winning and it does. They're pretty he's a superstar lady come back home made Gilles the hitter missed on some of these deals that is if it is interesting because you've always heard this Padres offer on the table for possible but not sport and keep them on the royals to. But his agent Scott Morse does a lot of art in I mean a lot of talking and keep in mind this could come before. He set the bar all the royals coming out he's doing this you drive the price of the day. Here's a scalpel does it have been cases right that he wants eight or nine years. Maybe that's part of the deal Boras is more than happy to hear this information that's why I believe there is truth behind it. This guy likes to talk and drive the price of the game as the players like fetus actually being true to. Connect your fielding questions on this malicious outpouring of particular regard. For good stuff. We'll hear more. From Jeffrey Flanagan as well as Bob nightingale and can Rosenthal make Gail during the shipper George fast in the morning early in this I guess it's six and foresight from. When he joined us at 1030 battle for the pockets they fixed and we're far from over some of that for yet. Here in just. A little bit blocked. Will be achieved peace for the team today placing quarterback Philip gains on IR David signed defensive tackles this bill is this spot if mr. to a I think McCain's corner. I Stefan Charles. The defensive tackle they have signed on a hotly Jarvis Jenkins. And Iraqi union roaches all my practicing today Albert Wilson however I did return after missing yesterday with when and Reid described as hamster. David Charles he's Canadian just over what. Immediately by the way people did speak to be agreement here on Twitter. It's joked about putting every he'll back perfect. Distance that it could feature in west were to Maurice Robinson. Because it is the belt now if you are fixed or feasible with you think that there. This Philippines those three haven't thought about it at all but this. Did that. All these injuries. It took a special teams in the end you know it'll make a beat your secondary that is not bold well matchup against us it doesn't. And they're gonna hit Antonio Brown back. Yes off to sit in Philippines although gains what he was enacted the Broncos played an active with the voting for but he is a big special teams contributor. If you do that but I was here three elbow that was like there's always guys that played no he's. Whenever elbow are. There was a nasty looking injured. I'm still analysts. No lines of this eight green comfort. Yes you know it's got to wait and tell you showed a very it was shot for it's because if it. In New England beat him. Both to. Amy Amy and me because but thankfully. But it prevents people all discussed. But the ball is old but man I was told earlier by a factor that Billy Butler and air cover of the same person so I'm still working through that only some. I've got a piece of breaking news from off into the show in rap port NFL network. I mean. This season's over Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety TJ ward was arrested today on charges of possession of Canada us. And possession of drug paraphernalia for online records ward was released from jail this morning after posting. 2500. Dollar fine. The fare much marijuana he was unprofessional it does not stadium out and sparse faster define I love this text is serious Scott forced labor but that actual numbers that's completely Tutsis the neglect that. Can Rosenthal says the exact same thing this morning what do you think can Rose Bowl gets his information. Gap or seizure. That's what these guys it's a good vote directly to god. Rest of USA today reported our mouth pieces for scuffle. We talked about a lot last week guys whether or not Kansas State coach Bill Snyder wouldn't be making his return this year. Announced yesterday. That it will be. K state head coach bill Schneider announcing that he will be coming back for another season. As the head football of. The number one thing that I think is in the best. Com. That could be that that the case they should be able to do this could have put an added advantage moving forward from this point on knowing that he's coming back here is that it. They have to have a concrete plan they have. I know we get senior it's all wolf. They like this guy they like this candidate or this person that was sort both have a definitive strong list of candidates. Past coach his current post is offensive coordinators deep visit coordinators. And I'm not saying if you don't include on site is being a part that's what you have a a pretty comprehensive list is because he kicked the door in this. Being in this situation where you're not sure where you gonna go the next. Just like the white Thompson's tunis last week runner. And he said football is not have to Snyder by as anybody bubble tea Iger. Football's not passable starter buys actually good thing if they he's still a great coach. But it's the other thing that I think and the recruiting and doing things I told this story about running belt Monet water or feel like it's twofold firstly thoughtful. Jim Moore hit states that phone point. You're clearly what impressed you more Jim horrible call on him for calling partial. Death do you eat big Kansas State needs of the independent if they if there's going to be bill Snyder's last year's kinks look no during the you figure you think they redo it early before the season's over that would achieve big point in going to war. Like if the right thing you'll likely fury he gave who heads up he's going to be leaving. Interviewer they want. Our coaches are afraid to talk to and if they know the coach could be gone. Some coaches do have allowed their subscribers Bernadie fiddling with it because somebody coaches are and what some coach. So are going to want to check on night and here Louis that there shall I believe his shoulder still intact. The last official. You guys Democrats are talking about this you see stories on the Yvonne from the she Garcia. President of our country has been around quarter. I don't think geez I I don't know if you're talking about us and we dime eyes. And just. I caught up with what is enamored by the at real Donald Trump on Twitter I will be announcing the most dishonest. And corrupt media awards of the year on Monday at 5 o'clock last August subjects will cover dishonesty and bad reporting in various categories from the big news media and stay tuned. Be the only one looking forward that's right I'm looking forward to and zags beat me I'll. In which most dishonest yes. Your kid you think than anybody been known to be stationed in. India. CNN reg clean up. This is this a fairly and we couldn't get Fausto nominate some of them about the justices. Of the. It's good tease each York. The big big shoulder to accept her award. But are gonna have awards. Circle statue and everybody give out I don't know. I I hope all of this is true this president cease and desist pretty active in the area. On the fake like. He's. Fifth place or don't I mean that's money we're going to be yours I'm worried about that our policy toward. Not watching us all watch it. I hope he I would be periscope that are personal FaceBook Liza some. What an award ceremony Alex and they cut aways to a crowd the big east. If you saw this but I showed it's some birdies figure a way to reward. I asked if the boss man. Texas John is John. But Paul Sorvino. AD active group. He. Yes it's wrong for Harvey Weinstein you know the whole. You know. The senate solved all of us to ask them. He's been a part of it. Seems he taught what god the father. And asked him a Bol did. And it was a story came out a couple of weeks ago with informed that his daughter Mira had. She'd been blacklisted OK from Hollywood and it missed out several roles because of Weinstein. This is what the good solid start at the saves. He's gonna go to jail. That this will be good for him if he'd go because if not. If he has to meet me. Outfield that. Two months there net trucker. Really notice he was dead series. Wolf I do believe all of Bermuda what I'm big on this heat is getting real lucky streets of old. Just get real life earth. By the way UST ban a photographer for our Chris I've worked dude we want our. Philadelphia guys basics and expect rats and by record review. At. Or for a I got one thing UCF is putting this tape should. I don't talk like you the F Bonaparte where you have the wealthy schools universities yet pamphlets you invoke Brinkley. Essentially constant. He's asked Christie Brinkley was really hasn't helped pull. Why won't say it'll it over now it's fused itself but we talked to rich get a CBS sports we talked to him. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Collie big time yeah. Getting on Twitter and from a radio producers have analyzed. Are we from it. We're gonna try to get ahold of this game here in just seconds. Saigon. One of the best guess on the station's. But the business week for the years yet. I think that Michael and I'm choice Conan. You Colby Schiffer part Chucky. Opel will. We get a hold of monologue would definitely. Asked him about the possibilities. If it's a it's all right Michael ER it's. Or kill eight yes it was a reference exists not to look at Florida third don't be that guy gets episode three you produce that he would committed to go shelf. He's very upset about it we took Woodard don't keep calling. Put your phone in airplane orders. Or we get around that. Basal arts at again as we won't counts if you keep trying to you know part of the all of you it's at the producers of the get a hold of the ports in the forehead on. You gotta keep effort and you gotta keep calling got to eat you got a minimum three times medical at least three times if you don't get him. Two to three times in. I don't know maybe maybe darkness. They'd get Trey at least they cast on and you don't notes. He's tried twice already so note no risk it. And Bruce who's and three efforts here or is now or three. If by more richer rich doesn't have an outgoing voicemail message either. His employer comes first. Did you you take the time to say here are going worst moments which now have their you missed it. I'd like to set I he voicemails a much prefer text. We understand why their own version using your phone as a phone is that what you leave voice mails. Natalie voice and people people voiced openly opposed negatively smoke from his faith and this meanings old school. Nation thinks he's leaving and answered with tell Emerson next number Ed but for every town gonna voiced no it's always a sport where we're Cal's you know you're there pick up. Picked but the current account. When do you think any it'd be really did it take now. Never after. He text me 5:15 in the morning and by sixty. But does that keep you Jadox thing. This. Let's Haas were second and hopefully we get a hold both. Aldridge getting here and possibly next segment got to get some things go about it yes and based on all but let's talk a little bit more about their house arm hand. This seven year a hundred in 47. Million dollar deal potentially. Because. Look let's say this out there. We don't know that's the best deal that he can get we don't even know that's a deal that he's going to be almost signed with the royals. Maybe he maybe you'll end up signing for that. Oh when it comes to talk about your costs. And this deal. Generals often box. Was asked the ball air concert deal. When it comes to air constantly be portable rebuild. Or dizzy value more wanting to win when it comes to signing a free agency and this will Rosenthal had so. This is an excessive amount of money for them given out where they are right now. They're about to lose some other free agent for rentals came back with stockings a city's basketball possibly. So they are team that has talked and did quite open about the need to rebuild. Positive effectively would be signing on to that event trades of players in addition to losing the free agents and get a cut out their payrolls significantly. It might seem. In congress to have positive words that big number and then a payroll that is relatively low. But the idea would be to build the next great royals team around there house. Here's my question. If you're Eric Hosmer. You really wanna wait until a chance to win again you wanna wait in San Diego do you know I done that read it exactly so. I would imagine and I can't put words in his mouth of thoughts as it. I would imagine his preference would be a team like Saint Louis at a comparable numbers. To meet this whole conversation of all San Diego is number one. What does the final number that the trying to go to the beer cost in number two we have to factor in that the guy has a world championship all right so. Just look in discount a team. Basal of fact they haven't won. If that player or that religion believes that they did potentially win. That they will put other pieces around him then why not sign the but ultimately. If if they have the magic number in terms of the basic you know what we gonna go seven years 155 whatever or 160. Big he's going to have to back to that in take that into account and I don't know. Other things factor in the whales again we give 2020 the books are opening up a couple of guys Ausprey get outscored north payroll Ian Kennedy those things you have the money opened up. It was the new TV deal commanders went through my my biggest concern is. If you Posner. What do you really expect. Is you're not gonna have moves came in all he's got you middle these guys and you didn't make the playoffs three. So you have osprey or is going to be app because they were the 35 Jersey blog sphere play. But not have the results on the field is his place debt that is the Ruble. Getting house burn out of sight somewhere else you don't happen false gill read the near look at him move and a B. And you're looking at moving mare's field whatever their look at the move but if you bring Hosmer. Probably got the Anita back very manageable contract with him and what do you do with the other free agents I don't seem spinning beyond that but it's not a whole so rebuild what when he said small rebuild medium build rebuild. Full on rebuilt. You don't get odds are back full on rebuild which I'm OK with that I enjoyed watching these young stores come to the major leagues. I thought it was fun I'm willing to do rebuild you wanna World Series. Not to go back on that set before it went a World Series and I can deal with two years of mediocrity. Fair trade off to a in my lifetime in thirty years do. I duels and they would jinx when a Super Bowl ring win that trophy I can deal with the average football for ten years if you when. I do funny interesting in that we can you talk about market sizing you talk about giving out massive contracts and you have to make it tough decision. How we bowl on our thinking when he comes to giving out that mass of contract. Because I remember years ago. In Minneapolis when it came time with the twins. To have to figure out what are they gonna be a little for Joseph wow okay. And they made that commitment to Joe Mauer and he got. Page to the tune of a hundred gain that the it was a 184 million dollars for his long term contract. And that's how the twins go about their business they don't go about doing that but you know what. The same way like you were talking about. The TV deal. Eagle one you'll did the one being the twins had in their back pocket that they knew that they were to be at a generate some revenue from a brand new stadium. They don't they target field was about to be open so they knew that they were gonna pass the extra money to spend so obviously you know. Let's go into it. This guy we don't wanna light goal weight because you know who was rumored one of the place that he was probably gonna go to. Most likely it's Omar was going to be Minnesota anymore Boston. It seems like every good lefthanded batter. The nuggets are you're right it based gonna go to Boston and he'll just he'll trust in Boston. And so they would ahead plead the money unhappy that the boils it seems like at this point is willing to pony up the money effort. Senate for him 27 years old what eight years 184 million dealt the twins broke the bank that a team it's got a ton of money and now they're willing to do rebuild. With Kevin Joseph and late this something that the rules fans are gonna go through spend big money and go to rebuild. The twins identified an hour he said were paid in the standard 84 million which costs were about forty million less than what Joe Mauer got. Pretty intricate but that deal dealing with a rebuilt and it was either going to be do and rebuild. Now ours will be part of the rebuild its position in the. Angel was a better player and has been a better player and air concert but at least they're not you'll get a ring out. Of until just covering. It hammering they're all willing to rebuild would you yup they Def war. Jeffrey Flanagan joined us a little bit early news show he talked to ball. Whether it was the right call for the future when I wanted to signing. Here Costner as well this was the signing mean for all the rest of the organization we get to that next. Putting studio sixty and Sports Radio. Macy's we will make do with all due respect today. He's a busy man. He's a busy man with rumors came out last week I know the rumors are everywhere she reporting on our other guest. That can and has been looking at is the quarterback coach for congress humor Marie wrote quick tax on 69306. I don't wanna commit to watching this whole movie but right on Netflix and I ask you to be you know watching. That really that bad it hurts really bad. Like two hours long term for a fun and logged on commitment. I've seen mixed reviews on 693061. You know and other questions. You users but is YouTube TV. Check that but what 35 month. You'll jails are one. You may look into the UTV I've not at the court I'm not. And I think with a 180 million film I think cutting court. As I still ought to have Internet service. Yeah and then I start adding all of these streaming options and my answer to get a really good deal on a level that these these companies are doing such deals with the Internet if you buy either cable to trying to combat it by doing that. The deal with TVQ by the Internet. And lose business. I just got to get to the movies more. This year post is arming right was met with. Who idealism of the time it's as the world's best deal and yet Adams and it's all role whether it's tomorrow. Dedicate satellites whether they are today actually will be Peter Moore was asking questions we may it is maybe next segment. Obsessed right now. How many actual time did you go to the movie theaters. In 2000 watt a lot in the odd men out. Times 2070. Enacting that might be in the force out in my life that actual whole year not only to a movie theater. It was an assault on about twice on on Bloomberg dot com last week. That ought to talk to bow. Kolb will be dieters eat trying to modernize. To get people back into the movie theaters because industry is is is. They're having some issues getting people to them the right social. One of the things that was discussing with the mind he indices spot it was in movies and Deion he's a longtime sports reporter. Back to media and Eagles to at least. He goes to at least three to four so weak case at least one of those guys that's what he done its two month all right. That's what this is nobody's like he's able both rim heroes in your to a weaker. Or. But again I guess our and now a clear and go sell sell sell. I say at that point so so what we're all about this article right. It on the tests on six on threes 06 settlements it. This article is talking I get people back. More people back into the movie theater tipped to be appointed to experience. And there was some days you gained a lot to bide its not 95 it called movie as you can see a movie part. McCain asked. Bassinet for May be the most distraught ought to want to be sure. Sick ill how does rule. You get people get more invested. To get all house or whatever in the house to go to a movie theater. Wanted to acting that they acted do. Is with concessions. They still back the pricing man. Don't want to a movie theater in overpaying for pop on over painful popped once and over paper for TD and this is Compaq deal. His comeback as late. I understand what you're saying he said. The movie theater. They can't do that because that's where they're coming up that's what they're making money he says the terms of the actual itself he says that make it like 75 cents on the. It makes it's put the falcons. I think you able to assess because of its cheap good in about in schema by Esther but don't know. Because that difference for charging for the ticket put the other cities make a lot of money with their concessions the developments that we don't exactly need as many from concessions it's Pamela direct. Metric that the what are they charging to park opened a nuclear event yet done it different just different you know last movie it would put under siege. Dubbed the stop just about autism. Political cash and up a lot of guys in December wouldn't need to take a product. I. Well. It took myself owner and I see you buy a beer I don't buy beer are so so. Do you there'd still be here so let's do and what it would act just about it is such as. You're single guys that makes more sense you know freedom. He went from eagle and it's it's storming and when you're a couple tickets. In it if it comes an expensive then we go there with your wife whatever it's Portsmouth. But I get your single week easily go to movies GO problem go to movies buy yourself a neighbor and some people do. Illegal by themselves that no problem that he's funny that's a conversation with an ego you watch a movie in that there is that there are. This on the Tex lines. They say make better movies. Of some ball. A lot of recycled movies right now I'm not gonna say. Here at a value way to say that the movies that have been theaters the last year to have been also because that ending the only to the movie theater like out like that but. According to a lot of the reports has been some really good movies that have been put out the year. Of this bombed out attacks on six on threes 06 a movie theaters are having issues yes. But I went to a seminar with Ian CR executive he said is still all about the experience in different it's like oh of course. It is but here's the thing to draw the move how many times has been in your life some of that you've got to see. CU wit so I'm kind of lets the years so we're gonna you dinner instead you've got seeds Henry you've heard. On back then you've got to assume it's been the buzz for. But others it choices you don't hear that. This test oh full prices also commercials two reasonable fee. Double and a half of that low price that's that's that's agree store. We get it and many do just east of would you invested in the past mine is much you will be probably I mean my son I go to movies one month if not more or frequently. I always something comes on the logic it and it really excellent movie. If if you see mobile. Ma'am I'm gonna lie last summer wants the movies was. Movements all Star Wars movie. And I spent and now granted I once in my IMAX 3-D as it was pretty bad ass. I spent like 35 of tickets for me in my son and then like thirty bucks the concession stand. At the karma corn you know dude. Guy told me he say he taking is his daughters and a couple their friends it was so was it was for Vilma to the movie. Got them sold those Adam popcorn whatever he said the bill was 96 bucks. And our. Huh. That movie testaments are that sportscast in Atlanta Reese and was 27 a month or a bit of Elkins games. The Braves when they play anything George taking you do any sports event. In Atlanta that kind of reminds me of that arrow hijack this segment asking bright it was a good movie you really did taller one out yeah get some opinions. Eight different slant again. He was talking to us earlier about the air house rumor speculation about the seven years under 47 million dollars we ask a question is signing Haas the right call for the future. This was planning Edison. Take what they think exists since it. The western habits and that all all you mean and then I and the fact that he's been number one target level and our party and the theory behind it is you know he could be in itself be the guys who mentored in the next youth movement and they'll be having a -- an outfield that when they do you competitive again turn to play applies you know as early point one Nicaragua point one want that they'll still be in the crime and so on yours look at the contract is that the can contribute so meat from that angle it makes a lot of sense that I think you know hot brings so much to the club house that. You know if you lock in their next spring training and he's not around it is would really be felt that I think management. Realize that and so there model and again I mean this is real whopper contract if that's true it. I was making more. I predicted be more like six for one audience of like that so this is that live more than that but actually do anything good deal for them. Six year deal I'm finally at seven year deal on omelet eight or nine Amare was which keep seeing these numbers going up again bourses the mouthpiece for the media. Six years now seven years what's your next pretty eaters aren't. It is some training get the best you'll he's got to sweat a little bit that is guys like Colin like moves like Oz like Judy Martinez don't have deals. This is an ice cold hot stove the sport. It'll get into the top fifty sites genuine islets are eleven it's stuff you keep in mind about this number of last year before Christmas. It's usually last five years slate has been over a billion dollars in free agency. It is less than 500 million this year. It's almost double less this year than it's would have been in the past. Again it's more scanner. GM's wanna win without spin in the big money contracts if you look long term contracts don't always bode well for the team to do. It is January the third boils fans fest. Is January. He was at the 26. We talked about this last week it was gonna show this back went up he's been thought about treated your lose on Merck whose gonna show up like wit. Maybe he's gone who's gonna show I do think it is important note to of this and maybe there the Sunday at nine is the premiere of burn hot stove. And if there's one thing we know about burns hot stove. Is that once it goes on the air on the royals are making so if that happens every show every time report is every time I've read every time. That exception. Burns hot stove heat and Indian players show has always played or. Is he she'll play and breaking news from royals every single shot. Or correct SO Whitmore flashes every time is what we're not slash stimulus couple years. That's crazy. All right coming up this we did we know the titans are the reported that that you will face. But there's also speculation in news in regards to Jon Gruden and that he take the Oakland Raiders job let's hear from John gruden and self now. Boom studio sixty and Sports Radio. We mountains. You know. Yeah. I imagine tastefully made vows here. On six game coming up next segment top of the hour and it's on network thought Donald Fehr and former giants. Validation talk some playoffs. Titans horses. Are teams. Get a playoff game to deport Jews review all of a bitches all up. We want a widget is always and I'll send it to the Jacksonville's intrigues me is Whitney jags finished the season in the Buffalo Bills that. Have like no don't give to us about anything. Hills mafia effect. Outside of our game the game as its blessing to me is watching the Panthers in the sites. SUBS in the equipment could gain through the bills excellent reason relief that's what he does government when it geez all we. And we go our way could be some breaking news for you today your guys say Kwon Barkley death sign in with Iraq. Now the rock like we all just throw the rocket. Take off. It was big country with. Where John Floyd Robinson you know with Barack in a note. Atlanta he gets on the recently with some video solely in itself it's right in the draft recently he got some isn't it in the recent rants. Right now he has Barkley. Early in Ornette are all rock. And ask a ridiculous is. That men taken over. Hey you know this is counter that you would see eight to that would come around and groups that we. He's salesman they do contrary so we're best at best T shirt badly it was wearing it today it's. Also if violence is agents though we're sure it was a big deal if you missed us with rich in a twelve with team we missed too. Some crossing a line. Or wind got across we can get everything. Ironed out ritual drawing is tomorrow. Tomorrow but it still hammering down time he will be on from. There things to do. I not at liberty to go on. Ago. There's ego. Lester did Jon Gruden. The that talk has been about Jon Gruden. Going to the Oakland Raiders becoming the next sect told sound exactly realist on. Do you think that's a good opportunity for. Actually I think it is I think it's it is a team. Double double big to fit because he is familiar he's been there before. And they've got to do rust. It's fine in your core of the young quarterback who's obviously was called out by Jack a real improbable team. It's it's a fractured the oldest team just won twelve games the year ago the raiders need flash they're going to their new place Vegas. I Jon Gruden spells Vegas. Whenever. It is not going to Vegas this year and guess they're gonna work honesty and is built Steve's for the cheese they and was working on the construction crew and very chiefs kingdom under need to do stay in Vegas. But they mean the big splash you need to says. In like the I'd like me can figure out the rams kept on the Jeff Fisher. They thought that would be good moving. When they were moving from Houston noted Nashville. Meaning that the transition spends time in Memphis their before they with the natural but you need the big splash it took nine years. Jon Gruden is more about sizzle than substance maybe some. But I will say this he has stayed in the game he's got this fired coaches clinic of American viewers a sure goal attempt. It's words in Tampa. Coaches it's a good thing and coaches that are looking for the jobs that it was placed Helmand geno I believe seemed in there had to go there there watch films they've talked it's a networking things for coach. It's basically like the lobby of the final four only coaches that they get together John's place. He has stayed in the game his quarterback if he does he gets pretty deep India I do feel John is still a big or. Of the game deputy coach it's gonna be he's good at the agreed that he needs a great staff. Going forward that cell again looking for a talk given deserves rumors last week Meehan rap war. Joins our show Monday the pulpit they did Jon Gruden is interest in average income back as the quarterback coach. If he indeed took a job for the raiders how interest that is John Gordon. We've heard reports now he speaks he was on with go with and we go on ESPN. In this is what he had to say about the raiders job. They're Mark Davis call June said we've gone through our candidates and John your the one we choose we'd like you do that next door to a local writers wouldn't be the next coach of the Oakland Raiders. I think there's a good chance. Mum excited about. Where I am. In terms of studying the game and in and prepared to come back in coach I just don't wanna sit here speculate and it's almost like get. I don't know what's gonna happen my guy got to be honest with kids been. A long couple weeks I know they've gone through there a process of interviewing candidates send. Until they're done I won't know but I did have a good meeting with mark abnormal long time and got a lot of respect for the reader. Football organization. Couple things there for small he's protecting the raiders. I know they've talked to other people that was big question. As the got a says by the right so what's currency they know they've talked with Turkey and if they keep calling yes I'd be it. Of course he's interest. But they have to do the right thing and he knows the raiders had to do the right they need the interview. Other candidate so he's doing that is also saying basically our combat he also just buys but he stayed in the game. Beauty Steelers he wants to be. Is he knows when he takes the job there's going to be a lot of people come and handing. What's gruden done steam but let's get coached for long are. But how relevant is he still in the game of football turn back that up in justifying that that he still knows again. Which I think he could he's licking the Wrigley Reid took the job your neighbor of Klein I think use all fiscal morning beckoning you read our he said if you read to him whatever assistance he. He makes the call he unit the more free you read yes. They take that job with the staff that he's assembled we taught in a block model of the boss that he gets the best Peterson left as he got a head coaching job I get it. But magnate he's been looked at places the hopes being looked at places is if you work free Andy Reid yeah he's incredibly loyal to his assistants not only that. It gives you Easter good street cred going forward so I think the John is a little bit worried about that. Kind of the view of jumper and does he had been coaching very long for me for the raiders a homer and art they need flash going Las Vegas this certainly splash a speech and that. A little bit of breaking owes us some Torres pay the from the Kansas City Star. He just week to solve literally a minute ago she's office according to Madd Anke will indeed interview for the big years. And the colts openings sourced and arms. So Maggie Ayers and colts he will be interviewed think about this starts calling plays jets. How many people would have been it's been mending. As a head coach zero yet this team is on us they've lost six or seven games. Eighty Reid helps him out to me any greed still would be Toby and wagon. But he's the one of these fully endorsed the head coach I don't see this big endorsement for me be Reid comes amenity. Be a big loss that he's met on the cheeks averaging 29 points a game with him cold place. But I think it's maybe a little of the Doug Peterson thing. See the success that Peterson all let's go what retrieving be read to get this Evans of global tar. The patriots and what the patriots way. All the peep Romeo kanell Charlie Weis Scott Pioli bill O'Brien Josh for all the people to get jobs because they were for the patriots it's cardinal were being read. Oh what's he reads this what's he doing. In this news came of that Peterson was called a lot of the chiefs plays when they started the season one of five it increased the stock more. I think he's still on the on the bandwagon given they told that head coaching job before mandate. Don't forget Chris Ballard former chief guy L in Indianapolis. Familiarity with they've told. Whitman and connect the dots via. In excess. You can astle connect the dots it. They told should be analysts should he should be some like it would be interested and forget would Dustin Colquitt said the famous people bought it chore. When he did questioning its of their with the fiscal in the morning. And he was saying what guy meets with the second most amount of people besides that special teams coordinator. More the office supporting me and mourn the defense order the guy that's in charge of the second most amount of people on team as they'd go. We go that direction John horrible was a special teams guy the became head coach. It's a rarity but this has been miserable. Date codes on special teams a bit of a head coach would be that's been his biggest. As far as being the head coach. We'll talk to Donald here are some and it's on network coming up next in just two minutes. Ten the titans beat the seats. I feel confident that Cecil win big is pretty cocky about it or talk to shop next six. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Big box retail.