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Wednesday, January 3rd

Is resigning Eric Hosmer really what's in the best interest of the Royals' future? Plus, the Chiefs have a hot commodity on their hands, the Royals might have this in mind when trying to resign players, and this would be a nice change of pace. 


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And maybe I'll bet. Big news. Of course it. Takes like 696. To sleep on at Emory no delivery procedure quarterback. Oh home victory tree expert articles say this. If your home your he would eat this quarterback in the world the bakery field and you could what you align. This might do here and here. Only think at some excellent defense team but what. Defense is laughable last year alms for the 819 yards and dubious record yeah if you want answers and Mike Stoops they need to go to different direction that support. What does it what is much better what set you off of mr. X and I had to line at a loss that it is. So we are like Butler that was like Maria Damien could be good at Oklahoma that almost completely. Who's gonna start taxing these people your direct cellphone number so they can have those conversations with a immediately. Many of the signs that while some do Reggie. You don't want him blatantly give me your number way now. Reggie you responded to the guy on the text or through. Did against Holland Louis and I considered typical of over telephone boy I digress going out thankfully he picked up the importance. Think it was that would so just yet and aggression. You know let's look good last week that you oh no talk about outright lies I'm talking about the cap that it is you do it so yes and the computer drink I hope. It's back. My voice cracked I was scared at that age you already slam of the guys the state this morning she can't talk it out after the beverage can needs drink until 5 o'clock last nights at old that he was knew you'd treat you electric energy drinks ago. Surprisingly didn't shoot. Are you say. Asians are you did not do sports radio and. He's that the you do entry. The beer. I actually thought that in college and record radio let her podcast. And like ours beat. Now and immediately I don't know market goes Finnegan loaded. Say they didn't load there was there was no there was no thin about it. Then then. OR. IS back to your house. We asked the question by the way are you really knocking you pretty men update. Big news that they may have its big new person was burning. Mark aired on. This is named decency last week as human crap that would apple of these updates. Is all I needed a cactus bowl. In Texas is in by the working with. Stated via. Voters anonymously through quickly doubled actually the thing everyone I mean to put. What was it the Birmingham bowl or some some updates and I was I was given bull it was not worth it was not worth the key generated in the market aired on post a photo of Cris Cyborg so this dude as tough as hell only with the first one to make his nose. You need to light that I'm not a laugh about it put Seagram eating at a photos it is outside I know. To try to get maternity. He put a photo cyborg audience Ramon wrote quote this dude is tough as hell all the with the first America's nose. It's. Your your trip. To view portrait. All right let's get back to talking about your house. And we asked the question of our. Woes insider. It was a worlds have in LB dot com that is just Flanagan. Lanny is signing ha the right all for the future this will find its. I think what they think that that since it. It is the veteran of the pain at all all you mean and I in the fact that he's been the number one target level and our party. And that security ideas you know he could be in and they'll be the guy who mentored in the next. You movement and they'll be having a long enough deal that would make you be competitive again took place applies you know as early point one a couple of point 11 that they'll they'll be in their prime until your look at the contract is that the can contribute so amid some bad angle it makes a lot of sense in I think you'll hot brings so much to the club that. You know if you locked in there next spring training and he's not around it is would really be well I think management. Realized that and so they're on Nolan again I mean this is real whopper contract if it's true it. I was making more. I predicted be more like six for one audience like that loses that live more than that but actually do they get the good deal for them. Seven years a 147. Million dollars there's reports that he actually wants eight or nine years which actress. I'm sorry I'm not giving me by nine years I'm not I'm not. But the air odds are on IDB nine years I'm like I'm 98 years seven years when we go to seven years and eight and hundreds of these. Guys want them it's what I'd give that as one late thirties he'd be playing he's tech guy is still CB and relevant at that kind of age. How good would he be at that age I don't know the guys skills really go down 37 years old. In over that this is the goal right now keep in mind the cardinals were willing to pay the money for John Carlos Guillen. We got ourselves in they smell weakness was just listening to Olivia beat writer records here Sunday movie network of these basic weakness in the cup. We Davis now Iraq. The cardinals look at it this is their opportunity. That's that's really goes with it that he scares me more in the podger. The money being equal cost the cost would be seen Eagles much more BP ads that intensity singles very cocker. That money goes further. Resigning a big contract in New York play football. That money doesn't go as far as the guys just used that signs be countered in double what but it was much for would you rather lists San Diego or singles. San Diego a but money wise. You're rich man. You demand going if you're hurt it's already knew her for money indeed fighting als he wanted Cory won I get that. I'd rather. Critical of the move more money to be honest would you. He's gonna get he's getting getting torched them money he's gonna get and I think still at Miami in the offseason right arrow and live if Hillary wants out. All soul Slaney what is hos signing mean for dusty and others. Well I think you're gonna you're gonna have probably you know we can characterize. You know small medium large tree until then I think it probably going to be more like the medium one. That you could probably still be competitive enough that compare yourself. And and so for and maybe even doubt me but you know there's nobody committed to you know restock their farm system so. It got it is gonna happen moved someone that couldn't be any. It's still might be the heated don't know com. I was talking more terms of not being able to resign eagerly. If it was gone and gone. You guys are gone you got replaced. Are the rebuilt but I'll tell factories but want to implement. You know what are the most valuable that's right now it's where you analysts but here's the quote control. W and long term deal. Those guys that are giving markets right now I'm not seem to remove them not fingered. You know there but that went out there. I just looked it possibly if he stays. I think it does apple will for Danny Duffy being a cutesy you're gonna need other guys to assist. It constitute the process. Of trying to continue to make this team it's the price to on a legacy. AMP and replace the people are. Honest with. All the news and are caused or watch a movie network and you know bring it down on the dirt dirt and famed grass guys and on talk about his beat David he's gold Glover four times over still talk about is the it's not much out. Which I do you think your customers in the thirty home runs in the ballpark. But he's not talked about in a lot of places but he's beloved in Kansas City but the price for that I brought up Lester removes. Moose was up for the final selection fields are. There was no doubt but the way Kansas City fans love their players. They were gonna vote and did you have any doubt that Mike was doctors and wasn't going to win that vote not buddies didn't know. Eric Hosmer could go down in my duties mount Rushmore. Analogy fits and that's overplayed people he's mount Rushmore. Xena if he stays in Kansas that he would he not be won the top by the athletes in the air. Media she's rubbed Austin there bread is there a Tom Watson. In it was theirs for your top three. But beyond that wars ago frank why today and Eric Hosmer mean he gets the chance because he wanna ring here. In because he's beloved in Kansas City I don't know another marketers to treat the Saint Louis he's just another player. That got many many legends is force baseball players are good third seed Diego I don't think they really care to give a big city he is a chance he'd be a legend here. I and that's important. It is what it is an amateur you walk. It is what it is. And the reason I say it is what it is it is because I agree with you legacies do matter. But guys in their twenties typically don't care about legacies and much later when net net. Nobody likes what he's still when you thirty's we have 3233. Go to Alex Gordon H. And beyond it you ought to legacies but when you're deep into one of horse back. Massive contract you care less about like this you don't could you could you'd done enough to still create. Legacies but it is going there with the royals won and 85. Eat meat that they'll mingling in breath it was reported that 85. Now the 2015 teams that got bored Gordon's going to be lifelong royal mushy. Please is last we years in another town for Losman who knows he's getting your members were so operas Tommy still has that chance to be next we're ready even morsel in Oz. I Torres can still be. That next guy beyond towards Brett not necessarily harbor but for us to. It's it's really stapled it back he goes anywhere and there is solve video of him go to a concert and for doubt concert was about a year ago Beasley minute. It just the mob people wouldn't outscored their goalie who's hurt. He's a rock star in this town so I don't know legacy. Would have played quite a minute this can't measure back like that you'd be very attracted to come back here. Hardest Google account and be one of the best athletes ever an account with professional sports how difficult that is. He's not it is he's got in the greatest player he's been the one starting. Yet as the legacy does against that he picked up that. There's guys go to six and seven pro ball 67 also games. They're all. Looked upon in their talent is it possible would be you would not think meaningless not only does next year. It's not affect Bryce Harper what he does nature those guys when you're that. It is much does but isn't exactly let's and there are so many other sports led I don't know let's hope he's alleged the national years but. If they care about it as much as we do here. As far as sports who personally. Donald the nationals have opinions the national air is much we do you hear about our sports started in the path. That's fair I mean. Tim that think they do I think a joke Iceland where he sit in the on in there in the district. The court is all he's he's a legend he's alleged until I think there's one city. Oh possibly to where they don't hear as much. And it's LA. In New York aid to some degree it depends on what you think about New York now with the Yankees it matters to Jeter. Make phone now they care about jeetz I just think Kevin that lifetime record when he anywhere in your drinks about forty. Anywhere you go people get at a level pot. He came back here in a cricket that guy's Jersey again and everybody almost as in the big a bottle while leaving Cleveland to go to Miami. Big big shocker that team that their client that shocked. Is sucked all the credit is going to Miami utterly I'm glad you like debut as a he's had a introduced and welcomed to the land out of the highlights are eager to welcome new Julian and innate they played at night but he's not play against his old he opened the Boston Celtics. Aqib Talib had some really interesting comments on the current quarterback did it seems. In the dot who's next in line weight into you here with he had to say you do not want to miss this get to a net. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Are back with the on the day simply being too much else. Don't expand. We do ask them in his cell Walid guests will be talking to later in the show howls from now it's and it CBS sports. Not just our weekly visit play he's been in the news. Recently speculation about. Oakland. Which. Equals excellent leg as traders evens things Vince's quarterback coach and willing to discuss this. On he has yet. So. Really curious. Being hurt themselves that it. Sergey and we'll talk about it you've written so our goal at 1 o'clock channel here formal off offensive lineman. The New York Giants still he's the easy down. Son in law all Tom Coughlin right. Or was still is our life. I'm Gloria marijuana verify that be like that is one of the tournament it's those things odds did research on it. As an amateur public knowledge I'm certain guest we entirely over leak. Wrote that third. Local local product party has a history texts and SP and Bober Leo wants to for the titans absolutely dead wood that want to whoever tax that thank you that. Made days old today that somebody hurt my eyes but Brinkley comes out. Plea Carney played in the zoo. Long snapper. Lament that long for me to. Korean rated position. I'm in currently. The wood on to bowl at 130. Which you came across some I thought. Outstanding. Audio bit from a guy likes his trash talk. Phenomenal quarterback. All the would place at the broad goals a key to leak. And he's breaking down in evaluating and he he he talks a ball not just past the homes but he also has some commentary on Ausmus. No it does I heard this. Seed got India beginning yesterday in highs or they'd found. And stuff article which you find it's been in it was from the big Maury show in Denver and a few sports. Radio 950. A key to leave who's always not been shy about there was some shade the chief's direction. In what he says he usually means right he leaves those guys and a back ski beat the chiefs why would he praised the Kansas City Chiefs member search. This is not part of what to keep lead guts but here's Aqib Talib yesterday on my home. I saw double tragic mark Holmes at saint addicts live is going to be a free agent they. I. Saw. The ball. Smart I'd seen him tick protections. A senior marine at least it and you guys you don't we we know are stronger army as men he has competitors so I think I think and it's misty deadly might be on and market next year. Spoke pits from one of the best quarter easily. Who doesn't heap praise on anybody knows what he threw seeing more anything else but he kept going. And I got it AK 47 employ all big thank you go to wherever he won't. No matter you run left run him right in a matter of men and guys are gone for our men and the show is show them you don't. So there's the key to lead on one page I just point out that for a guy to. He's been involved with some firearms. Yes he didn't choose the right gun to compare Patrick moans as his role is AK 47 will be rapid fire like I think he was more going like. Outlets and fifty Al. I'm well that in this question was asked whom as well with big Marty. Would you take Alex mitnick she's quarterback would you would you welcome Alex Smith to this to this roster. All know me I'll notching Alex Smith and that emits he's Austrian Dana. This is it it's remarkable that basic sets limits either Austria and go to another Austrians and not be so essential passengers saying. And they they bait they Austrians karma. Branded so long you get a guy. Who who can. Merry yea it is kind of run this so bad so I don't know Bud Day. So long long lives. In just a frenzied final that really good questions or on was someone saying there's a great question. Of Von Miller was asked this I know I got to during world war would you would you welcome Alex Smith to this to this roster. Keeping the Miller a that this is welcome Alex Smith to the soon to this roster. That's a long balls are very long par just on a measure of thoughtful response. Which you heard what he said Obama homes actually loves moments later Von Miller after the game. There's great character and I knew it wasn't surprised many diseases. Is quality core values according to future which he came in this great those. You know he's a rookie still got there and play. Like so we has ones out there these do you know came through in place so you know that's ultimately. You know more homes he's going to be recorded their future's going to be very core agrees scramble ability. Did scramble potable. You know he's he's going to great Korda he's right now and you know an X is going to be your two Foreman is going to be record it's going to be very quickly and is. Okay seven greats. I counted and neither has been at seven greats I heard from Von Miller about record home. Again he reiterates we had some ones out there keep to lead does that matter residing sealed against now. The Pentagon's don't across his body Becky and getting in trouble of sort of crush your body you can always count it he's done availability pick on the last drive. He's very confident in what he can do but there's Aqib Talib. It is completely. Crazy and. Assad local pastor mark Holmes at saint addicts live is one of the bush created they. The goods leaving guided by it Barbara. Are Smart as seen in check the protections you know marina beat it and he got you don't we we know are stronger army as men the guys competitors so I think I think as dismissed these deadly might be on the market next year. I think the word to reward him for you were patty cake in the shape yes. Vegas where he's looked for when we talk about this which one thing for if we seize them a better homes and it's one thing you've been you read it's completely different thing if an opponent. The typically through she'd not praise. Praises the quarterback fours or street but not yet he had an award it's very impressed. Competitor he has but he added the work competitor because guess what guys don't particularly always respect people. What clowning it's that the morals is trash yet Thursday well practice is that it distracts him he said he was tripped up on that that's as well a partly war drop easy. The outstanding defensive line for the titans we talked about yesterday quite a bit. And shift puts his titans defensive line in general Casey speaking about Edwards quarter badly bore holes. 2104 to five zone in Nashville quote as long as portals is backed their ball game is Wednesday and he's going to choke. So this this players say about it right portals and asked to leave. Yeah notably there's the lead. Heaping praise on one pitcher well. Think that pirates were available Thomas getting hit balls out of all time. He calls it. Because. Of him being wouldn't would you welcome Alex Smith to this to this roster. I don't know me colonizing Alex Smith admitted in their cheese sauce and then this is. I think we at least play with past and lynch. And buck asked why. Big league likes homes battered boat. I wanted to. Work think that Orszag. Is Kim -- just Alex Smith hate on board. He's playable excellence. And black household and he says he pulls. -- what would you think that this is packed moments last week for the game talking about at home. We talked a little bit before the draft sauce targets them and and obviously at. At least civil party had a chance to meet him but then that you know we just we're good friends I used to disable it. Or could it get to think it was reported. That packs that I met him before the draft a tight ruled collection can best best friend. It's going to be kicking us weekly. On pacts. It is key to leave it blows my home. The ballot gallegly Alex displayed this year but managed. Some of those throws that's only game. With him with Tyreke deal. I'm on page. And he needs to minute. Because you could. Draft night and needed a minute problems and not about the way I know that. That was with us though I've been rose at a moment now welcome Alex Smith to this to this roster. No. When we replay that big sport right did you not call you the draft night how excited I was taken back and get the upper I think about bill in the home. Read or write them in my please. Everybody. Thank you oh. I could. That would that was not known. Our rise at. And it could be one aspect it is that being talked about enough. That's impact TV aired Hosmer. Deal with you today. Paddy paddy. We. We knew that it. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. We'll talk to us in it. On the space yet at 1 o'clock we'll talk to us now here. Apparently and it's 13 no relief. We do you consider that your names are completely on. Our also reminder this. The red Friday pep rally at winning streaks in sunny here at north in the city hotel and casino. 2 PM to 6 PM six dollar intensive food specials that rise. The guy. Meaning broadcasting live. Italy's. Prizes are you know we come group prize as we do read yes we do are we get to the important stuff. Here on this show we do and that is whether or not. In order gonna say already in Italy and the audio. I did not I. Just get. Something okay here it is sold separately in the raw. Here now like I like Leo it's misplaced your managed. Some of those throws us on the knowing it was whose applause. But this I isolated that I just don't I enhanced it here is that audio. Ready for the ballot it will displace your man that's accurate. One great yet that's an important role in an on again. Doesn't take me long and very government some analysts on that area this that this is big it's north. At that but that was the isolated on your from that now absolutely whole scene like him with every keel. At. Him with every kill. I like god yeah and I admit it won't. Just sort and if Oakland just enhanced let me sequestered in Sydney they're still horsemen make this north what did you say that course. Call. That's the story. Accessed its sister that's a complete the other time was Saber again that was not equipped him with every kill bill. So everybody keeps it out he and he had something that was equipped him. As as. Easter Nancy Reagan thing used to begin no less than he did everything with every kill. Us and who dat who. Mr. Ed. Was acts and spent June knee after. You mean woman versions. Sky. High right now. And I did. That help. That openly disposition Angel next six measles that is the order not. With him with every kill. Moving on on them. Alex Smith again and it aired. On. It is fake with some sugar cubes are big fellas. I mean that's. Okay you. You're pushing you know. You're pushing new image. Oh. Oh yeah. You know done been. This thug is done our. Bit. Well I move on as. Thank you think that there's aspects. Things well at your house. In terms of the potential deal. Effecting all ball. The financial numbers the 70471. Thing but there's something LC to be influenced and affected me one it's that it. You'll be attractive to the team. The N word here plan. Would cost 20000030000010. Million we know we're on the road across from here. Does the TV contracts per once they listed at fifty here's a billion dollars go. That he Disney which owns ESPN as the one by these regional sports there very good stream. Streaming is kind of Major League Baseball. Keep in mind it's based altered what is your right was it ten billion dollars. And there's a lot of money will go in billions record revenue base guess what has been declining in Major League Baseball. From last six years so it declining attendance eureka Mormon. What does this work. It's secular history means everything else lately through and it's one in there with Google. Let's stop somebody like Google. We all the court getting old Hulu and Amazon prime and everything else watch TV on Netflix in everything Ailes. What this be an option. Always say this too by the oranges type that was Kenya MLB revenues exceeding ten billion for the first time that report by USA today in November 27 in. Once I. So revenue is up. Attendance is down for six years what's more well what's on the eastern mixed league baseball's been actually head of curved even better football. It's for his you know finding ways to make red that's impressive. We make money despite attendance again goes back to do you can easily care. If they're making enough money. Did that amber don't care who cares. The declining and here's the order you know in the degree of the things you're making money who cares. If your TV. Work Internet unity in your looking at a TV rights fueled the royals he's going to be at the the sales are going to be relieved for for a player. On these teams won't for long term deals is Dodgers very long term deal with oh with Time Warner notes though spectrum Allen Nelly were. But only 30% of the market it's the thirteenth breezy yankees' long term he deal TV deal Rangers budget majority of these long term. In the car to. The royals coming up on this the only. Where how we in the month. But they thought about the past what will come. Re. The key stream it through there and you pay a subscription via bullet and month would that. To be so many people that are kind of you know at the point their cattle bash that'll mess watching. Games on the computer. Or vehemently to get the games on their TV. You can do it takes work you know that you played a dads out outs whatever. In figured out for how they can once teens rules it's easy right now. On spectrum to put up deals out Bob's. I scared of election. You miss this last week you atlas Packers. He's why he thinks she spies and elect Al. Displease you. The idea a spy he's not that technology in a this is the wave of the future it's worked sort of curious as what the rules may seem they could make sixty million dollars. It's three times the right now which makes pain and are extremely feasible considering all of the money is off the books. Will accuse the royals the next couple of years. I'm curious eyes were in play you have to be more suitable to make money. If you lose Hosmer are used marketable with the networks. To make money on long term TV conjure what's that played well that's been done yet been there done that. But how much is that in the mindset well we still be relevant we don't get the money so we don't take it fortune is the royals didn't have this month. In fourteen and fifteen when every day Sydney in new mean fox sports midwest about setting ratings re. That's what's moment we get those emails all the time like every game seemingly was a better record than the one before. Thirty and forty million years the best organ in baseball's PBS Morgan pays the highest ratings. In pain in the lowest amount it was absolutely perfect for them. But I'm just curious if this plays into all the TV thinking going forward she neither star Laker cosmic kind of pushed that that. Narrative or agenda. Beat. Com. A couple of text only get to recoup from the equity to Exxon six entries of six. Which now Steve are you worried about YouTube got one of fights in the parking lot. But the whole idea take me. Particularly now to some guys right. If you haven't seen James Wright is his name on YouTube and I instituted to Ronald Romo back and ought not to you when. I you might have an intricate detail taping might have the height and weight I'd take I'd take you and I I'm not only to talk about that. Being and be open and I want three no that is not. No that's not a snort thank you I went through it's a tiny pony in your studio here in the 816 or preemptive thank them not a snort. Do strolling in from the 913. Play great disaster that we. This and semi file out all that is it or. People are. That's always not a stored known in its. Obesity Casey fund doubles they say they deftly sound like this though not as fun couple chime in and have got to go with the basic. What I mean that opinion. 816. Snort. It's. Big news right away I know I haven't you up on everything that happened when you are gone. We talked a little Texans ball with air agrees of the since the city's heart. This. As an adult court in Davis and welfare. Program that he missed you know as media bikini makes an announcement he's given back in these. Says the arm and he's says the opposite of Columbia fell but anyway we'll find out on Twitter here and they keep. And I just got choked up. It's got just. As you. Stand Parcells solo show you did Craig don't you need help they need help from him there and he did. Latvia but all those that do you think I erred in its energies he's got some water thanks for coming months old. I. Right getting him if it he thinks is funny bunny bunny. Billy you know when drew locks and he makes an announcement paid them back in. Says. We're like go from there. Well that's the open a word. Degrade audio because this. Is the opposite. Most people outraged should we do. Or are we looking at your bully just facial expression on his love in this house you respect their tetanus like a mad. Get ready like that. I was ready well you know I don't got no credit not all they hung up who's ready to roots it was pretty annoyed me. Called. Well I have some in the bank in terms of let me out of three can drag me engaged I need to what are your run I didn't have run today. So solo deal but again. All of you guys. And start. We'll talk to a Chris Rose is unbelievable working conditions. Really is. And I look at the second half org is if you would've gotten that first of org open or art and Ali talking about the right now and status. Today that size is do we just hear the next Triple Crown winner. Ellis nor. Eggs leads beautiful rushing a movie or sides the quarterbacks when you woke up. Did you have. It. Coming up next some fans are concerned in the least but I. And basically he loves it out to you about what that some approval. To studio sixty and Sports Radio. I did an odd but yeah that's what it is or let me. He's been out here struggle Yankee to hit the ball that. I don't know what's that again it is. I don't need allies like for Christmas is as it is it to a missile syllable for him to say on the other side and he's got to know. What you do wasn't what the community and a drinker assets were about yes it was really worried about being interviewed though. A lot of the hop into the party interviews to jump in and say I think slider and appreciate you. Sorry about my dad Jay dying on you but yet he's there's there's only in the project double figure much. Port irons and okay thanks you know it's funny I've never even texted her back to let him know you're not dead. See what do I want to get off on the right foot was there and that is Scott Palmer was my guy I figured the odds and way to job cuts that the ladies and Fidel art and what he's struggling to keep to themselves. That's that's great news. I'm I will text odd ball right now find out what he done he would not he would have laughed a little odd sports odds talks. Pearl. All right guys one of them. Call eight our net that. Though you don't lead me to his blue walls. And it's horrible b.s usually. The opt out it's psychological the Internet and snap good spot now on Kate. I'm not concerned. Each are welcome. Nazis out. And you should be working America does that ever heard you earlier. When you do to everybody and even flames. I'm concerned I know JP he's not concerned that he's not. A chance to haul sand. But I am concerned. I don't typically wouldn't you sit here and you look at ticket sales in the basketball rim you talk about the big wall. An eight at a yield cobble loss he says well whatever they can win the big twelve the I think it's a legitimate concern in some Jimmy question. If kids is going to win that conference this year. It's as legitimate and I'm not saying this just because they've lost that Allen fieldhouse last night 8573. To Texas Tech. Who by the way is thirteen and one and two little in the conference Chris beards the inept and now needs 101 in the conference. By the way bigger did you see her pat mahomes was at the game yeah. I don't I don't hear about just last night. I save as or some time. This. This specific gives to halt team. It's not instructed that well. It's not deep they've got some talent. What you have guys consistently. Can play at the highest of global. Every time Kansas doles out there are neatly sum up don't want tough in. I'm topic in Dovonte Graham on topic any dope Azubuike. And the time. With Steve hatfill but outside those three god I'm not topic in the league Newman's. I'm not topic it would show big. What a bad night last night I'm not tough it anybody Oprah Azubuike on the roster just so so I think that your. If you're a jail did you have to begin Sar watching kids is good enough to win the big twelve this year yes. But I think that this this conference is is is more balanced this year in this on top teams in the Talbots absolutely. Did this is good for the conference. It's great for the car teams is absolutely dominated from more than decade thirteen straight titles. Yeah Nokia screens the adult here they like winning of course they do. Look at it from the outside if you have one team win the big twelve football every single year. For thirteen straight years. May nice even for Alabama you think Alabama's dominant global didn't win the SEC this year. Though right George when is he that he got to be good for cupboards beats up and winds of one and that I'm. LSU is always right. Yeah somebody deals between what. But that Kansas continues to have players like Kansas they Bruce what every eyes and they get a share of the title. Bruce Weber switch here that was good it is good for the big twelve and I think we have pretty or bottom feeders like Texas Tech. You know one Chris beard by the way. Eighteen and fourteen their last year Barack he was really good coach he's got a great track records and big I have a good coach and Marion. Increased alt yeah just Billy he was gonna go to ULT but if opted to go to Texas Tech eighteen games they won last exerted at thirteen this year is easily gonna pass that mark. At that West Virginia. Pelicans their players three young. The motions well is the most exciting in college battle right now at all the right I think to underwrite NTC thirteen to 130 and I think is good for the big twelve anyway if your kids being used wanna win and re gonna get there and an athlete you don't know when I got faith Beatles do you think the Kansas Aggies. Mideast are gonna happen. Did you feel at the point Indian towards it into the game that I've played the final two minutes within like five or six minutes kids still gonna find a way to coming. Like I still had this feeling I've seen this before. Kansas almost loses and comes down one run and people out there and do it go in nets to concerning things they didn't do I didn't feel that last night. Although I think d'souza can give this team a shot in the arm the last week you practice whose color pregnant and he's been cleared to play. I think that's the one hurdle they had to be squared up never see them life but pick up as soon as it was playing ING used in high school basketball. This year. Like in the fall. Up until this average play determined that was played did you receive Kansas. I don't know if he's one and done people talked about that with him. It's like you're taking more time but they do have some relief in Kudlow is they're what you really providing. Yeah and he. Saw him play last. I'm gonna go back this up and pass it back in November and I get in a few people on Twitter disagree with me. Com. And beating appreciated on this give in my opinion. The league Newman. If he's not the answer man. Is that the answer. This team has developed some better chemistry in this together think the Billy Preston stuff. There's nothing new there Amber's mom started tweet about yes he was busted last tweet about the situation. So why now. They used got to get together black ass faith in Bill Self guests are still has eight. And about a grand you dope and yes the big any help in any other guys to step up in the expect. The program with an indictment it 33 and the united with the GO bit. He's the second leading score at nine. Innings were on the team that's changed now inspected bumpy greens. Two polls one point six different. It's a great art gallery or minutes it would it would defense on oh. Basically said Gerald Vick is might win merry field. It to be the star team would be very. She said he's if you seek out what. He'd be a twentieth game scoring any other school and any other school. And everybody is everybody and I want everybody else's name with Kansas the GOP equal not that beats it will let him. 63 game went to last night it looked for Vick Velika Arabs trending down. Below his season. What could look for Vick last night and operate. Our eggs yet he sixty in sports expect brought about the red or real. And this year it will discuss talk about your prosper in the speculation about a seven year deal 447. Million. It is expected to me and snapped out. Studio sixty and Sports Radio.