01/03 - Jeffrey Flanagan

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 3rd

Royals Insider Jeffrey Flanagan joins Lake & Bink on The Day Shift. 


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The report came out this morning. That they are bought the contract offer from the Tennessee vols a seven years a 147. Million dollars now if we assume that all of that is true. And we think that it costs are potentially could that. Signed that deal is signing air concert to that long term deal the best thing for the royals' future. At take what they think they're different ticket is the better inhibit pain at all. All these men have been and the fact that he's been their number one target level party. And that book security ideas you know he could be. Image now be the guys who mentored in the specs youth movement and they'll be having a long and outfield that when they do be competitive again. Turn to play applies you know. It's early it's point one Nicaragua it's like what you want but they'll still be you know in the crime and so like yours look at the contract is that the can contribute so meat from that angle it makes a lot of sense in I think. You know hot brings so much to look all out that. You know if you locked in there you know next spring training and he's not around. It is really well and I I think management realizes that and so other that are there gondola again I mean this is real whopper contract if that's true and I was making more. I predicted be more like six for one's audience like that loses its. That is more than that but. I actually do think it's a good deal for them. Was one thing's for sure the royals don't talk publicly but Boris does and that's that. The one thing yeah keep in mind when he tweeted this back in December 11. You said be prepared to read many were more reports here the winter meetings. On the royals listening to virtually offers on anyone they're prepping for big rebuild. If they lose Todd OK so the hot situation the road block. With wit Hoss it's not a full rebuild some guys like Duffy and I gonna be shopping and Mary filled all that. If you keep ties you're essentially not totally rebuilding. Well I think you're gonna you're gonna have probably you know we you can characterize the you know small medium large tree built there and I think it probably going to be more like via the one. Be it probably still be competitive enough that compare yourself. And and so for and maybe even doubt it but you know there's nobody committed to you know restock their farm system so. It got it is gonna happen moved someone that couldn't be any. It's still might be the heated don't know. I'm talking more terms of not being beside illegally but if it moves come and gone. Not a response he buried like. Are the rebuilt but I'll tell after restart arms shipment. You know one of the most that's right now it's worth you know as spot here's a quote control. W and long term deal. Those guys that are gaining market right now I'm not into them move them not in. You know there but it just went out there. Pleading once did the TV contract from the play in fifteen the cardinals got this billion dollar contract in sports. This year so there about two and a half years ahead of the curve on them on the royals ends in 2019. Fox owns midwest was purchased you know by ESPN ESPN's Fareed but via streaming deals. That they have probably ahead of the curve on that and it does this play a factor considered old TV would be. We're gonna buy IE you're your your product for that much money if you don't have the scorers. To sell for ratings. And not think really what matters most to to these TV deals market size and that all the things that are governor the most of if somebody in the darker colors at target while reveals you know the deals are on here Kabila. I'm really don't know what is in store for essentially each 120 X 2019 because. We know what the cable market it would be mean a lot of people are turning off the table but you mentioned streaming there's a lot of other opportunities that are. Are paid maybe Amazon or Google get involved you know going to be vendors and pick. Yet obviously match in the Disney deal to agree that's gonna play it. I just don't know. You know. Will be at Torino in your view will be forty. Libby and I mean we just don't know right now we don't know what the last it's going to be two years from now also a meter revealed. And it got cut Errol. Some other delegate. Now if that goes through it and actually sign for twenty million or so you know Perreault jumped back up almost 140. That's got to get little back and can't do what did you want one into the vanity that but I mean structure will be back loaded so it would be a pain all the personal for years. What doubles going to be minus what's if Lanny. How do you think this impacts the rest of the roster if they're able to get this deal done how does affect dossier adds that the other guys but already there well. It is definitely try some any out to move Soria and animal. They've got about 21 million guaranteed. Or over the next year and not that the you'd probably have to suck up about the music app that itself though that was they looked and right there. And you kind of back in the ball park you know say can't deal was back well written yet. Love fifteen million this year than he would not exponentially each year. Other you don't actually about you know five or six to get back to your target figure maybe 120 million and so. You know. Well I think that statement step in the work announcement that he's not the. A plea in the one less thing to cast you want to know we're sheets and ballots will complete third game crowded outfield neck come on. What. It is. Not just basically this morning that if you bring Lorenzo came back and you have a little bit of a crowded out. Is that outside the realm of possibility for Gordon moved at this. Well public Uga and to get in any year not at a barrel and back up on your one. Think that now really get this deep into it by mail is just a question to pass a good how big is gonna put on the air. Could it. Tolerate a letter it bodes Osce would do it suits can yeah we both of them are quite ray NG. Okay and what. Are. Or maybe the take has blindfold that you really doesn't affect a tko but at the age. Well outlet they made it to them mediate is it. It. I wool we appreciate the times Lanny and as soon as the new place we know that he'll be all over men we appreciate you joining us. Our that your testified against joining us here on the basis.