01/03 - 10 am - Does This Add Up

The Day Shift
Wednesday, January 3rd

Does an addition of Eric Hosmer equal wins for the Royals? Plus, Chiefs fans need to pump their brakes, Jeffrey Flanagan joins the guys to talk Royals, and a hall-of-famer is back.


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Oh yes what day and guess what day it is. Everybody. It's hump. It was surprise element. So ultimately you. 2018. You know criticize me and I'd certainly still not teams. In the although mental focus now of this idea books that destiny but what I don't play them. Let them be focused on Twitter. Bill exit I don't know if you've seen but at home to Libya you see that both in the winter they're expecting. The Mets home. Who's been to victory. It is not focus on it because it's focused on that sees me in the playoffs. And he's also well on. Royals baseball in this here news that they see it starts right now you don't stick to Sports Radio six to sports now I will say all right insert yeah it's a V happen to be the starting quarterback juice. How many people for it the public it is like a twelve week he's that the key of the. Seriously. I hate those because that was Alex Smith beat the Yankees game mode is that aren't you studying tightens. Up. It's been serious. If he was starting quarterback wouldn't. Penalties were about the titans. I mean due to. Do really. The only profession what. We get upset with people we did not study. If CEO. Walker. Argued after this all the and that concerned with being reasonable scored on a sunny pizza should be coming up with a new back tees will. Slip that. Oh odds it's it's a pizza let's talk. Hosmer though big league that is what has people fired up. The report this morning the USA today seven years a 147. Million dollars that is the all four. Odd that is being reported. The USA today that the Kansas City Royals are offering it. Air costs seven years a 147. Million dollars we don't know if this is. Lucrative but enough of a deal or concert to sign we don't know this is going to be. The last number that is thrown his weight as you notice this guy boards can be one and you know those numbers to continue to go up. Or what Saint Louis doing because keep in mind seeing Louis had the money for state. Didn't giving that they were willing to pay big contract over they have a little bit got money. Now what do they come it is keep in mind if they come in with something twenty or thirty million more. If it costs living argument comes up right where our rusty Diego money compared to royals money would be foolish for customer. Take scene Diego money it's near Kansas City money for one. He's a legend here he's getting teens who don't like George Brett isn't there a legacy into the cost of living in Simi it was far more in which you paid for Kansas City. 500000 puts you in a golf course three car garage in city San Diego it's an apartment. But Saint Louis seem costs living here that's the team to worry about at this point my opinions royals in as the cardinal's commitment with sums that are right. Who's up this up there at the money for stand they would have the money prosper. I so the obvious question that we start with though is if this report is indeed true. It is the reports of seven years a 147. Million dollars if that is accurate. Is that hand that was already put to paper. And it signed. Do you like the deal. From my perspective. I do like the deal. Because. Of a big fan of their customers. I know what he means not only to the royals organization but I know what he means he means to the fan base here. He is not just a good player. He is a young player that they will be able to do a lot of things moving forward when he comes in this organization. But this is where I am going to. Sam get a ruffle some feathers with royals fans. But as much spotlight Eric Hauser and yes I would before him signing this contract in yes how would I like your costs are back if this is what the Kostis. And today. The bottom line is I think that the average fan. The average boils span of equates it costs are signing this particular deal is this is what appeals. To winning. That's not the case. I don't think that I don't think it I don't think oh boy stand it looks at how this roster is constructed right now. And look at potentially would to a bulls with moles with two goals with Cain. It's AT&T clearly say it was you know get us back or greater to rock and roll is I don't look that way. Do you as a team that. That would be. Say necessarily in. You be slightly rebuilt. You would have us back but I don't think it's her wedding. I don't think I don't think you should talk about being necessarily a play off team so I think I think it's some this is a little bit. Looking at this in thinking that. If you grab your house and you sign into this deal if you're going back to the playoffs well. Let's go ahead and and gore hated it and let's also know that the last couple post seasons the royals haven't been here and that was with air cows and other good players. The quickest the winning. I witnessed something that gets out into your attic air browser back to let's see if we did surround him with some other pieces. And devote some other guys but I would equate to winning right away. I think Bob. Might have talked with us earlier fiscal at the TV contract as Bob's he's leave and you bring this up we are obviously. Some morals and didn't hear all in need he believed that he believed that the in the TV contract is if I'm the key is keep him on the royals are proposed contract after 2019 season. It is time to go back. With the TV company. Which was fox sports midwest of course ESP and win but all these regional networks you're dealing with somebody else which by the way. They know how to market things better screening wise so I feel it could bring in more revenue. Two through the product with fox sports midwest it. O would PSP and did that play important it can make royals were were about this three up with you here is keep in mind. The court also redid their billion dollar deal Foxworth midwest in 2015 edits on it starts this year 2008 team. So they went sixteen and seventeen on the world TV counter all the royals. Start nineteen. So they would still be eighteen and nineteen and the Earl TV contract so it is time to sit gunnery up and if I'm going to say wait a minute. You lose and house moves Cain. Why why would spin this money and your product when you don't have some for somebody like Hosmer to go pay we'll just be part of it. It breaks down to about twenty million a year European twenty million a year for Alex Gordon. In fanning imparted up always back look at the royals books in the future. A lot of the money does all law for this team I will say this though there is a caveat here with Mary field role modesty these guys are perverts ration. In 2020. Arbitration one ordinary filter entries into. Even at that point for guys like chess or cut her. But you're still going to have to deal with bad angle sit down at the table and paying these guys with a market value is which again like Whitner filled night debris to break. I will say this is horse trading off the need to Whitner fill these other pieces they talked about I don't see them doing that if they recite Haas. Or go back to some Joseph Flanagan said in early December. It buddies at the winter meeting. With the royals do all hinges upon whether neighboring Basra Becker not others like key deal that's the road is upset with the royals beat the stumbling block right now it's colder costs. If you don't get Osborn did its full scale regal. Ministry knocked up would turn up anything in your roster you can get something for if you don't say house but Haas changes things but I'm with you. You get Hosmer you get moves that the best year ever hope rent wise for the royals you had Lorenzo Cain in the last two years you'd make the post season. You get all these other ports besides Hosmer use still did make. So if you have lost her. You'll love going to the royals games they are guy Kirk Osborn got his Jersey wanted to root for Osmond seller list. Regan embassy metallic several last year they were melt down about us. In April it was the trashed in a mowed the royals what are you talking better caliber I don't care theory signs here not. Because guess what happened. Whitney was was bigger than the individual players that's we baseball season's work we're all excited and don't score inside this country. Did when he didn't live up to it we come back to reality hey man show was what you were this. So my biggest fear is if you Hosmer. You gotta start winning is eventually that's gonna Wear off that new shine a new contract killer off. You babysit their ten to fifteen games under 500 say well we got a customer. Do you have enough Phelps if you spend all this many do you have the money in other places on the theme it is it is their Keebler and about war. They're still dog paddle. Bring us for Becky is the morale is just what this divisions in upper I've said for a long time I think the White Sox or the sleeping giant that has the vision. Detroit not worried about at all Minnesota I don't think they're going anywhere. I think couple years ago they can about get their little bit too early they almost made the playoffs then went back to reality the next year in this year is good enough to make the post season. The White Sox but he bullies draft picks they got the sale of eaten all these moves they made me a couple hundred littered with Chicago lights. I think they're going to be good in the future work the royals that in by just bring house. Can you keep Duffy. Can you keep everybody else I think that would make opinions happy but ultimately come June and July really care about that you care about wins. You know maybe I'm alone in thinking this but. I'm really excited to actually see something like this happened with Kansas City team. And or maybe it's just because I'm a little bit in my feelings because I just got to see the first time that a rookie quarterback that was drafted in the first round started for the Kansas City Chiefs. In my lifetime. And I'm 35. We just let it sink in. I Tim me I've seen plenty of guys who were of the ilk of a guy like Eric Hosmer. Leave Kansas City when free agency or leave the final year because we treat them off. That's not the casing. I've been told for years I know. At the royals are or sorry that Kansas City is consistently in the top three or top five of all of these television markets it doesn't matter but the market size market size be damned. Because when it comes in the Super Bowl guessing you're gonna see near the top in the city. When it comes to the college football championship SE gonna sit near the top in the city World Series all of the major sporting events that we talk about our country. Where do you see in the city in the rate near the top are. Passion for sports. In this city and our passion for our teams although Wayne some time with losing I don't fault any royals fan for checking out when you lose in a hundred games and but our passion for sports in this city is incredible. And it a year that I got to see the chiefs trade up seventeen spots to draft if first round quarterback and start him this year. For the first time in my life. I'm ecstatic. To see the Kansas City Royals take a big swing like that now. Could it be a swing and in this yak could be a swing and as we've seen a lot of things backfire like this. I'm just excited to see this wings man. I I'm excited for the passion of the fans. To match the passion of the ownership of the teams and I'm not trying to say that it hasn't happened before and we brought Alex Gordon back. It's a different scenario we're talking about a young talent like Eric. Alex worked with thing nice commodity we kind of paid him for some sentimental value I feel like air content on those guys. Going forward and who knows what he does over the seven or eight years that he's gonna get it has just seen the best exactly you feel like you're entering into. I don't know if you wanna see your entering into the prime or at least at the at the front end of it. It's it was an away with without work so to me like when I look at it I'm just I'm pulled. I get excited when I hear the Kansas City Royals are in the market for a guy that we as fans wanted to bring back. And look at my paycheck is is not coming out of my checkbook Iran to balance these books. Like ultimately don't really care of David Glass wants to spend the money on this guy and bring them back royals continue to lose but what are still on the seat. It meant something to be said about keeping your fans interest to entertain and I give that man irk people that live and die. With the idea that the royals are gonna make the post season will make the post season went well long stretch where they didn't and I'm not saying I'm fine with you not making it but I do wanna see you at least do some things that we as in Tennessee you don't want axles to Ukraine days not. I'm climbing out a bring back the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts but. I just in note no offense to Martino of the guy but I distorted go back to see our team. Well it is should be noted air counts for a play the next two seasons under thirty years old. Alex Gordon turns 34 years old. This following month 32 when he cited steeler prosper again. Two full seasons the league's thirty years old yep would get back to talking about air Gaza with mlb.com royals reporter. And sixty and a insider Jeffrey Flanagan in less than twenty minutes. But coming up next impartially topic in believing that she is old beat the titans on Saturday but. There's a sentiment amongst many fans that I just can't get where we get to that. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. It's. High bank with the view on the days of late think it would just be born sixty in the Sports Radio it's. I don't know it's a confidence globally is being. In the seats this weekend. And come it took about. Like the matchup didn't matter if it was the titans or the ravens just they'll be either team. Is on the level seats in the season playing better football in Alaska mark. Out of rabid the team played the ravens does that still like it's a better match up but it doesn't matter I think that they're better team and titans. Als listened to the station yesterday after I got off and was talk to a few other folks around town. So mother friends. It is but some profit in in. What it sees will be able to do this weekend. I'm not to the level. Be happy about this match. I know a lot of things at a taxi. About keeping that she's due to the titans know that dais as. What was the last that you looked up yes it was like and was a nine point spread it now have grown now and it happens when a nine. Okay what's that's. That's about it disrespectful that that is respectful when he comes in a fossil ball and date it is when he tells the points and Britain's. What I modicum of its respectively I'm not in it I'm not looking at the Tennessee Titans in trying to disrespect them as a team now. I'm not trying to look at him and NB. Talking about what I think the chiefs. Are going to do to them in the reason why not is because. As bad as the Tennessee Titans have been this year. On the season it looked good in the they really just they struggled down the stretch. On their best day when they put their best effort. But they can be enough to beach they ever of the hit the big beat the chief slasher but it wasn't a playoff game. But nonetheless that got it done. And I just don't want us to look at the titans. In this matchup against the titans. As always rules approved it's not. This is not approved game. It think it especially when markets very Odom we'll talk a little bit more about a little bit later and show I'm not look at the titans as. As a team. Betsy can't lose to. We've seen that she's been theory inconsistent especially wink remarked. It shut down in the running game I just don't want she stands wanting around walking around Kansas City just thinking you ought to done deal. Would go on and doing in the next week or whatever. I don't I don't view the matchup that way they did everything well she's were playoff team last year in the number two seed in the playoff fight that he make the playoffs. The team beats you beats you finished ninth at seven urea. Bertram Bartlett you're enacting some of this has to do. With the fact that we'll meet partially. What the issue is that I have is that. As good as it seems a bit in the last month we saw this coming okay. Why after the bye week all all or going is that by mid conversation that we had over the by. There are people predicting. On this station and nationally. That that sees tip possibly. One table in the second half of the season number that it was six people were saying that at the bury at least. Bake it probably was stand having won loss when you look at the schedule. Okay they'll have one loss in the second half of the season. Oh funny. You lose to the giants. Coming out of the bye week in day out remember you vividly saying. Like you know hot does it play out. This team. Little bit on the struggle bus. But if you look at the schedule. This team is gonna rattle bullets who wins at the end of the year you know what was gonna happen we're gonna get suckered into it they can all as well. What's happened yeah. Sort of false sense of security is your going to be to team would the news schedules and that he's going to be these teams there are however. I had the upper that a little bit that was like yet he's he's he's gonna go in a deed go enrolled the end of the year so that part is right the other thing is. It's more believable with many called. Ineffective defense has been better against the run during that stretch those two things their games and solace. Because I did have this false sense of security that we're gonna be old and this I would they showed changes like and what needs to win. I want to win but show me the army can adjust to beat right is that charge dolphins want to great teams it's not great teams the Broncos are ready to get the hell out of there. How much company they really trying to be the ones and the canal from back in into the game pressure how confident they work the chargers this on the play. But that game was big big chargers did the raiders are full melt and dominate them and defectors report up reject a Rio be raided their corporate chiefs. Not happy I played yelled at in comparable team lot of for a friction that's why he's gone. From the raiders but it what does all that security but they showed me the adjustments. They didn't make earlier this year. That's what I'm more confident the way the finished the season is not make it they did he just was like and who won these last games when segue here given a lot of rushing yards. Not spreading the ball around. I put the same way that they did when I made that statement but I do feel different is they think they've changed things might porky the titans yesterday. Was dealing with the media there in Tennessee Titans online this self confident they are because they come in here and they've done it. We know that we can win there and we did that's a that's a great place to play football is it's is it feels like playoff atmosphere time we play there the crowd it's it's always a sellouts it's loud it's more a lot of stadiums it. It will be louder but we know we we dealt with the crowd has do you literally her deal with the coal we don't a lot of things and it came out on top and meanwhile dozens team over there know we can do. The group is much colder that game. Looking at temperatures. Upper thirties maybe forty. Temperature will that play a factor in this game whatsoever that was big deal last year Mario to play the cold. Dudes from Hawaii came in here and won the game he also said. Was asked for the embracing this underdog role is that coach tags might work now. Mets hitters. And I don't think our guys know we're not really they're heavily favored. By the gurus and experts and I think that is personally that's sort of been given some of children were very capable of going their way. Needless. Makes it time to. Figured the media laughter Ian we figured they need mile. I may say they'd ever tube listen to what he said he contradicts himself. He was asked. Are you embracing the underdog role. No Mets there Null or not embracing it did the light at the end it is but I've made bids is a few times we have one under its stadium. He is full well embracing. This senator Dodd to do grooves don't have as winning. Come on Mike you or breaching aides admit you're embracing it I would buy a new topic that they will gain the victory. But I'm not cocky about they do that the seasons and just roll the tiger confident arc Iraq's dictator and cocky. He did a computer cocky on this on an applicant the titans will be. Chiefs should blow their ass out of pocket. The chaser that much as I double digits yes. Covered the spread okay yet covered the spread the import I'd back off and on teetering on hockey reel me in on this because I'm sitting near look at this game. And I'm looking at the fire parrots she says have a look at titans' offense. Yes they can get to the quarterback what Orakpo can get to it what if they stop our running game and we can't stop their running adverse were. It was they were exactly but they didn't face tiger right. This guy did spacing Todd Gurley a human marquee. It'll help me and certainly helps we gonna do a better job obviously. Stop them that we did. Currently. Early with 118. The couple weeks. Agreements can use my entire. Right we sit at your company tumble like hockey in this. They need to be reeled back in nearby lake but I'm feel myself here. You know here's a weird thing and like I don't know how you as a guy who has lived in the city is all life. A guy who knew I was. Who's consumes. Huge sport accused football year in and year out and walk into a playoff game ever got that. The question editor's note trek what are you high and it just simply a game I get it. You have the no game burst colts. You get the ravens built damage you're a better team every year I try to talk myself out of this too because like I did yesterday you got like OK you know what. This completely different team guys at seven Neil Smit the dance out William will line up out there like. Dave Craig under center it's Barry word a run in the ball orient. Trent green is that guys Eric Warfield getting torched. That's I guess I big your big because at Eaton Jesus which makes me hi. Hold your hottest guy but you're right the lucky you it's always be that might take it says one. Flight to England what it's accurate and properly. Last hole playoff night four. It's a while ago and while ago that you. What you do or even 1994. And Mary the first time in. As well as five years from our busy bee in twelve years old. At. Girls watching Ren and stimpy and be with them but then it bills are still play illustrates the head after a third of 99. Ready for that that was it. But 43 years on. The Marty teams the great chiefs teams. In no way they're not going to suitable chiefs won't simple shot exit dominant defense they're going to played their way lose. No punt game lose the ravens the buckle up be glued on these and be Tavis obviate the Steelers game last year lost. Yeah you're still cocky even despite all the history. I'm tired and Adobe dot com and loyal supporter Jeffrey Flanagan on the air concert reported offer from the royals what does he think of the proposed deal we talked to him next. Whom studio sixty and Sports Radio. But. This man 95 team. And third degree day at 713 and three I I hope. He's he's definitely in the playoffs went so I. But I so confident that she speed guide your hide I don't know. Ideas every year and cubs are gonna win it makes your mentality. I would back to season a bit but the big news of the morning. Has been this. Fourth USA today. That states at your house has. An offer from the Kansas City Royals seven years 147 million dollars in food we need to talk to this. That will be from MLB dot nominal royals are inside that will be scored on planning. And I colonies. Don't worry. It was fantastic I must freak about person thought. I wish he would never have that would except Christmas like for two months. OC like this going all that stuff on. Well I'm from Wisconsin in the yeah that means now that that it would look like a couple of snow on the ground. A lot like you know 67 mentions. I'll cancel the fact agreed to the Playhouse of them for the National Football League in the Packers didn't make it and it it brought it up. You did not directly because you don't mind at ease the rules that make any big signings or lose anybody Christmas CD economy. It hit us through heavy at a pretty easy mandate here. I know better go outside because of like you have you know what all three home games in all of at all. Essentially you Eagles lately it obvious he. Is at its Philadelphia that the fees the Eagles because what the consequences it's the pulled in theory on it yeah or else. They'll rub out. I'll like it here in the filled a pretty big hopefully because Phillies lose yet here is a next round play at ethnic poles and the vikings will probably. Eating in the Super Bowl in the backyard by the way the only elected and everything that's so hopefully the BC's Diane vikings. Or the Super Bowl but it is it boils baseball. Because the the reports out this morning. That bought the contract all. From the Tennessee vols a seven years a 147. Million dollars if we assume that all that is true. And we think that your house that potentially could. Sign deal is signing here concerts at it long term deal the best thing for the royals' future. I think what they make a difference ticket is the better inhibit pain at all. All you incumbent and the fact that he's been their number one target level party. And that book security ideas you know he could be. Image they'll be the guys who mentored in the specs you movement and they'll be having a log an outfield that when they do you competitive again. Took a player applies that you know. It's early two point 18 outlook toward what they want but they'll still be you know in their crime and still odd years look at the contract is that the can contribute so meat from that angle it makes a lot of sense in I think. You know hot bring so much to look all of that you know if you walk in there you know next spring training and he's not around. It is is would really be felt and that I think management realizes that and so they're there. There gondola again I mean this is real whopper contract if it's true it out making more. Predicted being more like six for one's audience like that loses its. More than that but. I actually do think it's a good deal for them. Was one thing's for sure the royals don't talk publicly but Boris does and that's that. The one thing yeah keep in mind lady tweeting this back in December 11. You said be prepared to read many were more reports here the winter meetings. On the royals listening to virtually offers on anyone they're prepping for big rebuild. If they lose Todd OK so the hot situation the road block. With wit Hoss it's not a full rebuild some guys like Duffy and I gonna be shopping and Mary filled all that. If you keep ties you're essentially not totally rebuilding. Well I think you're gonna you're gonna have probably you know we you can characterize it. You know small medium large tree still there and I think it probably going to be more like the medium one. Obviously it probably still be competitive not to embarrass yourself. And and so for and maybe even doubt it but you know there's nobody committed to you know restocking our system so. It got it is gonna happen moved somewhere in the going to be a it still might be the heated don't know. I'm talking more terms of not being able to resign illegally but if it was gone ain't gone. Not a good guys are gone he better play. Are the rebuilt but I'll help factories but arms shipment. You know what are the most valuable that's right now it's where you know as spot here's a quote control. W and long term deal. Those guys that are gaining market right now I'm not into an emblem not in or not but you know there but it just went out there. Pleading once did the TV contract from the played fifteen new cardinals got this billion dollar concert and sports. This year so there about two and a half years ahead of the curve on them on the royals ends in 2019. Fox announced midwest was purchased you know by ESPN ESPN's Fareed but via streaming deals. That they have probably ahead of the curve on that and it does this play a factor littered all of the TV would be. We're gonna buy IE you're your your product for that much money if you don't have the scorers. To sell operating. And not think. Really what matters most to to these TV deals market side and that all the things that governor the most of if somebody in new Yorker color at target while reveals you know the deal are on here Kabila. I'm really don't know what is in store for us to two point 120 X 2019 because. We know what the cable market it would be mean a lot of people are turned off the table but you mentioned streaming there's a lot of other opportunities there are paid maybe Amazon or Google get involved you know community partners so epic. Yet obviously much in the Disney deal to a league that's gonna play. After I just don't know. You know. Will it be at twenty during the year deal will be forty. Libby and I mean we just don't know right now we don't know what the last it's going to be two years from now so I'm entered the revealed. And it got cut there'll. Some other delegate. Now if it goes through it and actually signed for twenty million or so you know payrolls jumped back up almost 140. But got a little back on to win his funeral and wanting so they've got to do that but I mean structure will be back loaded so it would be a painful the first couple years. What WD minus what's a slightly. How do you think this impacts the rest of the roster if they're able to get this deal done how does if they don't see ads that they other guys but already there well. It is definitely try them out any house to move Soria and animal. They've got about 21 million here and he or over the next year and but that could be either probably have to suck up about the music app that itself though that would they looked and right there. And the kind of back in the ball park you know say odd deal was back well written yet. Well fifteen million this year than he would not exponentially each year. Other you know actually you you know obviously to get back to your target figure maybe 120 million and so are you'll. Well I think that statement step in the work announces that he's not that. A lady one last thing cast you want to know we're cheats ballots were deeply hurt again crowded outfield deck come on. What. It is. Not just basically this morning that if you bring Lorenzo came back and you have a little bit of a crowded out. Is that outside the realm of possibility for Gordon there at this. Well public Uga and to get in any year not Carol back up on it you or. Yeah really get this deep into it quiet I was just a question to pass a good a bit and got to put on the air. We can play left. Tolerate the letter public. Go to posse would do it suits can yeah we both of them are quite ray NG. Okay doesn't want. Yeah. Or maybe because blindfold the security doesn't accept that there are you now but at the age. Well yeah we got that they had it mediate is it. I lol we appreciate your time Lanny and as soon as the new place we know that he'll be Olbermann we appreciate you joining us. Our that your Jeff Flanagan joining us here on. The days typically elves at base though I know is I don't know perhaps they do not Jay's act like it's an opinion I have it was a strong that you don't look at hot take your spot today I ride the question I bring it differently in the slavery yet. No I have ran it by anybody I know it sounds down. At least field possible. Let negatives they eggnog and it seems like the goodies news do you right in the middle of the route and a dog you run an island out. I'm not now and about you. I. View. Pretty simple question is at Kroger. Surprise me you actually gig of course hardly role. I want some practice as part pretty popular at home you know. Ignore well the only. Didn't like or do like their creamy snack on its board announced. It reminds me of my Bruce. FX sly and wanted to know by the well because. You did a fair amount of peacock like they were curious if you could remind us what happened last and the vikings were in play out our responded back to Exxon on and yes it is ego. Snap good spot down all just. Would atlas and I mean it's talked about this I mean this is. What color and chiefs played the vikings with people there. Snap good spot down all just pick. I feel like that's all we need from Altman now if we can just get that she's into into the simple to play the vikings and so. And we you know. You go back to their this dance like chief economic work and in cities and eaten. On now this really is a win win for you it is ultimately it's like James Harrison right now he's got a pretty good shot like that not in the super boring you spend most of the season the Steelers that was at bats as he hears it came down to winning Q. Exactly the lie there's several win wins for me if we had an AFC championship game. All of scene stealers. It's much is not what it seems isn't refusal Tomlin the cap a thing no way I would Lakewood they have not accept that I still got them the future. That is incident in anyway. We don't. Taste faith based on Kansas State fans found out that Bill Snyder will return to coastal wildcats next year. But a big band should be concerned with the state of the program until you walk a lot like yeah. Studio sixty and Sports Radio. Yeah. Just short. It's just. Would you back here tops its. When it means for arms. To the war wheels if he signs with the royals in future the royals at the top out. That is speaks towards lets them still got all the things talked about. In this segment 11 talk about this is bush at K state. Put the football program because we did have been. The information came out yesterday in a statement just put out by bill Steiner as well as the eighty Gene Taylor. In regards to bill Schneider returning. Officially. With the 2018. Season. Okay this is the statement from Bill Snyder cold. As I've stated many times as long as our remaining could help. And won it in have a positive impact on the young people in our program. Al continue to be the head coach at Kansas State University. Those factors have not changed and I look forward to meeting with our players in beginning are out of season program when classes resume. I appreciate president Myers in Gene Taylor for their continued support of me our program in our university. They are truly special. They stayed. Now this is the the colts from athletics director Gene Taylor. We are excited Michael Snyder has decided to continue to lead our program. And look forward to building all the late season momentum which included five wins in our final six games. A top and rolled win and cactus bowl victory. I know he and his staff in addition to our student athletes. Are anxious to get went to work out in spring practices under way in preparation. For next season. So. Congratulation to congratulations to all the K state fans all. Bet a lot of fans. Wanted to see a starter back. They showed the living legend you want him back. But this is the top spot about that I think. Bet Kansas State as a university and athletics department this what it after figuring out. Big I don't know how you feel about this but I think that this is gonna be the last go I think that this will be the final yet. Civil final year of the bill last year when we set up for years I think that the issue is apps will leave the final gold. Even if it does let's just let's go to thinking maybe that every year is. The possibly best buy the health last year really means wrinkle that I don't think he's coming back next year. They help in new and driven back was just because as age. Did it became the help that you in the news thing and there's the way he comes back yet one more season but here we are built to this is the issue that I think that case state along. And Spain to be concerned about. Think they taste state. No where they wanna go. I don't think they had EE ID what's next to me that's the scary part if you're case stayed alone. Is that we can sit here people to talk about sun sign with the talk about you know you know you're passing it onto a son and all the that. I think what pace they asked to do like why now. Is they have to establish and put together a list. All all the people that they think should be candidates for the job and went and I'm not talking about his son at all okayed it. But let's let's take a quick holds on judge Joseph Gene Taylor has more you know all ladies have. I agree with you what I'm saying is is what we've seen formed this year though. Is that there seems to be. This feeling in. That they are not hot addicts in where they're going BBC is an album list. But it's another big. Topic with your next move it tibia. I don't know what would. Is touching go because we all deals on the back at all you got some confidence in where your next mole is going to be. Because this program. For the for the longest out what it would go siders say he wants to lead this program. It is it's a waste and where the next part that gets it. They're gonna be going places he doesn't it down it is or. Run different situation because read this it's another reason I thought against the what. Skyler Thompson richer freshman Alex build Richards talk more you've sixteen starters coming back you've got these quarterbacks will four we got its that in their would have success. I would think that this doesn't mean become June July. He is another check a percent and in health becomes too much of an issue he steps that you never know just access still has the wallop. That is the arc arc but I think that Bill Snyder was gonna step away from it this year in this mine it was gonna step with them right now. In the reason I didn't think that was because what the expectations going into deceased. The expectations were that pays state would content for the big twelve in many people I'll that they would win the conference. They were not close to that dated now. Not played its global everybody thought so knowing pictures typically what happens the case fateful ball over she did proceed to over seek social knowing that. I didn't think the bowl site was due to walk away for the program knowing that his final season they did not achieve their goal well let's face it. Next year will be one of the favorites to get it ally baker mayfield has gone from a home. The changes to make people have higher hopes for Texas. I tech still your weight your so Oakland singles I don't better this year than six and sixteen Texas was the Meese and yet as you mentioned gone from Oklahoma State. Kids states primed these two quarterbacks they have won four out of is Schuyler Thompson but don't certainly made his case with wood into the ball game two good quarterbacks going forward. And I don't talked about before but he still think it's out there and it is relevant. If you're recruiting against K state are always bring this up. You're going to Casey how can you tell me bill Schneider's going to be there forever. It is with these when you're deals in the either the year deal that hinders you grab a guy right now. Is he going to raise bill Schneider gonna be there in three and four years that is important to get you know what the system could change. You could go there with this offense they have now in office and they switched to a spread pulls up it's passing the football down. In the skill position players you have is right now they're set up their quarterbacks they have now. Or the the typical case the court. Core racks and run. Right row. But the writing element of the quarterback position has been a trademark. Of Kansas State in will be blown war with a two quarterbacks they have now both Thompson and don't run build a better runner than Thompson Thompson's. Pretty mobile and what he does. I expectations for the speed I'm just thinking feature wise for Kansas State. Those face reality that is going to be talking. How do you know bill's gonna be there and how do you know. You know coming up in two minutes it here are your house or let's say Kansas City what does it mean for guys like Danny Duffy did today in two minutes that. Who studio sixty and Sports Radio.