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Wednesday, January 3rd

The Royals have reportedly offered Eric Hosmer a 7 year, 147 million dollar deal


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Mr. Stevens back here. Discussing breaking news at 7 o'clock hour as according to Bob nightingale of USA today sports. Eric Hosmer has been offered a seven year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals. It's huge we're gonna discuss it throughout the show and it one big thing here is it compares people keep making this really sticking in bass goes. It's got to end of the holy Alex Gordon this money he does why they pay costs more and it's good to. From a numbers standpoint guys don't even compare your looking at at a guy like Alec scored who seek to 159 career hitter. Eric Hosmer he 285. Career hitter Alex Gordon had. One season over twenty home runs two seasons were yet twenty or more home runs. Eric Hosmer had seasons of twenty home runs in his last two years were you 25 in each of those last two seasons. Alex Gordon's highest RBI total in any cease and that he had was in 2003. Or 2011 where he had 87 RBIs. Eric Hosmer had a hundredth or RBIs in 2016. In 94 RBIs last year and nine the three RBIs. The year before Eric Hosmer has put up better numbers than Alex Gordon could've ever dreamed of and Eric Hosmer is a guy right now who clearly is more in the prime of his career that Alex Gordon once Alex Gordon had already finished what ten seasons roughly. In Major League Baseball parts of about ten seasons in baseball. Before he got back contract air cause were just finished his sixth season in Major League Baseball so the comparisons because they sign Gordon means they shouldn't sign at odds over the most idiotic things I've ever heard one has nothing to do with the harder they argue that. That Gordon as a bad contract you go and argue that yet but it has nothing to do there and up and has nothing to do it that would the next one being that right. You can't you well you stop your own Iceland obviously got into a bad deal with a one baseball over. Also talking about two very different players it sure isn't me it's all about ain't right what's the guy done to this point in his career. Eric Hosmer last year was 27 years old. Alex Gordon when he was 27 years old when he finished that season was 2011. His accolades for his entire career where one gold glove award he won in 2011 you know four seasons prior to that green had no accolades. Eric concert 47. Has. 1234 gold glove awards silver slugger all star game appearances and his finished. Twice in the top 25 a MVP voting in 2015 and 2070 Eddie was the MVP of the World Baseball Classic was he not yes and it all started it all star game MVP so the the amount of accolades at 27 years old I was going tennis escalate sees me so Jamaal Charles. The amount of skill a shot to my knee. Shut the knees and escalate it. Costner has accomplished much more than Alex Gordon had a 27 years old by it by such a massive margin it's it's ridiculous right I understand why they sometimes you put in the same category but the money you're giving to Eric Hosmer is very different than the money would be giving to Alex Gordon. Because your pain someone in their pride. Knowing that you're going to get at least two or three more years of that player in his prop. And the thing. That Alex Gordon to is primarily for five. You're hoping for thought it was at least two or three years in this guy has pride I mean you're looking at Alex Gordon right now who. Has got ten years into Major League Baseball will become a free agent when he twenty east 33 years old so he signed the contract when he was 31 years old air costs were 2829. That's four years before Kirk Oscar's life is is getting ready I'm worried about the cumulative of you have one and into yet a twenty million dollar contract right now for. For outscored their numbers are correct and again it's probably. Not 21 million in in your number one right but some say it is. That you have 41 million dollars wrapped up between two guys in your like yeah I understand sticker shock right it's also this this your hustle. Paying the going rate you are you paying the going at and and may be a little little less then it's may right now my not to say that you know paying got the most money this year in free agency is it. Is it a lot of money. But that neighborhood. For first baseman he still like I think I guess I'll like you mean. Maybe plays and towards the top five and but not you know not not one not two. A three only five or iPod I'd like OK here you're down that's kind of where the the money is right. It's also like any contract like during the offseason in the NFL we see this all the time right guys signed its. The highest paid safety in the history of football the time a letter to delta minutes later next year I hope we top five signing this contract of ostracized for seven years 147 million dollars which according to USA today is on the table from the royals. You beat top five when it comes the first baseman. For a little bit here and then somebody else gonna sign next year yet today you after that it's it's all about winning your signing because the good numbers are going. Well in and you look at Allen scored two he really only has two more years on this contract okay because winning is a mutual option year I don't court was right or picking up that option right. So he's got two years on this contract you can you can make the Hosmer deal minimal for. Eighteen and nineteen and then went. Alex Gordon comes off the books after the nineteenth season that's what Hosmer salary can escalate so you don't have to have two guys. At twenty million dollars parsley and out or there could be an outer something I've got to do it there's so. That's the the minutia that we as fans don't have to worry about we just have to worry about the end result. And the organization doing what they believe is best for them and they will do you like to. Yes my my my advice people is to say OK don't look at the dollars do you believe the royals. Had a will put themselves in a contract it's comfortable for them to be able to do other stuff as well. And if you're answers Yasser Ellen okay yeah that's gonna ormat like I believe. I'm not gonna look at the 110 to 121 he told hole. Payroll and right now I can't or I can't worry about that right now Mike. Do you think that this works and this year and do you think he can be competitive with this contract and at their answer can be yes I'm right. Yeah then go for. The biggest question for all of this is will there 'cause her take the deal. Sure it at seven years 147 million air will be settling for that deal because what he wants an eight or nine year deal he wants up in the sets him up. One of those Albert Pujols types type situations he doesn't one of seven years who wants to go. 89 or ten and that he's holes ready to do that might that's the I think that's the big deal here. If somebody comes over the top with an 8910 year deal or customers not gonna sign this whole ball. If they don't I would I would call the likelihood of Haas signing this deal with the royals massive and if you're in a guy who is settling for your offer. It's not what sport it's what he settling for. As an organization as a franchise. You won that situation Sharia axle and got a guy for less money that he wanted it and it just ended up being that the market gravitated to something you could handle and that's what the royals are doing right now at this reported offered air customers seven years won't forests but I. I don't think is an organization or as a player you look at it as settling because that will cost a lot of animals so they eat little signs when you look at as the as the best offer I have and it's from place from one MP. And if that's. I say set Alina. Of dialogue settling with the royals because of that you just you overvalued what you could get on the open market it happens all the time the market changed to a to a situation that nobody can predict coming. And and and in India and you do over value what you can get Scott Boras horse has been doing a lot of talking this offseason of you noticed that apple because the market is it where he wants it to be stories all of us of them it's not anybody's fault. It's just the market isn't quite there for a nine year 180 million dollar deal for her house right but it is there for a seven year 147. Million dollar. And actually date always sits in his we'll see what the market dictates like that's one of his praises we'll see what the market dictates we'll see what the market dictates we'll see what the market dictates. And right now of the market isn't dictating ten for 200 to anybody it's not dictating at you know eight rod tied salaries baseball went blow. We're doing this anymore this is nuts and you know what. We'll create these steps that show you or not do it or ticket is on pollution. Offer of seven years 147 million dollars in returned to the Kansas City Royals it's not just about production. It's about much much more than. We explain next. Eric has reportedly. 287. Year 147. Dollar deal to return to the boils. And so on. Often win it. These things come down we always look at the production at forever the production has been nice last year you hit 3:18. Am. 25 home runs 94 or you guys the slugging percentage of 498. But that means is he finished fourteenth in the MVP race and he was a gold Glover to silver slugger like he had a great year Oregon a contract here. But because the market isn't what it once was Bruce bloggers it's not gonna cost Albert Pujols type money. Together caused her to return to Kansas City at least in less. Somebody were to come over the top with a much lower offer. But it's not about just production is so all you look at the stats in the production zealous it makes sense huh there's a lot bigger than justice to test. Always has he's he's always been a guy that does it all I mean that this is a guy who not only is he great baseball player but he's a great representation for your franchise. He's a great mentor for a lot of the younger kids and he's a guy in it in disdain age in in baseball were such a multi cultural sport. Eric Hosmer is a chameleon and he and he can go into that locker room and he can identify. With the Latin American side of the roster he can identify with the use of the United States side of the roster he can identify with Peter Moylan in the Australian crossed right. Like that's the type of guy that he is he is accepted by everybody and and a lot of times in Major League Baseball clubhouse is. You do have that cultural dividing line but Eric Hosmer is one of those guys who complain that dividing line better than anybody Yeltsin and is accepted by everybody and so. That's another thing that he brings to the table that a lot of guys just don't and Eric Hosmer has the relate ability factor to everybody is well I mean you see year costs were out. It's not like you're looking at this guy's making all this money playing baseball used to see him as a dude that's the way people see him in Kansas City. If there's a charity event that needs to happen and somebody needs to show up and Eric Hosmer says he's going to be there Eric house or shows that it was charity events have been a couple of athletes recently. How name names that were supposed to be inserted eight in shell Eric cops were always always committed people know that they can count on him. And that brings a whole lot more. Without perceptual value or whatever perceived value prestige with this huge value TV that day and just the numbers that he's putting up on the field I mean like what went when god created a baseball player. Eric Hosmer was that guy and and I know that's probably upping his value right now and it chapters that's. Bigs they. But he does keep us. He does he does everything that you like he's guides have more home runs maybe it's extra expenses and a little bit area. Here's the thing like like he's the guy beat Kansas City has wanted for ever and a day. And now we have the opportunity looks like to keep them hearings in the city. And there's Cuba and I Errol it the same people be complaining if it did they. Ask. That that's coming from a lot of people's mouths today as well he is the athlete that we've been begging for for a general ration in Kansas City. We got to pay for guy in his prime of the going market rate right. We got. Seems like the ball park you want to plan. Com slash extend sports Casey we asked you guys before his left on this on this also go there you go ahead and vote. Seven years 147 million dollar deal for Eric Posner has been offered by the rules according USA today. Do you like the offer 53% of royals fans say yes 30% say no and 17%. Are undecided at. To over 50% say yes. Does say a lot because we can't get over 50% of anybody. It on any. Our area played about apple and are sport. It's at an airport. Do polls often in the principles that go like you know 40% 35% 31% to thirty whatever available at a 100% oh. That's that was clearly wanted to quitter malfunction where fast a 100% no. But why people armed with this because it's it it's not just about. That productions about everything Tesco said we have Bob nightingale from USA today who broke the story. Earlier today here on six and sports radio and he brought up what makes Hosmer so by. Forward is how much he means of prevention and community in the United States or. Hit well all the lies. Forward wooden used to. It is back in the club now in how viable is just you know didn't want to lose him you know. That that unions you know whether it's much more attention for the same reason for him blow out. And they did you and so a lot of it is this is for now they starve themselves. Bob nightingale USA today you hear that full interview at six cents or stock com also more experts are weighing in on this around Major League Baseball we'll get to those at 930 here on six and Sports Radio. But it might Gail brings up everything Hosmer brings as the face of the franchise and that he gives you at a much involved in that. Especially when it comes down to the ratings for the local TV contract that you want to keep her. Well what what have you ever heard of a national analysts mention the what do I does in the community would talk. Free agent player or one seriously think about what the free agent player have we talked about having to sign because of the value that he brings to the community. I don't think we ever have mentioned before I'd never heard mention from an as a free agent either. And I think that showed you the difference. That Eric Hosmer is to this organization and to the difference he could be to another organization because people realized. The value that he does have notches between the white lines but to represent your organization and to represent your French as a mean. Everybody wants to have that guy in their franchise. That they can use to represent them things. Costs were is that for representation. And it's natural for him he's not out their faking it forcing in her. Doing something that he's not comfortable doing you see a lot of things he's natural he's he's just. He's just the type of guy that people wannabe and of people wanna be associated with. And seemingly just kind of took that role on himself yeah. I would know the organization yeah I mean I think they they count on him and his body was it to be. To eventually be that kind of cornerstone type guy that I don't think they probably couldn't imagine Italy did it I mean just happens. Very unassuming and takes over a guy is calm demeanor goes over well to you know for for that regard yes that's the that's it's a perfect fit for here in Kansas City for short. Well you bring up one other player has gotten that kind of money because of what they mean the community I would argue air fairy. To an extent. The one difference though is. Eric Berry doesn't talk every single time the media the way that Eric Hosmer does Eric Cosby is a guy win or lose Hosmer is their take -- bullets value or is it weird when things aren't going well Eric Hosmer the first got to talk to the media in the value and sure let's say you did that got money just because he talks the media after losses. But if you're looking at the situation we're teams on a skid. And the royals they go on skid sometimes it is baseball you go on skids. You have somebody who can step in front of the cameras in front of the microphones. Handle himself in the manner. And be able to answer those questions not just. Articulately but without bears in the organization or what the emotions get the best of him or anything like that. Yet even Eric Berry doesn't talk often times after losses. Eric Hosmer talks all the time. It doesn't matter if there even if everything is going terribly easy to yeah we have to get better. We're playing poorly right now we have try to right the ship like he's there every time the chips are down a there is so I think significant value and a leader that's willing to do it. Any also knows. Bad he's going to do that too it's never one of those Reese caught off guard you wanna talk to me tee he he comes on his own basically these are here I am ready to go I know. What you guys wanna do I know what you guys need I understand that. I'm using use a conduit to talk to the fans and and and bull were gonna do our thing and in he's always been available here. I can't recall one time they say hey you got a minute where he said now. Really. Better from across an open like that before. I don't. And does well everybody some of the time as I wanted to be like he give me twenty minutes can we do and after BP can I do it Leo that. Sure but it's never been now not eight he's always always accommodating with everything that with respect to accommodate new diet debate. Argument for sure but Eric Hosmer has been offered a 147. Million dollar contract over seven years to return to Kansas City to play for the royals. By far the biggest contract offer in the history of the royals franchise. Telling you exactly what they think of Eric Hosmer exactly how much value they put it to him and his leadership and everything he does. Our experts around Major League Baseball and weigh in throughout the morning on Eric Posner in this purported deal that air Harper's been offered by the Kansas City Royals are from the next. Welcome back then it's basketball in the morning I'm like well Bob best coach Josh clinger and producers David Spector. Eric Hosmer Courtney USA today has been offered a seven year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals big breaking news in the 7 o'clock hour we've been discussing it'll show. And I have been discussing it on MLB network. As did to a Ken Rosenthal on them and LB network addressing everything Eric Posner. The report cites people close by Hosmer has been the source for that information. And I know the automatic suspicion is going to be that it's B agent Scott Boras but I can tell you that's got forest. Never and I mean never reveals the size of the office just not. How he does business with reporters or which teams so most likely it's coming from people who are close Bob but but not Scott force. Now are the numbers real. Haven't confirmed that it exactly yet. But they certainly are we seeing a range that is realistic for those teams and their view of Eric Hosmer. 21 million dollars a year from the Kansas City Royals is a number that is not accepted considering that they expect from you deal. By the year 2000 wanting. Can't remember where one million dollars a year about point 5 o'clock thirty. So it is while a big number not an outrageous number that we might have come to expect what expected from other players. You bet Ken Rosenthal here in a moment but something to touch on there as he was on MLB network. Not coming from Scott Boris in his mind if as far as this specific numbers which does at a bit of intrigue in this because Scott of course if it did come from him. Obviously it would just be trying to up the market for Eric Hosmer. Why would somebody else close air Hosmer float this out to USA today with specific numbers of seven years 147 million to return to Kansas City. Why did as well that I aid it. May not be coming from Scott Boras himself if that's the angle we wanna play. But there are like a bunch of underlings who without work for Scott force is like. Well when we were in college rows of don't develop the relations with the head coach find the trainer and assistant coaches those guys will tell you all the information to may not be from porous directly. But it's clearly coming from somebody who's working on the case they put these case together and people were on the east things and they go out there and do things. Hoss was got a guy. That works of course it helps with the charity stuff in the endorsement stuff a lot of guys out there assembly rose a little bit heated up or gore or another hypothetical is. You know USA today new. San Diego offered center for 140 price someone there Posner said generals came after the million more per year right. Might be that math math and brought 47. Iron or maybe the great Steven said adapted today and again right now we're dealing with do we wanna go another million dollars for years that the possible. Pointed at the Padres went that route. Oscars are going to San Diego over Kansas City for the exact same amount of money you would think. I mean you you you logic would say no logic would a 100% saying that we go to the West Coast with an irrelevant team and and irrelevant time zone for baseball journey but Mike Trout is deeply in the East Coast time zone would be unquestionably the biggest star Major League Baseball wouldn't be close. Now you argued Aron judges bigger than Mike Trout when it comes to don't know no question on the amount of running gets because he doesn't play his games don't start at 9 o'clock central time any place for the Yankees to me so yeah. That yes that does help there to bush as though you play on the West Coast a lot of people don't see your games so it just don't see a ton of value in the Padres but. Back to Ken Rosenthal addressing Eric Hosmer and the report from USA today that he got a seven year 147. Million dollar offer from the Kansas that year. So you see how it was done was the last three years yes he's a little bit all over the place. There are a lot of people in the industry who question whether he'll be enough of an office of what's going forward to justify a big salaries. But these numbers are strong indication of where his market might be I do believe them to be accurate or not totally accurate. Close to accurate and you might ask okay why not simply have. The deal in place any day now those are the numbers there how's he going to do better remember. Scott Boris two years ago got eight years 180 million from Mark Teixeira. Not saying Hosmer has to Sherry he's not but I had to say at age 48. Wars almost certainly is going to want more than seven years who probably want a if you look at it. These two deals are relatively close in the size of the offers well what my decided that he's here so I expect that. These are. At least bottom line baseline offers I do expect we'll get more and yes it would not shock me if the cardinals or some other team got. Ken Rosenthal on MLB network that's who it bottom that can be a bottom line office is your starting this is your starting point yeah well. Greed at. I mean I think everybody's CYA know because nobody knows what to expect right now based bullish changed so much in the last twelve months guys. That like even the inside guys don't even know what the like if this was five years ago and I was coming to free agency that was an air Cosmo player. And he had a seven year 147 people would. Does offer a call me when its tenth drew 200 OK that is we're starting but it's a different era. Yeah differ market. The markets changed entirely of luxury tax is worked for Major League Baseball I've got a dumb idea when he came out to us because. It's a luxury tax while she's but it is salary cap on it. Well turns out the luxury tax actually has worked pretty well he's got some of these heavy market to these massive market teams that have heavy wallets. Got in the shy away from spending a ton of money just. Willy Nilly who cares whose throw anything out there cnet's sticks it's kind of it's it's to hurt that a little bit. We have Ken Rosenthal just in about two minutes on whether house will be party rebuild the first is wanting to win right now. Over the way the current market is going. I always going to want more than seven years 147. Million and a longer deal for sure by. Over to the car well. But the part of the problem is you don't have the Yankees involved he don't have that Red Sox involve you don't have the Dodgers involves you don't have the cubs and bottles of the angels textiles the other Rangers right now involved though those are six teams right now. That may be if they were involved you could be looking at an eight year deal and nine year deal at 200 billion dollar deal. But when you have the money guys involved. Well then you're stuck with a what you got Boris Crowley envisioned seeing Diego and Kansas City probably not now probably. Well has Ken Rosenthal brought up it's not just San Diego Kansas City have to worry about. It's Hosmer stared at a potential rebuilding situation in Kansas City vs. Potentially wanting to win with a contender. Another thing with the Kansas City Royals now this is excessive amount of money for them given help where they are right now. They're about to lose some other free agent offensive team like the stock is a seed is Escobar possibly. So they are team that has talked and did quite open about the need to rebuild. Hosmer effectively would be signing on to that event trades of players in addition to losing the free agents hit a cut out their payrolls significantly. It might seem. In congress to have Hosmer is that big number and then a payroll that is relatively low. But the idea would be to build the next great royals team around their house. And here's my question. If you're Eric Hosmer. You really wanna wait until a chance to win against you wanna wait in San Diego do you know I done the right exactly so. I would imagine and I can't put words in his mouth of boxes and it. I would imagine his preference would be a team like Saint Louis at a comparable number for me it's easy. Ken Rosenthal an LB network and if his. If he does wanna go play in place like Saint Louis I would guess the cardinals would have to come up with more money or more years then the royals are willing to pay. The cardinals and won a pay Albert Pujols. Another ten years 200000000 and 200 million. And at the cardinals were to get involved in this and in this is the first we've heard about this the cardinals have been a player in this conversation for Latin the last week real. For the cardinals to really make a run this thing and they're gonna have to accommodate air costs were something like eight years 160. Or 163. Somewhere in the range before they have a legitimate chance to get. Basically one that's been Rosenthal here that kind of stuff like basically downgrading Kansas City and San Diego and saying the Saint Louis is such a better place. What was the last and the cardinals won a world championship what was last and they were in the World Series what was the last time they were even in. The postseason in 2004 team the whales have been in the post season more recently. In the St. Louis Cardinals and and why are we games better than the royals last if so why do we have this Alec like why we have this like a strategy and that you're gonna go to Saint Louis and you're gonna win. Like why. Why why is that perception out there and why is the perception here in Kansas City. But the royals can't win again he would have to wait to win if you're spending money to sign Eric Hosmer to bring him back here. To take a dump for the next three years in waste that money at waste those years. Of Eric Hosmer in this organization I'm starting to resent these people who sit out there I wanna continually downgrade the royals and say that they can't win and so there when you have to wait to wade when you can go to state. Lois and went right away. Lawn. Three championships since the world's been in existence the royals have won two. Hey let's stark compare. Pairing the fact you can't waiting to the city did all you can win in Saint Louis do we forget the eighties do we forget all those years the cardinals were back. In the nineties. I think the fine. Stop with this nonsense the royals have shown they can win they have all the state of Missouri over the last couple of years they've got the better teams in the state of Missouri over the last couple years I'm tired of these national agency here trying to down. The royals every step of the way I felt Eric Hosmer signs back here just to get you guys all nice. Birdie. Saint Louis is 1100. Games or more one time. Since 2005 that was 2015 when the world still one more and then went on one world sinners. So there is a legitimate argument there where it's not like the cardinals have been dominant role they have all they don't have a mini sub 500 finishes in that span. But it's not throughout their crushing it and winning a hundred games all the time to 100 games once. Since 2005. There's no dominating team in baseball anymore it changes from year to year to a year. In this nonsense that the royals can't be backing continue to win it and have success is bull just. Teams are 500 had a chance yes right here in the wild card race this is as a sixty some wind team. Tank right here in that mode that that's that's a different story. You work just last year you work you did you know you you weren't in the playoffs I get it but. There are there closer to being be in there rather than a team that's it's that the masks like in elbow of the White Sox or. Is just either with us in the six Padres don't you think that they can't do it is is balls if. Wait Dave's on this team last year the royals go to the post season. So if your husband or doesn't pass away the royals are probably in OC you're talking about B one arm away. Last year. From going to the postseason so this idea the royals are a lot further away I think he's just well. It's per session against reality the reality is liberals aren't as far away is as people will bike for them to be perceived to be right. Our air caused her potentially coming back to the royals would mean one big thing for Kansas City they would it is next. Welcome back again. More on the breaking news involving Eric Posner here just a mot of may actually coming out those that are red Friday. Rally at Whitney streets inside harrah's north Kansas city hotel and casino. Is this Friday from two to six in the afternoon with carriage and tires and Brad banning of the drive that they'll be out there hanging out he was six dollar tents and food specials. And games and prizes including tickets to the game. So as the red Friday pep rally at winning streaks and sat harrah's North Kansas City casino and hotel. Six this Friday afternoon get ready is the chiefs. Teacher taking on the Tennessee tight as the discussing today now. Is it do it like a lot to discuss involving the teacher or was it to that tomorrow we're out there tomorrow that. But today USA today USA today sports Bob nightingale reported. This 7 o'clock hour that Eric Posner has been off 37 year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the Kansas City Royals. And one thing about this a big thing for Kansas City be the value of having another George. Has done so much for this organization is ever even said she's been done plain and I look at Eric customer's perspective what this does come down Harper's perspective it has to be appealing. To be the next work wrecked even if let's say Saint Louis there's some more fuel there he looks that Rosser says aren't taking compete maybe a little bit faster than the royals will be able to compete. Four World Series. Yeah but in Saint Louis you're just another guy in Kansas City you can be though legend you could be a big. I'm a legend here and you can have your number up there Omnia on the facade along with five and twenty and you know throw 35 if you continue on this path ended up being a lifelong royal. And then you can own Kansas City you can have a job in the front office the time you're done you can be the assistance of the general manager and you know as as a lot of these guys do like George Brett isn't a special vice president her. You don't assistant to the owner or something like that like you'll always have a job your health. We get yourself to TV gig you know by the time it's all said don't call royals is an odd things of that nature so there will be so many opportunities for Eric Hosmer here in Kansas City when he's done playing baseball. As well as the opportunities that are here right now for air content while the is playing baseball you don't wanna stay here when you're done and you wanna just go enjoy retirement to shoot 847 million dollars I say you're good to go and build your self. And now I I think it is I think it has to be appealing to be able to be a solid guy as opposed to be a guy. And in Kansas City will be the guy you'll you'll always be behind number five. But you will be that number two guy when it organization and another World Series you might be talking about maybe not being behind a guy again it's true you know that that is true I mean you win another world championship here my gosh you've you've done accomplished things that nobody else has. Nobody is ever won two world championships as a player. Has anything really in. I there's nobody around from Atlantic trainer still back there I don't like that right there was only if the team now and things bill. I think anybody Sylvia monsters accomplishment and it would be huge in Kansas City would be huge everywhere though for Eric Hosmer a Georgia I guess is got a ring from ball that he may bureau Pete let him. And art Stewart. Getting and Danny here but obviously hospital or be the only one to do it twice the player in Kansas City. And get that you get to world championships and NE RD yard has to bail patents thirtieth two world championships on top of that and something its interest in. For Kansas City not just with Eric harper with everybody we see with Travis Chelsea's well. The Internet. Everybody being connected you no longer have to be in Los Angeles or Chicago or New York in order to be a mega star here you didn't eat in a place like Kansas City. You can still get all the opportunities and endorsement deals that a lot of these players and bigger markets used to be the only ones that you would get. Everybody can see either team we have the technology where you can build your brand in so many different ways that you algebra for a basement. There's a lot of people that business do you build your brand from a basement. And as long as it gets big enough in your health and enough you're going to get the opportunities Eric has that situation in Kansas City. It adds to channel be fine right yeah. Absolutely and it's easy to fly anywhere you know conveniently from Kansas City whether it's private jet and it's only gonna get better and it's only gonna get better what I wanna take a commercial flight returning somebody his stature probably hasn't I Cessna. That he utilizes a yelling in decides to go from eight of the night group will be around the forming that is true yet they get or travel or other countries that. Much easier are the rule is going to next year though even if they get their costs were backed it would need to do more other than just sign Eric Hosmer compete. Earlier today Josh courier or boils it setter joined the show is asked what it would have to do to be contenders in the American League and Tony eighteen. Legit contender next year. We tactic you I mean yeah. A lot of that will ultimately help the public that trait that lie about it that you knew about it starter or who. Union that it's about to plot all at arm's. But he's. So whether or all the you know the right now that you're not that a lot in another corner outfield bat. And then cut murder Margaret yet to break out or who got caught up capital outside your field yeah it is it's a competitive team. With hot emerge whip themselves in court though. Right when we copy it and aren't in the rotation that I didn't get that up the week of the game of anything happening at all. But as far as being the class of the division. And we have those here that we let it into the Minnesota twenty. It would have a lot of work to their. Just turn your royals insider here on six and Sports Radio earlier today with us go to the fast go in the morning podcast pages 610s or stock on the hear the entire conversation at. Isn't realistic. To compete this he's. Resigning Kansas City for the reported seven years 10747. Million dollars. Would that be more levee rebuilding cornerstone for the next few years. I think you're looking at long term client side air customer like Pete do you expect a winning immediately doesn't Timmy rule out winning next year now not not an all competing. And what what he considered attending for a playoff spot playoff spot and a so down I I think I think you bring back air cause were you you don't go into. Two or three years where you know maybe you know losing 8590. Games a year or some polite and I think if you bring back air costs where you're playing you're playing to win the Urals are developing some of that younger talent as well where you don't have to do. What they did with Oslo stock is dusty Perez volleys guys at the same time he could to supplement here there be an ant with a minor league system the way it is right now. Having Hoss were back in the fold still gives you the use the ability to draft and sign international guys and build up your minor league system. While still maintaining a competitive big league ball club. And by the time you're ready you know the next couple years those guys in the minor league system or some of those guys are ready to contribute can continue that cycle in the minor leagues going in going in going. You don't have to go to a total. Rebuild mode I think if you have Hosmer you're at a steady mode right now and you supplement it with some of the minor leaguers that you haven't some of the big leaguers he Ab I still think you can put out a very nice team for the next couple Eagles want to have immune looks solid well. I think a little bit I think you'll look at it pitching it yes and that's the number one thing like Richard luckily he's got to come along right now please please Richard a love lady was just a pitcher in the farm system les catch fired come to the Major League ball if he gets up here you buying a lovely meter capsule the end of the first name on it there. I Eric Hosmer according USA today. As been offered a seven year 147. Million dollar deal to return to the royals. More on that with lake can they get the day shift in two minutes.