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The Drive
Tuesday, January 2nd

CDot kicks off his "haterish" ways in 2018 by making a case that even with UCF's dominant win over Auburn, anyone considering them for a spot in the College Football Playoff is out of their mind.


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I've got a beatle wanna say. Because the commentary over the last. 24 hours been very dishonest. I wanna start this conversation by saying that I think University of Central Florida. Has had a very good seized a theory helped me in doubles needs. They are wrong more rewarding yesterday in playing. It's double game that they participated it they got an opportunity to showcase their talents but it's all over. They want they took care of business all respect UCF Kabul. Come on now. We're not really going to argue that you CF was one of the four best teams in the country into horror would that be into the playoffs. For those not familiar with UCF schedule let me. Need to be you know but seems that you've seen yet played this season. They started off the season against Florida international. Maryland that was their power five game at Maryland. Memphis at Cincinnati. East Carolina. At eighty Austin. At SMU. UConn. At temple South Florida. And they ended the regular season winning their conference in defeating Memphis in a football not basketball in a football game. You see up had a good season. They just want want the four best teams in the college football I feel like we all know this about UC yet. But it are colts are now to debate and argue that now were arguing for this schedule to be ink looted in the college football player up it should it have been. The right call and decision was made about you see yet. Let's agree with you on that should have been one of the top four teams in the country but they also have to be the two teams that play for the national championship. You know they beat that beat Auburn Auburn beat Georgia Auburn beat Alabama in Central Florida beat them. Played except that apple or argue no artillery anti property that's part of central floor not mean the other teams that you don't have ahead and and this team went undefeated they beat everybody that was in front of them and then they let the peach bowl they beat Auburn. The team that beat two number ones this year they beat Georgia Alabama at Central Florida gutsy little bit this year. But they didn't beat just just for the glorification UCF DEB wanna be the one of the team that beat the upper. And we're all out on a championship. Eric good. They beat the two teams that play for national championship they've beaten recently. So Talladega Alabama it week one like when she's beat the patriots in week one if you have reported schedule this year with it there they don't deserve to be. In a fourteen college football playoff but. It also implied that it helps my argument that there ought to be eighteen because then he got them. Okay of Central Florida comes in there they've already outlawed of the playoffs with a beat Ohio State or something like that they're like okay central Florida's legit. And so I'd I'd say I'm with you I don't that they should be the top 418. That's the problem because you can make an argument. For all the teams that were in the top 8 right they're Central Florida wasn't one of them because this registry. You know I would be curious to see what central Florida's move forward because we don't know probably nothing because while Rocco I shot another took lot out of the key but don't like you never know. The point is is like when you're down there. And he's scheduled put the basketball you'd that you're not gone out like. You know three months before the season or whatever it is four months for the season if all these non conference teams are picked well in advance right so basically. Decent chance that Scott frost at nothing to do with the scheduling of nonconference. It's getting what their long enough. So. I think Central Florida based on what I saw politically it's Auburn that's too it's good enough to play at an eighteen to eighteen term. Not to fourteen now with you on that but I mean listen did you expect to beat Auburn I didn't. And I think that it. You see yet is a good that would but it just respect UCF. And not say that they are good team cut we've seen ops teams like this. But I testing now we have argued schedule in mayor and it sank an eight game and what it's like yep it's an automatic bid. My feelings on eighteen playoff to pretty much out there. I don't like asking college keep the continued to do more to do for a continued not it's an eye for them wanna do like I feel like everyone. Or eight games like I take out to play more I don't wanna keep you. You anything extra we just wanna keep all the money just uttered 50000 dollars dollars for his thoughts please nobody did well I assume that you see yup which was a lot more than a scholarship but they had the next day but that's a popular that. I don't think eventually that's where we're going to go but it so what we have to start arguing mere what you do about these. The UCF had a really good season and they are awarded us an opportunity to play impeachable. But now defeating Auburn defeated all the other team's been all over its and at that level. It's not wore tee it up in June of being like and the fourteenth absolutely. And so I guess that now my argument of the eight would be. Willing to sacrifice we would inevitably happen if cheapening of the regulars if we're not include eight. Three guys that EDT the pieces dating at the playoff to elect. Put up with eighteen this year. I would assume once we get to seven or eight we really watered it down where the regular season for college football not me or are we creating this whole fourteenth like yours yet. Because I argue with great power fives what you make college football playoff you can only blame yourself like a it. You lost the Iowa. Like I have to be some personal responsibility and that's why I've always spot for its affairs number that college football's playoff with near perfect. If you are not included a college football playoff you know when to blame but yourself that you're a power buys. And then once every four years old are a look at upstart team like you see that happen but over multiple C but with Boise State. They had the over multiple C got the shot at its Oklahoma one night game in the continual. I think you squandered chances throughout. I just haven't really seen a team at least in the playoffs with aero. That I could argue hey that they had a schedule worthy they had a resonate worthy to please have consideration. You see that with our came before the game that you offer no one was arguing use yet before. Monday now at all should have been no. Don't think it is hard to look at that he wants to people about it's been all over it and they got that beat them basically the backyard they beat of an Atlanta. That future potential public that the top eight teams are like this before. This is in week fourteen of the college football season before and they came out right. So here you're the top eight and tell which ones don't belong that would blog and an eighteen play out. Clubs at Auburn Oklahoma Wisconsin Alabama Georgia Miami and Ohio State. I got no problem those eight teams duking it out for national title of it via Miami I think there may be a little bit of a fraud and probably a little bit overrated. My ability to Miami Ohio State Miami was not good enough to play for the championship which I think the it. Opportunities and they at Ohio State lost time well in bears to block off the Iowa. Like Ohio State would not about the course that you're just tell. Me that if there's an eighteen term it an eight team tournament that the Ohio State would have a legitimate. Chance to win a national championship I would make the argument that he would. You know Wisconsin another team have a legitimate shot I think to win a national championship that you got in the tournament. You know I mean tell you based on what we sought a Clemson last night Clinton look terrible. You don't meet Clinton has with a double team in the country and they got dominated. Like team that was like that Alabama. So you can make argue that Clinton's did belong here. It is blog there so I just that's like that eight is fair not to order to register with the little guy little guy earned I'll pull it. In the top April. If there's eight. A smaller school does deserve it or pick a school that itself for dialogue and get a chance to do. I think it makes it like you were out I'll watch the elect of last night watches game and watch the rose more like and how cool is this the Alabama and Clemson. If after this game. And if you imagine there were two more games that. Mean for the things.