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Who Should I Trade For

Stephen Serda
September 18, 2018 - 5:09 pm

In my oldest fantasy league going on its seventh brilliant season someone offered me Zach Ertz for Joe Mixon. Now I generally only draft one tight end. It’s a shallow position with limited talent so I would rather burn a flyer on a wide receiver than take up a bench spot with a tight end, who will hopefully only play one week while my starter is on bye. Seeing that Mixon is already hurt, though it doesn’t seem significant, it’s easy to consider moving him right now if you get the right offer.

I considered this move for a day and decided against it because even though Ertz is top 3 at his position he still doesn’t hold the same value as a potential top 10 RB. Ertz is getting Carson Wentz back and his number were bananas for the position when he was healthy with Wentz last season. My problem with the offer is the potential of Mixon. Bernard was an afterthought with Mixon in the game. Bernard is a talented player but he’s not the number one back people want to believe he’s capable of being. Mixon has genuine top ten potential, so if you’re curious about moving Mixon I would probably hold off.

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Now if we’re talking Tevin Coleman for Zach Ertz that’s a different story. I’ve been leading the charge for several years now at least at this radio station about the talent of Tevin Ford Coleman. Coleman has been damn near electric when he’s gotten the work load that he deserves. This past Sunday on Fanball’s Fantasy Football Sunday I mentioned how I had traded Derrick Henry the previous season straight up for Tevin Coleman in a dynasty league. My logic was that Coleman who’s due to hit free agency after the season would likely find a starting gig with another team thrusting him into all of his destined fantasy glory. I still believe that. Think about the preseason aspirations of a Jerick McKinnon. He was an easy third round pick in your draft with top 15 potential in a Kyle Shannahan offense. Coleman has every bit of that and more in his future if you ask me.

All of that being said I WOULD move him this year. We’ve spent the past three years hoping this would turn into a more defined backfield. But here we are with an impending time share once Freeman returns from injury. I’m buying all the Coleman stock next season and trying to see if I can land someone like JuJu Smith Schuster this year.

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People will keep asking me about Josh Gordon and that is absolutely understandable. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who supports the guy more than myself. One of my favorite players if he could just figure it all out and put it on the field. He’s one of the most talented players I’ve ever seen. But if you caught me on The Drive today I’m looking to move Gordon right now. This could absolutely blow up in my face. He could become Touchdown Tommy’s second Randy Moss but these midseason WR acquisitions very rarely work. If he isn’t up to Patriot standards he could easily be out of a job by next week. You can’t put any stock in Gordon right now and he certainly shouldn’t be starting in anyone’s lineup. That being said if someone offers you Brandin Cooks I think I would take that trade.


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