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Pat Mahomes Needs to be The Chiefs KD

Kevin Durant Gave the Warriors What The Chiefs Need From Patrick Mahomes

Stephen Serda
June 14, 2017 - 1:17 pm

So we've now had a couple of days to sit on the Golden State Warriors winning their second title in 3 seasons in large part to the fact Kevin Durant ditched the Oklahoma City Thunder to move to the Bay area. This Golden State team has a legitimate shot to put themselves in the conversation to be one of the greatest teams we've ever seen in the next few years. Call it unfair if you want or you think what KD did was weak. I'm in favor of witnessing greatness! I didn't have a problem with it when Lebron went to Miami and I don't have a problem with Kevin Durant taking the promotion so to speak. Just incase your one of those Kansas City sports fans who refuses to acknowledge the second most popular sport in the country here's this....

But the point of this article isn't to talk about the greatness that we are witnessing from the west coast. It's to talk about a comparison I've been thinking about for the last couple of days between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Golden State Warriors. Now anyone who hasn't been living under ground for the past few years has noticed Golden State's rise from annual laughing stock to a dominate force unlike any the NBA has ever seen. They were obviously an incredible team without Kevin Durant going to back to back Finals, winning one title and setting the all time record for most wins in a regular season. This was a team that was already setup to win and win for a while but that didn't stop them from wanting more. The same way the Patriots continue to win Super Bowls but somehow find a way to load up on free agents or make trades for guys like Brandin Cooks. They refuse to become complacent in their success and that's what makes them an all-time great franchise. It's not enough for the Warriors to just win a couple of rings and say well we had our run lets break it up. They are going for it all and they have a legitimate shot at being the best team that we've ever seen. 


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This brings me to our hopeful franchise quarterback Patrick Mahomes. There have been many people who criticize the Reid and Dorsey regime for what they deem questionable draft picks such as Dee Ford, Eric Fisher, Chris Jones, and yes even Marcus Peters. There are many people who are still questioning the Chiefs decision to let veteran and fan favorite Jeremy Maclin walk. As a fan and member of the media I can't for the life of me understand the constant need to question these guys as if they don't know what they are doing. It's pretty clear to me by now that they have it figured out. What draft picks can we honestly look at and say those guys were busts? Dee Ford just had the best season of his young career, Chris Jones looks like he's going to be a force for this defensive front. Marcus Peters as every fan knows now is just flat at one of the best corners in the league. 

Call Eric Fisher a bust if you want but that draft is one of the worst in NFL history and everyone was upset the Chiefs took Fisher over Luke Joeckel who has been a spectacular bust even for NFL standards.( Not even Jacksonville wanted to keep him) Eric Fisher is at the very least a very solid NFL tackle and this isn't even taking into consideration all of the guys the Chiefs have hit on late in the draft across the offensive line and oh yeah that guy named Tyreek who I hear is pretty fast. So back to our guy Pat who the Chiefs mortgaged draft picks to move up and get. The Golden State Warriors built their perennial title contender through the draft with a low cost free agent or two peppered in here and there. Could they have won multiple titles without getting a guy like Kevin Durant? Sure, but Kevin Durant guarantee's championships. I'm not saying if Patrick Mahomes becomes the next Aaron Rodgers it guarantees the Chief multiple Super Bowls. Rodgers himself only has one ring to his resume. But we here in Kansas City already know that the Chiefs are good enough to make the postseason and thats about it. Maybe if things fall right sneak into an AFC championship but no one in their right minds believes they can beat the Patriots. Letting JMac go and losing Jamaal those were tough ones for me and for Chiefs fans. I'm just saying keep the big picture in mind here people. Andy Reid and John Dorsey have done what I would argue to be one of the best jobs in the NFL at drafting talent over the last few years and hopefully that streak continues with Patrick Mahomes. They aren't done making decisions that are going to upset fans but it's all for a long term goal. It's all about the rings, not division titles, not postseason births, It's all about that trophy. The Chiefs have the 6th youngest roster in the NFL and it's loaded with talent across the board they just need their Kevin Durant to put them over the top. 


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