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It Okay To Have Some Concerns

This Team is 5 - 0

Stephen Serda
October 11, 2017 - 2:33 pm

I would like to start this by saying that I've been a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs my entire life. I love this team and I'm closer to it than I am with a lot of relationships throughout my life. I've been criticized on the air and through social media for choosing to refrain from saying the Chiefs are going to a Super Bowl this season. It's not that I don't believe. I'm desperate to believe this team can do something that I've never seen them do in my 28 years on this earth. The idea is something I've clung to my entire life. I was in on this team last postseason. I thought if they could just get past the Pittsburgh Steelers they matched up very well with the eventual Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Once again I was heart broken by this team. I might even go as far as saying this football team is the love of my life. That being said I've got serious commitment issues that I'm trying to move past but I'm not quite ready to give them my heart. 

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We talked about my lack of commitment last night on The Show which you can hear above. It's alright to have questions about this team that has let us down as fans so many times over the years. The 2003 Chiefs and the 2013 team were probably two of the best squads in my lifetime and I still never felt like they were going to be champions. I'll admit this team feels different but there is still a lot of football left to be decided this season. The Vikings  started 5-0 last year and didn't even make the postseason. This team is better than that Vikings team and I'm not saying they will collapse down the stretch. Alex Smith has been remarkable and deserves to be in the MVP discussion through 5 games this season. Kareem Hunt looks like a young Beast Mode and the NFL is quickly finding out he is the hardest running back in football to bring down. I was higher than most on Kareem headed into the season because I spent a lot of time watching film and dissecting his college game. He's a star in the making and there isn't anyone around the league who doubts that. 

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This team is playing better than I could have ever imagined and Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt deserve every bit of praise they are getting right now. Travis Kelce is quickly taking over as the leagues top tight end and Tyreek Hill is arguable the most explosive player in the NFL. Tyreek leads the league with 7 TD's of 50 plus yards going back to last season. The next closest guys only have 3 by the way Kareem Hunt is one of those players. This offense is explosive in a way I've never really seen before even during the 2003 season when this team was all offense and no defense. That praise goes to Andy Reid who's been nothing short of brilliant so far this year. He is genuinely outsmarting every other coach in the NFL right now. He's built an entire offense of nothing but explosive players and has elevated the play of Alex to heights we didn't think were possible. 

This team has convinced most of the fanbase through 5 weeks that it's ready to take them somewhere a lot of us have never been before. I want that more than anything for myself, this city, and most importantly these players and coaches. I go to Chiefs practices about as much as anyone. I love going to training camp and OTA's because I truly enjoy watching this team working and getting better. I'm just saying sometimes it's hard to forget about leading 38-10 in the 4th quarter of a playoff game only to lose 45-44. This defense still has me concerned and no doubt is still mourning the loss of Eric Berry. Marcus Peters has been great outside of the Monday Night game against Washington but the rest of this secondary is concerning. They aren't going undefeated and will lose sooner or later. But I'm starting to believe this is a 14-2 football team with legitimate AFC title game aspirations. I'm just asking the fans out there to understand when some of us are a little resistant on the commitment. We've had our hearts broken a lot in the past so sometimes we need a little bit more time than others to heal. This team can be special and I'll be enjoying the ride with everyone else but don't blame me for being a little resistant. 


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