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Trade For Watson-By Stephen Serda

April 07, 2017 - 1:38 pm

I'm sure you've heard this by now if you've caught The Show from 6-pm on 610 Sports Radio. We love Deshaun Watson! Particularly I love his potential fit with the Kansas City Chiefs but there is absolutely no guarantee he will be there at 27 overall come April 27th when the NFL Draft gets underway. Sure there is a chance and I'm not buying this run on quarterbacks in the first round that every draft pundit is trying to sell right now. I'm operating under the logic it will be very similar to the 2014 NFL Draft where only one quarterback went top 10. ( Blake Bortles number 3 overall) But you did have Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater in the late 1st round and Derek Carr of course the early 2nd. This draft is loaded with franchise quarterbacks but it does have guys who can one day be that type of player and I believe Watson to be the best of the bunch. You almost have to go back to Tim Tebow to find a quarterback with the pedigree of a guy like Watson coming out of college but Watson unlike Tebow doesn't have near the question marks or physical limitations in terms of just being a flat out passer.

Just go back to the game winning drive against Alabama in the National Championship game and tell me you don't believe this guy can excel at the next level. Are some of the throws on this drive lucky? Maybe but it takes balls to make those throws and utilize the talent you have on the offensive side of the ball to trust that your guys are better than theirs and they will make the play you need them to. This is something Kansas City has been desperate to find for years now. Oakland got there guy in Derek Carr and the Chiefs have just as much young talent as the Raiders but without that prize possession in a franchise QB The Raiders are going to leave the Chiefs behind and that is something every Chiefs fan should agree on. 

This brings us back to April 27th the 1st round of the NFL Draft. Sure there is a chance Watson is still there at 27 but I'm not looking to take that risk and there are a few teams the Chiefs need to be talking to on draft day to ensure they get the guy they're after. Ideally the Chiefs could find a way to move top ten and grab him but that's not realistic and the price tag for top ten picks is just too high. John Dorsey isn't going to completely mortgage future drafts to trade up so lets say a team like the Chargers are out at number 7. I think you can realistically get Watson within the top 15 many would say top 20 but again that's outside my comfort level. 

The Buffalo Bills are the team I'm seriously looking because they only have 6 picks in this draft and with the 10th overall pick they are in the prime spot where you don't have to worry about the Browns at 12 and the Cardinals at 13 taking a long hard look at Watson. I don't think it's unrealistic to get in a serious discussion with Buffalo but the Bills are going to be looking for more picks and the Chiefs should be looking to deal a player or two with picks rather than a laundry list of draft picks. If Watson some how makes it past Cleveland and Arizona I am on the phone with the Eagles and the Chiefs old friend Doug Pederson. The Eagles only have a 1st round pick because the Vikings made the move for Sam Bradford after Bridgewater went down last year. Philly has what looks to be their franchise passer in Carson Wentz and signed the top wide receiver in free agency in Alshon Jeffery. This already gives them a receiving threat they desperately lacked last season mixed in with their talented young defense lead by the all world Fletcher Cox and having just acquired the talented young Timmy Jernigan from the Baltimore Ravens. 

The Eagles desperately need a reliable running game to lend to the development of Carson Wentz and almost every draft board has them going with Stanford star Christian McCaffrey who could still be there at the end of round 1 in my opinion. It's not a stretch to think the Chiefs could move a cheap option running back like Spencer Ware to the Eagles and swap first round picks where the Eagles could still get a guy like Dalvin Cook, Alvin Kamara, or hell maybe even McCaffrey at the end of the first round. That alone probably wouldn't be enough you would have to option a potential first rounder next year and I know what you're thinking the Chiefs still need help at the running back position as well so moving the best running back on your roster doesn't make sense. Listen Spencer Ware is a nice player but he's not great and there shouldn't be any attachment to him here in Kansas City. This draft class is absolutely loaded at running back so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chiefs take a stab at a couple in the middle rounds. They have 2 third round picks and 2 fifth round picks. Move Spencer Ware to get up to 14 and maybe give up your late first round pick next season oh and you still have ten picks in this years draft to play with and maybe you can throw in one of those fifth rounders. 

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It's not going to be popular but you can get a guy like Joe Mixon to step in and be your day one starter at running back and he's a legitimate first round talent who's got realistic Jamaal Charles comparisons to him. He can catch the ball just as good as Jamaal and he's a dynamic runner with 25 plus more pounds on him than Jamaal ever had. If the Chiefs are worried about moving Ware which they shouldn't be I would put Dee Ford on the trading block. I get Ford is coming off his best season in the league but he showed down the stretch he's just still not very versatile. Move Ford and some picks to Philly and you can get up to 14 to get Watson. Ford is still a young dynamic play maker who would be going to a defense run by Jim Schwartz who's as aggressive a defensive coordinator as there is in football. By the way he runs a base 4-3 defense, the same defense Ford ran at Auburn where the biggest question about him coming out of college was transitioning to a 3-4 scheme. The Eagles get a dynamic edge guy in Ford after letting long time edge rusher Connor Barwin go in the offseason to add to the young studs they already have on defense in Fletcher Cox and Timmy Jernigan and you turn your pass rush into a legitimate force while still being able to help your needs at running back. The Chiefs get their guy in Watson and the Eagles address multiple needs without losing out on anything they are looking for out of this draft. It's a win for both sides as the Chiefs probably won't resign Ford after this season anyway because he'll command to much money. The Eagles don't have much cap space at this point but they are looking to dump a lot of dead weight on their roster as Pederson is still clearing out guys from the Chip Kelly era. If the Chiefs want to keep up with the Raiders they'll have to make a sacrifice that not every fan will love but it's going to be for the greater good and when Deshaun Watson beats Derek Carr in the AFC Championship game in a few years no one will remember what the Chiefs moved to make it happen. 


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