03/13/17 - The Show

The Show
March 13, 2017 - 9:05 pm

Hour 1

03/13/17 The Show - Hour 1

Your time is up, The Show's time is now. March is The Show's favorite time of the year, he says, 'KU fans should be jumping up and down.' Plus, That Guy gets The Show and Showstoppers, Later, a new segment called, 'Weekend Hugs.'

Hour 2

03/13/17 The Show - Hour 2

In case you forgot, or fell off, The Show is still hot. Knock your shell off. Plus, The Watson Plea and Showstoppers. Later, Diaper-gate.

Hour 3

03/13/17 The Show - Hour 3

The Show rocks a time piece by Benny if any. Plus, more diaper-gate and showstoppers. Later What you Watching.

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