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What A Weekend It Was

October 02, 2017 - 2:07 pm

There are few times, that in a single sporting event, you get your breath taken away and goosebumps go flying up your neck. This past Sunday that moment happened several times in one single sporting event. On October 1, 2017 this type of moment would happen to about 32,000 people who came out to salute the guys one last time, to take their cap off and waive it out of appreciation for a job well done, but most importantly to capture every last moment there may possibly be of seeing this World Champion core together one last time.

                As I walked into the K yesterday knowing that this was game 162 and that there would be no more baseball for Kansas City until next spring, I wasn’t really sure what the last game may be like, or if people really understood if they knew that an era may be over after this day. All that I questioned would immediately be proven wrong as I exited my car. As I’m walking to Gate D to go through security, I see a father and son playing catch, in line, waiting to get into the game (gates won’t open for another 2 hours) wearing Royals jerseys with the champion gold letters.  The father, he has the Moustakas name on the back of his and his son, well of course, he has the Hosmer jersey. I stopped and asked the two guys a few questions and it was there that I was no longer concerned about if this fan base knew the significance of what this day meant to this town. There were people backed up to the street waiting to enter the K, one last time, and again, I remind you two hours before the gates are even opened.


                As the day progressed and the game got closer to the start the crowd would settle in and the normal pre game schedule would carry out. As they did player introductions the crowd would roar extremely loud for the core of guys who may be leaving and becoming extremely rich. None of that mattered at the time for the fans they were here to see their boys in blue one last time. In non-traditional fashion, a delay would be how game 162 would start. Why a delay, well because Sal Perez and an opposing Arizona Diamondback player would have a standoff, to see who would budge first to the dugout. Sal would win of course, but it was then and there that Salvy would cut the mood and flip it with a humorous situation. It’s always  Sal who makes people laugh and keeps  people entertained as well. Then the mood would once again be flipped on its axis for another time, you know, one of those goosebumps up your neck feeling.


                When Eric Hosmer would come to the plate for the first time, in maybe his last home Royals game the crowd would stand and cheer for their gold glove first baseman and the local heart throb for so many in the city of Kansas City. He did what only Eric Hosmer would do, he removed his helmet revealing that famous great haircut, and he would salute the crowd with is helmet and pound his heart with his bat making sure everyone knew  what this town and organization meant to one Eric Hosmer. Now, as if a moment like that could not get any more emotional (here come those goosebumps again) the Hoz unleashed an opposite field homerun and the K exploded. Even Mike Moustakas would say in his post-game press conference that he had never been in a moment like that before. It was almost like something you only see in movies but this was real life. Once again the Royals knew how to pick everyone up and give them something to cheer for. When the game would change and all the guys came off the field together everyone felt as one in the stadium for a solid ten minutes. It was one of those “forever Royal” moments.

                At a time in our world when so many hurtful things are being done, so many hurtful things are being said and to what seems a catastrophic moment happens every morning we wake up, the Royals let this fan base all relax this past weekend and feel so much love for a sport that brought Kansas City together, all of Kansas City. So as this team rides off into the sun set and these guys all go to make the money they so willing deserve, thank you for everything. Thank you for the championship that everyone got to be a part of. The main thing that the fans should be thankful for, is the realization that this team will start over and that the guys who put all this together are going nowhere. Dayton Moore and Ned Yost will remain in Kansas City and could put another one of these types of teams together. So stay forever royal, stay raised royal and stay a believer, because that is what this core of guys taught this city and that is what they would want and expect from this town and this fan base.

In this audio clip is a montage of fans leting people know what this team meant to them. 

A Royal Montage

One on One with Eric Hosmer and Dustin Likins

Hosmer and Dusty.mp3

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