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Who the Chiefs should sign to backup Patrick Mahomes

The Free Agent list is long

Mike Welch
February 06, 2018 - 11:27 am

Alex Smith is gone to Washington D.C., and I don't know one Chiefs fan on the planet who believes Tyler Bray should be the backup QB to Patrick Mahomes in 2018. We saw enough of Bray in Denver to know that we don't want the season in his hands if Mahomes goes down.

So, the Chiefs need to sign a QB in Free Agency. CBS Sports compiled a list of Free Agent QBs for the 2018 offseason. In this list, they have a category called "Older Guys Who Work Better As Backups", and that's exactly who the Chiefs should be looking for to backup Mahomes in 2018. That category is as follows with my thoughts on their fit:

Jay Cutler - Bad option all around. Cutler is too expensive and likely won't want to stay in the NFL without having a starting job.

Josh McCown - McCown wants to be a starter, and believes he should be. McCown might be right, but because he wants to start, he's not a fit in KC.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - This is a great fit. Ryan Fitzpatrick is coming off a year where he backed up Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, and had some nice moments. He would fit very well in KC as a backup and give you a smart, solid just-in-case option.

Chase Daniel - Might have the best chance at getting the backup job in KC because he was a Chief from 2013-15. Andy Reid knows him and likes him. Also, at 31 years old, he's about perfect for a veteran backup.

Derek Anderson - Probably the most "meh" QB on this list. You could do a lot worse than Derek Anderson, but you could do a lot better, too.

Matt Moore - This would be a phenomenal fit. Guy is the quintessential backup QB. Been around forever, knows the NFL inside and out, and has had decent success when called upon.

Drew Stanton - Definition of solid. Never a long term starter, but Stanton has been in Arizona since 2013 and has gone 9-4 in his career there as a backup. KC would be a very solid fit for Stanton.

Chad Henne - I've never been very high on Chad Henne and he has thrown a total of 2 passes since 2014. Pass.

There's your list, and if I had my pick of these guys, I'm going with Matt Moore. His upside as a consistent backup is just too intriguing for me to pass up.

Who would you go with? Tweet your thoughts to @RealMikeWelch.

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