Ultimate Christmas Party 2017 Prop Bets

Which 610 Sports Personality Will Be Most Embarrassing?

Mike Welch
December 12, 2017 - 6:00 am

Please join us for our Ultimate Christmas Party 2017 going off this Wednesday at the Voodoo Lounge inside Harrah's North Kansas City. Check out all the details here: ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS

Since everybody has office holiday parties, and embarrassing moments are just part of the game, we decided to come up with prop bets for the 610 Sports Radio personalities. Enjoy!


Who will get drunkest?

Binkley: -900

Fanning: +120

Welch: +150


Who will make an embarrassing comment that people are talking about the next day?

Witkowski: +100

Fescoe: +150

Heisler: +1,700


Who will try to avoid people as much as possible?

Spector: -100,000,000,000

Carrington: - 500

Kling: E


Who will take the most pictures with people? (Santa Bink excluded)

Henry: - 300

Fescoe: - 150

Fanning: - 100

Who will talk to the most people?

Fescoe: - 500

Lake: - 150

Fanning: - 100


Who will accidentally spill something and make a scene?

Welch: - 700

Binkley: - 650

Everybody else: E


Who will wear the least appropriate outfit?

Carrington: - 800

Witkowski: - 200

Welch: - 110

Please come see the result of these prop bets and win some incredible prizes as you joins us for our Ultimate Christmas Party 2017.

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