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Top 3 Story Lines for the 2018 Royals

Opening Day is here, buckle up!

Mike Welch
March 28, 2018 - 11:28 am

Opening Day is Thursday, and you can catch us doing the show LIVE at Union Station in Kansas City. 

Heading into this season, there are a ton of story lines for the Royals. These are my top three....

1. Alex Gordon

After the 2015 World Series win, the Royals signed Alex Gordon to a 4-year, $72M contract. Since then, it’s has been a struggle for Alex Gordon. In 2016. he hit .220, in 2017, .208. After a lackluster spring training, people are worried about Alex, but I refuse to give up on him

I still believe that somewhere in there is the Alex Gordon who hit a World Series-changing HR in Game 1.

2.  Will the Royals sell at the Deadline?

Either win 90 or blow it up. Kind of the same mantra as 2017, but because of all the offseason additions to the lineup, it’s still a major storyline this season. We could see all of these players do really well and the Royals could have a magical run, but if not, then we could see an all-out fire-sale at the trade deadline. 

Mike Moustakas would become a fairly solid trade piece if things go this way.

3. The Curious Case of the Starting Rotation

Is it… is it good? I don’t know, in fact, nobody knows. Danny Duffy will be looking to bounce back from an injury-riddled 2017. Ian Kennedy will be looking to turn back into the guy the Royals gave a bunch of money to. Nasty Nate Karns could develop into a big-time starter that he has shown he has the talent to become. Jake Junis might build on what he was able to accomplish last season. 

There’s too many question marks to count, but if Duffy is on point, it should become contagious for the rest of the Royals rotation.

*** Salvador Perez being out for the first 4-6 weeks of the season is definitely an early story line, but as long as the Royals don't fall apart, it will be a distant memory by June.

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