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Tony Romo is a Problem for the Chiefs

It Is Now A Pattern

Mike Welch
November 05, 2017 - 6:32 pm

Tony Romo day in Dallas ended with a victory for the Cowboys. Dallas improves to 5-3, the Chiefs fall to 6-3 (no longer tied atop the AFC). But, the result of today’s game marks a pattern.

The Chiefs when Tony Romo is calling the game: 0-3

The Chiefs when Tony Romo is NOT calling the game: 6-0 

When it happened the first time, it was against the Steelers. The Chiefs lost 19-13 in their first game with Romo on the call.

Well, let’s be honest, the Chiefs can’t beat the Steelers no matter who’s on the call. It seemed like a coincidence.

5 days later, Tony was on the call again as the Chiefs lost to the Raiders 31-30

While this is 2 games in a row, the referees were so terrible, how could I blame Romo?

Then there’s the Cowboys. They put out some “We love you, Tony. Even though we gave your job to Dak Prescott, you’re still our guy.” tribute video that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Then the Cowboys went on to not only beat the Chiefs, but beat the Chiefs by eleven, a larger margin than anybody has been able to beat KC by all season long.

At a certain point. It’s not a coincidence. CBS, stop ruining our season and get Tony Romo off of Chiefs games. It might be a ridiculous superstition I’m running with because the pain of watching Alex Smith turn back into Alex Smith and Bob Sutton’s incompetence is too much to bear. Might be, but 6-0 vs. 0-3 makes me feel justified in my insanity. 

Sign the “Don’t let Tony Romo call Chiefs games” petition here: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dont-let-tony-romo-call-chiefs-games

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