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KC Athlete Checklist

10 Things That Make You A True KC Athlete

Mike Welch
October 17, 2017 - 10:40 am

Sacramento Kings rookie De'Aaron Fox "hates In-N-Out Burger", and as you can imagine, it did not sit well with people in the west coast. So, today on Fescoe in the Morning, I asked people to text in a KC Athlete Checklist. Things that make you a true KC athlete. These are your responses....

1. Must like KC BBQ: This one is obvious, so you can cross off Steve Bono

2. Has disdain for St. Louis: This is why Travis Kelce is a true KC athlete, I don't care what anybody says.

3. Complain that parking is too inconvienient: Always, it doesn't matter where you're going.

4. Hate the Raiders: Fun Fact, the Chokeland Raiders are 0-4 since Marshawn did his stupid sideline dance.

5. Hate the Yankees: It's not a division rival, but seriously, screw the Yankees.

6. Get angry at the KC airport: I get this one, but my assumption is after getting angry about the airport, you have to lobby for it to never change.

7. Willing to buy a round at P&L: Way to set the bar so high, Hosmer.

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8. Town Topic Has The Best Burgers Ever: I don't know if this one is necessarily fair because a lot of people in KC would disagree, but hey, it's your texts.

9. Refer to the Denver Broncos as the Donkeys: Forever and always. Did you see them lose to the 0-5 Giants? LOL

10. KNOW THAT YOU PLAY IN MISSOURI!!!!: I’m gonna go out on a massive limb here and assume this was texted in by a person who lives in Missouri.

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