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Kansas City Can't Handle Polarizing Athletes

Marcus Peters Trade Indicates Bigger Issue

Mike Welch
February 26, 2018 - 12:30 pm

We have to accept the fact that, in part, Chiefs fans ran Marcus Peters out of Kansas City. Not all of them, not even most of them, but the small portion of vocal fans who disliked Marcus Peters, his protest and his personality, played a part in Peters being traded.

Growing up in Kansas City and being indoctrinated into Chiefs fandom from birth, I've always wanted the Chiefs to have some of those big personality players that grab headlines and get people talking. I have always felt like KC doesn't get a ton of run because they never have those really outspoken/controversial players.

Enter Marcus Peters:

Through 3 seasons, Marcus Peters was so dynamic and impactful, I couldn't even compare him to active NFL CBs. Last week, when there was smoke surrounding a Marcus Peters trade, I had to resort to comparing Marcus to Hall of Famers.

The Chiefs traded Marcus Peters to the LA Rams on Friday. We now know what the compensation will be for the Chiefs:

Not getting a 1st round pick in return means this is not about business. It's not like the Chiefs found out Marcus would not sign long term in KC, then decided to maximize his value in a trade. They could have let his contract run out, then let Marcus leave in free agency and received a 3rd round compensatory pick after having two more seasons of Marcus Peters' production. So, from a football and contractual stand point, it makes no sense.

As it appears right now, this trade was about the Chiefs reacting to the small, but vocal, group of Chiefs fans saying they didn't like Marcus Peters and wouldn't come to another game as long as he was on the team. Most of these fans feel this way because of Marcus Peters protesting during the national anthem. They will find other reasons, attitude, tackling, personal fouls, but the reality is all of it stems from protesting. Meaning, regardless of your thoughts on Marcus Peters, the Chiefs did what they thought would keep fans coming to Arrowhead, not what would help the Chiefs win the most games.

That should bother everybody. Even if you're happy Marcus Peters is no longer in Kansas City, an organization that puts the sensitivities of some fans over winning games is doomed to mediocrity.

I've always wanted a big and polarizing personality in Kansas City sports. We had one, and we couldn't handle it. It's sad, but it's true.

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