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Is Kansas City a Baseball Town?

Hardball Talk of NBC answers the question

Mike Welch
March 26, 2018 - 11:20 am

Hardball Talk of NBC broke down which MLB cities are "baseball towns", and when it came to the Royals, here's the assessment:

Kansas City: Another one which may be closer now than it was five years ago when I first did this, but I feel like the Chiefs are a greater municipal passion. Good baseball town, but maybe a stronger football town.

KC is a sports town.

I'm not angry about the piece, or even the assessment, but it did get me thinking, KC is a sports town. It's a football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and basketball town. Sporting KC unquestionably has one of the best fanbases in MLS. Chiefs have the amazing atmosphere in Arrowhead that the team struggles to live up to. Royals have some of the best local TV ratings and attendance in MLB over the last 5 years. Even the KC Mavericks who play in the ECHL have a solid following and a group of very passionate fans. College basketball still has a big-time seat at the table despite Missouri leaving for the SEC and taking some flavor away from the Big 12 Tournament in KC.

Trying to figure out which sport defines KC is a waste of time. Seriously, leave Sporting KC out of any discussion and you will end up with a bloody soccer ball in your bed. Tell Royals fans they don't matter and you'll get moose horns thrown at you. Tell Chiefs fans their franchise underachieves and after agreeing with you, they will tell you how Patrick Mahomes is about to change all of that.

Kansas City is a sports town. Period.

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