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It Is Time For Patrick Mahomes

Welch Has Seen Enough

November 19, 2017 - 3:28 pm

The Chiefs lost to the Giants today. The now 2-8 Giants. They have now lost four of their last five, and the Chiefs offense has scored seven touchdowns in the last five games. In case you’re curious on the math, that’s 1.4 TDs per game. Needless to say, that is terrible.

Alex Smith could not handle a little wind, and had a complete and total meltdown.

It’s time to move on, Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes should start next Sunday vs. Buffalo.

Alex Smith can’t get KC to a Super Bowl because if Smith can’t handle the wind today, then he surely won’t be able to handle Pittsburgh or New England in January. Smith also won’t be on the team next season. The Chiefs are going to hand the keys to Mahomes at some point anyway. At this point, the Chiefs are just spinning their wheels with Alex Smith, wasting time that could be used on developing their QB of the future.

Patrick Mahomes could spark the Chiefs offense and give them something totally different down the stretch of the season, but even if he doesn’t, at least the Chiefs will ride into the playoffs with something they won’t have with Alex Smith at QB: Hope.

“But those are just preseason.” Yeah, and if the Chiefs had won today, it would have just been against the terrible Giants… but they didn’t.

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