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How The 2-0 Chiefs Have Changed

One Major Difference Is Clear

Mike Welch
September 17, 2017 - 4:42 pm

The Chiefs beat the Eagles 27-20 today, in a game that got too close for comfort in the end, but the Chiefs were able to do something on offense they failed to do too many times in 2016, finish.

Often times in 2016, the Chiefs would have a team on the ropes, and not be able to deliver a knockout blow. KC would win most of those games because of big defensive stands or great special teams plays. The offense would stall out constantly and we would be hoping for some bailout play by the defense. Today, ironically, defense and special teams were actually the reason why the Eagles made it somewhat interesting at the end. So, what has changed?

Enter Kareem Hunt:

When the Chiefs got the lead and needed the offense to keep the foot on the gas pedal (turns out, they very much needed it), Kareem Hunt was the guy they leaned on. Hunt has a ton of dynamic playmaking ability and that’s what most people are going to focus on. For good reason, too. Big plays are the lifeblood of any offense. But what’s almost more impressive for Kareem Hunt is his consistency. Even against an Eagles defense that was bottling him up early, Hunt kept punishing them with every carry. Softening the defense little by little. 

By the time the 4th quarter came around, and really a couple minutes before the 4th quarter, the Eagles were tired of tackling Kareem Hunt. That’s when he turned it on. The Chiefs offense has been dominant in the 4th quarter. Outscoring their opponents 35-10. This has made people wonder, what’s different about this team? The answer is Kareem Hunt. 

The Chiefs have a special player in #27, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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