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Have a day, Bob Sutton

Chiefs DC gets a lot of angry fans off his back

Mike Welch
December 16, 2017 - 11:03 pm

Before tonight, the Los Angeles Chargers had 1 turnover in their past 4 games. Tonight, the Chiefs forced 4 turnovers as KC trucked LA in Arrowhead 30-13.

Chiefs Defense Coordinator Bob Sutton has been under some scrutiny during the 2017 season. This is the worst defense he's had in 5 seasons in Kansas City, and there were a lot of people wondering if he would be the "fall guy" who got fired if things went sour on the season. Well, Bob Sutton answered the call.

The Chiefs have had issues getting to the QB all season long, but tonight, Philip Rivers had somebody in his face on almost every passing play as Sutton played a Cover 1 defense, bringing an extra pass rusher on almost every play. 

As you can see from the above highlight, the pressure on Philip Rivers didn't only result in 2 sacks, but disrupted throws, sometimes resulting in interceptions, of which Rivers had 3.

An all around performance by the Chiefs defense, and the one guy everybody was already going to be talking about on Monday had himself a big-time performance.

Marcus Peters was suspended for last week's game against the Raiders. Everybody was wondering how he would respond. Usually, when something happens like that, it can go one of two ways. Either the player goes into a shell and his play does the same, or he gets the message and goes bananas. Marcus was the latter.

Marcus Peters ended with 3 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 2 interceptions. Call Andy Reid the Zen Master because he clearly got through to Marcus Peters and the rest of the Chiefs locker room with that suspension.

Bob Sutton and Marcus Peters should share the gameball tonight because they both showed the ability to bounce back in a big way, and now the Chiefs have sole possession of 1st place in the AFC West.

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