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Chiefs-Raiders: The Worst Officiated Game of the NFL Season

Laughable By Every Definition

Mike Welch
October 19, 2017 - 10:56 pm

The Chiefs lost to the Raiders tonight in epic fashion 31-30, and the referees were terrible. 

Marshawn Lynch got ejected for shoving a referee as he ran from the sidelines following a Marcus Peters centric scuffle. It appeared Lynch was trying to protect Peters, but in the hear of the moment, shoved a referee.

Marshawn deserved to be ejected, and I don't condone his actions.... BUT, considering what this crew did tonight, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

Let’s start with a questionable flag pick-up when Amari Cooper scored the first TD of the game on Terrance Mitchell.

On this one, I understand the no-call. The contact was coming from both sides and both Amari Cooper and Terrance Mitchell kept their eyes on the ball. You won’t normally see this called pass interference. That said, throwing a flag then picking it up was a bad omen because it only got worse from there.

Allen Bailey stripped Derek Carr and Justin Houston recovered the fumble. It was called off because of illegal touching by Eric Murray

If that’s illegal touching, then football just became obsolete. Terrible, inexcusable call. 

Believe it or not, it gets worse. Tyreek Hill returned a Marquette King punt only to have King grab Hill by the face mask and rip off his helmet.

No call. That is one of the most egregious missed face mask penalties you will ever see. These are just a few examples of many total disasters from the officiating crew in this game.

As the game went on, maybe the Chiefs got away with one or two and things may have started to even out, but then the end of the game happened. Penalty after penalty after penalty. Giving the Raiders so many chances to win, it became almost impossible for them to not score at least once. Then this happened.

Raiders win, Chiefs lose, the referees were absolute garbage, and I will see you at 6am Friday.

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