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Chiefs Defense Embraces “WE before ME” Mantra

Chiefs Crush Raiders

Mike Welch
December 10, 2017 - 3:10 pm

The Chiefs destroyed the Raiders today in Arrowhead, and it was in large part because of a shut-down defense nobody expected to see. 

Big news came down this week when Marcus Peters was suspended for today’s game because of his actions last Sunday against the Jets. At that point, everybody was wondering how many points the Raiders would score on the Peters-less Chiefs defense. Would it be 40? 50? 60? Try 15.

The Chiefs defense shocked the world by coming out and shutting down Derek Carr. In his first game against the Chiefs in 2017, Derek Carr threw for 417 yards 3 TD 0 INT. Today, Carr was torn apart, throwing for 211 yards 1 TD 2 INT, and he was sacked 3 times.

The big question on everybody’s mind is why? Why did this defense suddenly step up to the plate?

When the Chiefs suspended Marcus Peters, I surmised Andy Reid was doing it to gain back his locker room. Trying to send a message that in order for this team to turn it around, they must have a “WE before ME” mentality. It clearly worked. 

Marcus’ negativity was counter-productive to that “WE before ME” mentality. 

Today doesn’t mean that the Chiefs defense is better without Marcus Peters, but it does mean Peters needs to buy into the “WE before ME” mantra. When he comes back this week, we will see if he is more accepting of it. After what he saw today, my guess is Marcus Peters will come back knowing he isn’t nearly as important to this team as he thought because they just shut down the Raiders without him.

Andy Reid’s big gamble paid off, and now he gets to remain on top of the AFC West with the Chargers coming into town. 

By the way, Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen don’t look nearly as terrifying to this defense as they did before KC’s big statement today.

12/11 - The Chiefs Are NOT Better Without Marcus Peters. Stop.

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