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Alex Smith's Defining Chiefs Moment

The Fescoe in the Morning Crew Weighs In

Mike Welch
February 02, 2018 - 6:00 am

Alex Smith is gone to Washington D.C., but Kansas City fans are understandably thinking back on Alex's career in KC, and his defining moments as the Chiefs QB. 

Welch - There's one play that truly defines Alex Smith, and it came against the Buffalo Bills in Week 12 of the 2017 season. It shows the two sides of Alex Smith. 

Alex scrambles and gets a first down by selling out his body, which is admirable. That's what I like about Alex, he is a true competitor in every sense of the word. But, upon further review...

Alex sacrificed his body to get the first down when if he would have been a more skilled QB and kept his eyes up while scrambling, he would have had a much bigger gain to Demarcus Robinson down field. To me, that's Alex Smith in a nutshell.

Fescoe - The one moment that could define Alex Smith for me is the trade itself.  When it happened earlier this week people all over Chiefs Kingdom were split on the trade.  Some fans LOVED it (Steven Spector) others hated it.  That to me sums up Smith's tenure in Kansas City.  It will be remembered fondly by one group of fans and not as fondly by other fans.  However if we are looking at one particular play, this pass to Kareem Hunt is it for me.

This pass was everything Alex could be and everything that he wasn't.  This pass showed he could take chances and shots deep but it also showed that for 4 years he never did anything like this and at times in 2017 he didn't do things like this.  For me, this pass is exactly what sums up Smith to Chiefs fans:  he left us wanting more.

Kling - The Alex Smith play I'll remember is how jacked he was when leading the Chiefs to a comeback win over the Chargers on opening day in 2016.

We saw emotion and toughness from 11 on that day.

02/02 - Defining Moments of Alex Smith



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