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The Trade - Breakdown

Our Royals Insider with what matters

Josh Vernier
July 24, 2017 - 8:04 pm

The Royals trade of Matt Strahm, Travis Wood and Esteury Ruiz to San Digo for Brandon Maurer, Ryan Buchter and Trevor Cahill (pic) sure is a lot to type. (STORY)

It was also a nice job of ripping some of the front page from that team across the parking lot.

Here's what the trade breaks down to:

  • Trevor Cahill for Travis Wood.
    • The team is still going to pay most of Travis Wood's two-year, 12-million-dollar contract, so you're not going to get your money's worth regardless. 
    • Ownership's willingness to eat most of that contract is a point that shouldn't be lost.
    • Hope that Trevor Cahill outperforms Travis Wood for the remaining two months.
      • If Wood bounces back next season, good for him.


  • A Playoff-Caliber Bullpen for Two Players that MAY be very good.
    • The backend of the Royals bullpen was not going to be enough for the season's final two months. They rounded it out with this move. A rounded-out bullpen is what a collection of bats like this need.

The Royals' success is still tied to the performances of names like Hosmer, Cain, Duffy, Herrera, Moustakas, Perez and Gordon. The "Need to be Magnificent Seven" will be the reasons why this team makes it to the postseason, or fall just short.

These moves today assure those seven players of that fact.

Dayton Moore's additions help the complimentary-type pieces around this team's collection of 'stars.' There is no longer an apparent hole on the roster.

It's not a perfect roster. It's not even the best roster in the league, but it's enough help for The Core of this championship era of Royals baseball.

The rest is up to them.

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