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Handling the Deadline

You're confused. Vern tries to help.

Josh Vernier
July 19, 2017 - 10:44 am



Feeling confused?

I'm here for you.

To determine how the Royals should handle the July 31st trade deadline, you must first answer this question.

What are the Royals? What kind of team are they?

  • (A.) Are they that team we saw for the first month and a half of the season? The team that had the second-worst record in the American League.
  • (B.) Are they the team that we've seen for the past month and a half? The team that has the second-best record in the American League.
  • (C.) Or are they simply an inconsistent team, destined for a .500 record?

Once you answer that question, then you can look at your competition.

  • Three games back of Cleveland for the division lead
  • Three games back of the Yankees for the second Wild Card spot
  • Three and a half games back of Tampa for the top Wild Card spot
  • 70 games left to play

 Now, with an honest assessment of the team complete, and with the knowledge of where they stand compared to the rest of the league, you can go through the intangible checklist.

  • Is it still a winning attitude inside the clubhouse?
  • Are the guys still willing to play for one another?
  • Does the pitching staff instill confidence or dread?
  • What's the vibe during the game? On the field? In the stands? Is 'the comeback' or 'the collapse' expected?

That's it.

Those three steps should bring you to your conclusion.

  • If you chose (A.)
    • You're not desperate to sell, but if the right deal comes across Dayton Moore's desk, you're pulling the trigger.
    • You'd like to move one piece, and won't worry about disrupting the clubhouse.
    • The fact that you're still alive in the division and wild card is nice, but it's fool's gold, and you're not buying it.
    • You'll let these guys try to fight their way into the postseason, but the players haven't shown you enough this season to warrant an addition.
  • If you chose (B.)
    • You're adding AT LEAST one pitcher.
    • You want to round out that rotation and/or bullpen. The offense is going to live and die with guys like Cain, Hosmer, Perez, Moustakas and Gordon. It was always going to live and die with those guys. So, round out the pitching staff to lend some support to those bats.
    • You're mouth waters when you look at the standings.
    • The team-first nature of this club should make you feel as if they have a leg-up on the rest of these teams battling for a playoff spot. This Royals club has been through it before. They know what to expect.

  • If you chose (C.)
    • You initially lean toward sell, until you look at your competition.  
    • The fact that the division and both wild card spots remain attainable, coupled with the positive attitudes inside the clubhouse and the championship pedigree lead you to believing this team should add a little "a dash of something."
    • A look at your competition makes you wonder if 83-84 wins could be enough to make the postseason. The possibility of an ordinary team, a .500 team finding its way into the postseason appears real. 
    • So, if those intangibles are present within this team, then why can't it be the Royals? Why can't they back-in to the playoffs?
    • Therefore, it's not worth parting with many prospects, if any, but bringing in a complementary piece for the bullpen seems digestible. Nobody that's going to cost a lot, but someone that would give you another option for the 6th inning. 

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