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Yes You Want Them to Play

Border War Rekindled Should Continue

Josh Klingler
October 18, 2017 - 9:57 am

Sold out. Like that. (snap your fingers to yourself)

There's demand for the Border War. Even exhibition style. Yes I know Bill Self still isn't on board except for this charity meeting.

But stop. This game didn't sell out in minutes due to the charity component. It's terrific that this has a cause to it, but don't shortchange the effect. The venom can be back.

It's time to play this game again. Non-conference basketball meetings lower the stakes, so there's no hurt. Heck I'd even propose playing twice in the non-con. How great would it be to play home and home every year? Once early in mid-November and once again as the last game for each before conference play. Don't say it can happen. Anything can happen if you want it to. KU and Bill Self can still come up with every reason not to play .. but the best one is honestly “we don't wanna!”

Meanwhile both football programs could use the juice of an Arrowhead visit couldnt they?

Check out the “one time only” for now matchup of MU-KU Saturday at 3pm, coverage begins at 1 on 610 Sports Radio.


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