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Who Will Patrick Find Next?

Odds of who becomes the 10th player to catch a Mahomes TD

Josh Klingler
September 24, 2018 - 11:05 am

Seven different Chiefs caught TD passes in 2017.   Already through three games in 2018, nine different Chiefs players have caught TD passes from Patrick Mahomes.    From the Chiefs PR department --->  The last time the Chiefs had nine players score a receiving touchdown was in 2009 when four different wide receivers, three running backs, one tight end and current Tennessee Titans Head Coach and former Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel all recorded at least one receiving touchdown.

It's not a matter of "if" but "when" Patrick Mahomes find his 10th Chiefs target.   So who will it be?   I've decided to lay some odds.

3:1  Spencer Ware.  Two TDs receiving two years ago when healthy.   He's healthy and he'll get one soon.  Obligatory running in sand video.


7:1  Damien Williams.   He just needs to get this done so Fescoe can say "Dam Williams" as his abbreviation appears in the box score.

20:1  Marcus Kemp.   A huge riser in this week's odds.  Up from 200:1 after making one reception for 7 yards last week.  His arrow is pointing up.

25:1  Chris Jones.  We know he's always wanted to play offense.  First it was hungry pig, then it was at QB.   So why not catch a pass too?   (Answer:  because the first two things haven't happened yet)

24:1  Cam Erving.   Normally you might want to pick a tackle.  He's played tackle but is currently a guard, but for some reason I think they find a way to slide him outside of the tackle and get him a TD.   If Joe Valerio can do it, why can't Cam?    (notice his odds better than Chris Jones)

50:1  Patrick Mahomes.  Maybe just maybe he throws one to himself.  Cut to the chase.   How often does this happen though?   I'm guessing almost never ... doh.

75:1  Darrel Williams.    Because he made the team over Kerwynn.   

100:1   Alex Ellis.   He's on the roster, so ... Andy likes getting creative, maybe a 3 TE look will get AE into the endzone.   No idea if he's called AE.  Just bear with me.

150:1   CJ Spiller.   Word is a guy at the airport saw CJ getting is bags off the carousel.  Never count out a CJ Spiller return to the roster.  Although he better be ready to have better hands than he did for Tyler, 15 gonna zing through those mitts.

250:1  Gehrig Dieter.    I feel like Mahomes was the best thing to happen to him.  Kept him around last season to hang out and toss passes to.  Dieter always gets fed by 15.  Just get him in the game.  Plus he's got his own PR people just waiting for your call.

And maybe,  just maybe, most of these guys get one and the Chiefs shatter another NFL record.

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