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Rondon Should Be KC's New #1 Villain

Tigers Reliever Derailed the Royals

Josh Klingler
September 13, 2017 - 5:00 am

Royals fans should really be more angry about this play from July 26th ...  How can we not hate Bruce Rondon more?  He's should be villain #1.

I remember being angry at Mike Moustakas getting hit in a blowout game, I remember Danny Duffy coming to Moose's defense.   At the time I don't remember thinking anything about Rondon as anything but a D-bag.   But he should be remembered for derailing not only Moose's HR march, but maybe the Royals opportunity to really comeback this season.  Rondon hits Moose, swelling gets into Moose's knee, and Moose isn't the same.

Moustakas had 29 HRs at that point through 100 games.  7 since in 43 games.   He's stuck on 36 HRs tied with Steve Balboni for the all-time Royals season mark -- what could he have hit?  45?  50?  He was on pace for 47 at that point.   It's now even affecting his defense and ability to play at 3b.  

After that beanball game went final, the Royals were 53-47, just behind Cleveland at 54-45.  Right freaking there in the race. 

We've had a lot of villains for KC fans --->  Lin Elliott, Joe Buck & Madison Bumgarner, Scott Pioli.   But let's not forget Rondon when we do our next Rushmore.  He screwed up the '17 run to the playoffs.  

Rondon is Public Enemy #1

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