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We aren't at the party, but it still looks fun!

World Cup without America is still fantastic

Josh Klingler
June 28, 2018 - 7:45 am

I've been sucked in, again.  The World Cup has been terrific drama.  In fact it's going to be sad when we don't have daily soccer matches to fill some two hour blocks of morning and afternoon time.  Yes I wish the United States were a part of the party, so we could all celebrate together and root for the same team.   It's a whole lot of fun.  So 2022 (hopefully) we'll be back.  But until then I can't say I'm not entertained.

The pbp calls have been terrific, especially when Fox apparently allowed the homer call for Mexico's games.


And a Boom Goes the Dynamite ????

Plus we can have MJ v LeBron type debates!

Selfishly with the hours I work, I also love a good daytime sporting event.   By the 2026 World Cup here in the US, and possibly KC, 48 teams = more games .. I'm in!   Ole, ole, ole.

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