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Not Quite Get Off My Lawn .. But ..

There Are Some Things I Really Miss in Sports

Josh Klingler
December 06, 2018 - 8:31 am

I think as we get older, we all get a little more nostalgic.   This hit me this week as I saw a commercial for the Heisman Trophy presentation and said "awww, I remember when that was a thing."  Granted it's still a thing, but not the same thing.   Now I do have a strange fascination with the Heisman Trophy as the first Heisman winner Jay Berwanger, was from my hometown of Dubuque, Iowa, so as a sports nut I always knew this little nugget.  Also Nile Kinnick of Iowa was the fifth winner, so the Hawkeye hook always had me interested.   And yes, Chuck Long did get hosed losing out to Bo Jackson in 1985 (there could have been a Tecmo Chuck!!!).

I used to anticipate the Heisman Trophy presentation show, while trying to figure out how you became a member of the Downtown Athletic Club, but are those days gone?    I remember making sure you were by the TV for the show to see the nominees squirm in their chairs and the looks of exuberation and disappointment after the announcement was made.   Seems like the hype just isn't there any more.  It's great cache to win the Heisman but the buildup and announcement portion just aren't what they used to be, for me anyway.

It got me thinking about some other things I miss in sports ...

College basketball's regular season.   I fought on this hill for quite awhile defending what is truly my favorite sport, but I can't anymore.  The non-conference season just doesn't matter.  It's nice to win some meaningful games but it isn't necessaary for most teams.  Just don't lose to a team below you.  That's it.  Get a win and move on.  You'll have cool moments, but are you really going to remember Gonzaga holding on to #1 this week with a buzzer beater?

I miss All-Star games.  They still happen of course, but not like this.

Damn you Bo for making this blog twice ---> in Ronald Reagan voice.   I could take them or leave them now.  The only real reason I watch the baseball one is that it's the only sport on during that few days, there's no alternative.   The Pro-Bowl is the worst despite it's always solid TV number.   And the NBA All-Star game really leaves you wanting more after about a quarter of no defense and random dunks.

I'm not old enough to remember the real ABA, but damn I miss that red, white and blue basketball .. don't sell me on the new ABA incarnations either, except on random twitter videos.

And I know it's only been a couple of years, but I miss being in a baseball playoff race.   We need to not let that memory become too distant.

I also miss kickoff returns, Wide World of Sports, The Superstars, Keith Jackson, Vin Scully, and the single bar kickers helmet.  Get off my lawn.

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