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LJ Dealt With Demons

Former Chief Speaks About Possible CTE

Josh Klingler
December 13, 2017 - 6:17 am

Former Chiefs RB Larry Johnson in a Washington Post article believes that he's living with CTE.   Johnson says he's dealt with demons in his past, some that even told him to jump off a building.

“One is telling you to do it; one is telling you don’t,” says Johnson, a former NFL running back. “One is telling you it’d be fun.”

Johnson tells the paper he has blank spots in his memory and of his career and that he's making a time capsule to chronicle his career for his daughter and maybe for himself as well.

We spoke with LJ on Fescoe in the Morning on 610 Sports Radio earlier this summer and you could tell he was a changed person but dealing with the afterlife of football.

 Listen here.

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