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Draft & Trade Deadline Are Huge for KC Rebuild

Josh Klingler
June 03, 2018 - 5:47 pm

It's a massive next 60+ days for the Royals in their attempt to reload for another run at a championship.  I'm never in favor of tanking and I'm always in the camp of building a team to compete every year.   I don't want to lose, even if it may be better for the bigger picture.  So I was willing to see if 2018 could be made interesting through the Royals free agent acquisitions of Lucas Duda, John Jay, Abraham Almonte and any of the relievers.  I wanted to try to have a fun on the field Summer while also planning for the future.  But that didn't happen, not gonna happen, so I'm feeling this is the easiest decision that the Royals have in years.  Deal 'em.  Deal 'em all.

Don't make anybody off limits and don't turn down discussions on any player.  Be proactive and make those phone calls on some guys you hope can bring you back some prospects you have your eyes on.  The price tag can still be high on some, like Salvy or ... well just Salvy, but at least entertain some offers.  Whit & Duffy are also in that camp for me & Moose is a no-brainer.   I'd even eat some money on Gordon and Kennedy for the right deal.  It's time to push the clock forward.   If you don't think they'll be a massive part of what you are doing in 2020 & 2021, then it's time to go.     Bob Fescoe has been telling you about all of the things he's heard from inside the organization about their giant desire to get back to the 2013-15 level.  So it's time to put it on the scouts and front office to go get young prospects through deals.  Here's a couple of proposed trade scenarios involving the Royals.

The Royals also have the most picks (5) in the top 58 of this week's MLB Draft.    Every draft is important, but with all of the stock the Royals have in the top portion, it certainly feels like they could really make a massive push in the rebuild.    GM Dayton Moore joined us late last week to discuss the draft, trade deadline, and how hard it is to make deals for prospects.

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