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Fine Line Between Stupid and Clever

Was Andy in This is Spinal Tap?

Josh Klingler
October 31, 2017 - 10:59 am

I know, I know.  No one should complain wih the Chiefs at 6-2 and in firm control of the AFC West after a win over Denver.  But It's not often I can quote This is Spinal Tap, so I will whenever possible, here goes …..

I've been this way for awhile about Andy Reid. I love his creativity, but there's a fine line between stupid and clever, or in this case creative and gimmicky.

Take this Tyreek Hill attempt at a trick play from the Monday nighter. Didn't need to happen. I'll freely admit that if they complete the play we're all cheering, but it's really just not smart. Time and place. Time and place. The Chiefs had an opportunity to finish the game in the first quarter going up 21-0 and they resorted to trickery to try for a cherry on top. Instead it failed miserably, led to a Denver FG and the game remained closer than it should have throughout.

There's a tipping point where these guys are in the offensive lab just a bit longer than they need to be. Also there comes a point where you should do what you do and not acquiesce to what an opposing defense “could” do to you. Andy's got a huge playbook which is good, but I'm guessing he's also got a bunch of plays in there that have low odds of being much of a success. Sometimes it's smart to cut the menu and serve the top dishes.

Another example would be 2nd quarter, 1st and goal at the 6. The Chiefs just had runs of 9 and 11 yards from Kareem Hunt to set up the goal to go. So why not run Alex Smith around the edge and force him to deftly duck and miss a huge hit waiting from the Bronco tackler? They settled for a FG. Maddening.

Then failing to call a timeout at the end of the half to give your team one final quick possession and the chance for points ????? Classic Andy. He's still waiting for that clock management cheat sheet for Xmas.


Back to This is Spinal Tap, how awesome would a mustached Andy look in that band?   Or do we really know a young Rob Reiner wasn't really Andy?

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