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Farewell Letter Or Is There a Chance?

Moose Pens Players Tribune Piece

Josh Klingler
September 25, 2017 - 10:12 am

In case you missed it over the weekend, Royals 3b Mike Moustakas penned a "never say die" piece for the Players Tribune.

While the purpose of the piece was to reinforce that the Royals never quit, and the timing may have been a little too late as the Royals are on the very brink of playoff extinction,  I tried the read in between the lines as to what Moose may really be telling us.  I thought this was an interesting quote.   

"One of the coolest things about that wild card game three years ago was that it wasn’t just the players who made that win possible. 

We all did it together — players, coaches, fans. The entire Royals family.

And I definitely use that last word intentionally.


This Royals organization, and this city, really are like family to me."

I've said this many times on the air.  This team, this franchise is just different.  The cold, big business feel that we often have for professional franchises and the eye roll typically given when we hear "family" just doesn't qualify for the Royals.  They do believe in family, they've grown boys into men.  And yes I'm sayin there's a chance .. for '18 and beyond to keep some of the band together.   Moose calls his teammates brothers and the organization and city his family.   This and the fact that we've seen the organization be willing to spend makes me still believe.   

So I'm doubling down from earlier this summer, or maybe I'm just foolish or stubborn, but don't put away those Moose or Hosmer sherseys just yet.

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