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What I Want to See in Game #3

Three Things to Watch For Chiefs at Bears

Josh Klingler
August 23, 2018 - 1:43 pm

The Chiefs will play in Chicago Saturday against the Bears at noon.  Arrowhead Pride tailgate presented by Albright Buick GMC Cadillac will get your ready at 10am on 610 Sports Radio.  The third of the four preseason game is the true dress rehearsal for the season as typically the starters will play into the second half and then not play in the preseason finale.   Here are the three things I want to see in game 3.


1.  Find Sammy Watkins - This became a story this week (partially blame Fescoe) what's up with Sammy?   Zero catches through two games had Andy Reid, Eric Bienemy and Pat Mahomes all answering questions about how the progress is going on creating chemistry, a link, a connection, whatever between the QB and new WR.   There have been some camp catches that have been great and probably some away from the media and fan big plays as well between the two, but we need to see it in a game.   Here's guessing they force feed #14 early in game 3 just to show us all is well.

2.  LBs need to play - We need to see it, even for a brief time, both Chiefs inside linebackers on the field at the same time.

Ragland and Hitchens sounds like a solid law firm.  I'd like to see them be a solid LB tandem.  The Chiefs have not been good with their first team D in the first two games and while it probably won't be much the two injured expected to be starters need to show us some PT Saturday.  Get some stops don't give up big plays.  I'm not counting on seeing Eric Berry until the regular season, but if the rest of the parts can be in place maybe we can gain a semblance of confidence in the defense.

3.  Pat Mahomes making all of the throws - I just want to see the whole smorgasboard of throws.  I think he's going to be a better decision maker than some are expecting at least early.  Gunslingers can make the smart throws too.  So move it around, mix up the distances of passes and move the chains -- keep everyone happy.  If you want to launch one, fine, but you don't need to.  (Besides Nagy may have his safeties play in Lake Michigan to keep Tyreek in front of them)


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