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Vargas, Perez named All Stars

Moose wins the fan vote and now he is in

Jay Binkley
July 02, 2017 - 7:29 pm

Sal Perez and Jason Vargas have been named All-Stars.  Salvy will start, no word yet on whether Vargas will start yet.  Mike Moustakas has been named to the final 5 so Kansas City needs to get out and vote!  This is Salvy's 5th All-Star appeance and 4th straight start and Jason Vargas's first.  If Moose gets in it will be his 2nd trip to the mid Summer classic.

Audio of Sal Perez and Jason Vargas from the clubhouse right after finding out they made the All-Star team:

Salvador Perez  from the clubhouse after finding out he was again an All-Star:

Salvy All Star.mp3

Jason Vargas from the clubhouse as soon as he found out he made his first All-Star game:

Vargas All Star.mp3

Audio of Mike Moustakas from the clubhouse after learning he is in the final 5 for the AL All-Star team:

Moose All Star.mp3

This is Sal Perez's 5th All-Star apperance and 4th straight start:

Jason Vargas makes his first All Star appearance:

Mike Moustakas wins the fan vote for the 2nd time and he is now in the All-Star game:


Don't forget Royals fans this comes up this week:

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