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Latest On Royals Free Agents

Jay Binkley
January 16, 2018 - 8:19 am

Latest on Royals free agents:

Lorenzo Cain was in the news yesterday.  Two potential suitors could be crossed off with some recent moves.  Two potential landing spots for Cain were the Giants and the Blues Jays.  The Giants traded for former MVP Andrew McCutcheon and the Blue Jays signed Curtis Granderson. Back at the beginning of the month it seemed the Rangers and Brewers would be interested and still might be.

As far as Eric Hosmer there is really no news except the Padres made a hire that could effect Hosmer.

And as far as Moose is concerned much of the same except Mets fans really want him:

As far as Escobar and Vargas.  Crickets.

The only in house trade the Royals made was a 3 way trade seeing Scott Alexander and Joakim Soria leave.

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