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Keller has been great for the Royals

Correa couldnt believe the age of Brad Keller

Jay Binkley
June 17, 2018 - 7:35 pm

The Royals might be racking up a bunch of losses this season but it is about rebuilding.  Brad Keller a rule 5 guys from this year in which the Royals traded the Reds and must stay on the roster the full season or go back to the Diamondbacks is proving dividends for the Kansas City Royals.  This season is all about the guys like Brad Keller and their progression.  This was Keller's 4th start Sunday and he didn't dissapoint against one of the leagues most dangerous lineups. Brad Keller made his 4th start Sunday after making a transition from the bullpen and with each outing he keeps getting stronger:

1st start May 30th:  3 innings with 1 earned run.  51 total pitches.

2nd start June 5th 4.1 innings pitched 1 earned run.  75 total pitches.

3rd start June 10th 5.1 innings pitched 2 earned runs.  85 total pitches.

4th start June 17th 6.0 innings pitched 3 earned runs.  83 total pitches.

For the season including time in the bullpen 35 innings with a 2.31 ERA. 

*But the interesting thing from Sunday was the praise he received by Astros star Carlos Correa who could not believe Brad Keller was only 22 years old:

This was Keller after the game against the Astros:

Often times some gems can be found in the opponents clubhouse.  The Royals face the Astros again this week in Houston Friday June 22nd through the 24th.

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