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Jamaal talks about his return to Kansas City

Jay Binkley
October 25, 2017 - 6:57 pm

Jamaal Charles returns to Arrowhead stadium this Monday for Monday Night Football with the Denver Broncos.

Here is the conference call audio from Wednesday when he talked to the Kansas City Media about his return:

Jamaal Charles With KC Media 1025.mp3

Jamaal goes down as the Kansas City Chiefs all time leading rusher with 7,260 yards.  This season he has 196 yards rushing with 1 td and averages 4.7 yards per carry.  We ran a poll during The Day Shift on whether you guys will cheer, boo or treat him like any other Bronco.

The Chiefs meet the Broncos for the 7th time on Monday Night football. The series is tied 3 games to 3:

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