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The Hype For Mahomes Is Real

Jay Binkley
July 01, 2018 - 9:33 am

Well one thing is for sure that the hype is real for Patrick Mahomes.  Of course we talk about it on the radio a ton but really the hype is coming from the Chiefs as well.  You talk about pressure on a quarterback look at what the GM Brett Veach said about Mahomes at a combine presser a few months ago:

-"He's one of the best players I have ever seen"-That coming from his GM Brett Veach.

Then this week former Chief and Patrick Mahomes teamate Tamba Hali was making the media rounds and compared him to Brett Favre on Good Morning Football:

-Then to top it off his head coach Andy Reid has compared him to Brett Favre as well:

-This from Bucky Brooks on NFL.com:

"[Reid> absolutely believed Mahomes had some Favre in his game," a former Chiefs staffer told me. "We constantly heard the comparisons, especially his ability to improvise and extend plays. He raved about his gunslinger mentality and big arm, and how he could fit the ball into tight windows.

"Reid wasn't bothered at all by the crazy throws that Mahomes would make into traffic. All of it reminded him of Favre."

Keep in mind: Reid was Favre's QB coach in Green Bay for part of his magical run. His first-hand knowledge of how the former second-round pick developed into a perennial all-star certainly made it easier for the Chiefs to pick Mahomes as their QB of the future despite the blemishes in his game. Mahomes was unquestionably one of the most naturally gifted prospects in the 2017 class, but it was hard to project his potential based on his sandlot game at Texas Tech. He rarely stayed on schedule in the Red Raiders' offense. His tendency to throw darts after unnecessary scrambles made highlight reels pop ... and evaluators cringe when grading his tape.-Bucky Brooks NFL.com.

-So there you have it.  Sure you hear a ton of hype from Mahomes but the Chiefs may be leading the way.

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