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Watson Will Be Gone

Jay Binkley
March 09, 2017 - 5:51 pm

The Chiefs are cash-strapped, which is a big reason they did not franchise tag Donatari Poe. Do not look for the Chiefs to by players in free agency. They took care of a big-time situation by signing Eric Berry to the contract, but if the Chiefs are going to get better it is going to have to come in this year's draft.  Dorsey has drafted 3 NFL superstars in my opinion already:  Travis Kelce, Marcus Peters, and Tyreek Hill.  However, if this team is going to make it past the divisional round road block they have faced the last 2 years, those players must make an impact this year.

This year will mark the 5th NFL draft for John Dorsey.  It is his most important by far.  Dorsey will have 10 picks - which is the most he ever has had - thanks to four compesatory picks they are set for the 2017 draft.  By the way, 2017 is the first year the compensatory picks can be traded.

How can they get better?  For one they need to spend some time on the inside linebacker position, no guarantee when Derrick Johnson is coming back or if he will.  Even if he does can he be the same player he has been?  Ramik Wilson did OK on the inside a year ago but again it was a guy they cut and brought back.  Inside linebacker remains the biggest need in my opinion because they have to stop the run as they finished 26th against the run.

But what it is time for is a quarterback of the future.  Dorsey has hitched his wagon to Alex Smith much the same way Scott Pioli did with Matt Cassel.  The Chiefs fear drafting a QB but this is the year to do it.  They have 4 picks within the first 104 picks - Round 1 pick #27, Round 2 pick #59, and Round 3 picks #91 & #104.

I would like to see what the QB whisper Andy Reid could do with a QB.  The Chiefs haven't won a game with a QB they drafted since 1987. The fact that Todd Blackledge is the last drafted QB to win a game for the Chiefs is a joke.

I want Deshaun Watson but he probably won't be around.  But who will be is the versatile Patrick Mahomes.  2017 belongs to Alex Smith according to the head coach, owner and GM.  Some mocks have Mahomes going earlier, but many have the Chiefs going this direction.  Let's hope they don't get scared and do the right thing.

Jay Binkley

The Day Shift

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