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Bink Chiefs mock 5.0:

Jay Binkley
March 29, 2020 - 11:07 am

Here is my mock 5.0 for the Kansas City Chiefs:


Chiefs mock 1.0:


Chiefs mock 2.0:


Chiefs mock 3.0:


Chiefs mock 4.0:


*Round 1: PICK 32 -A.J. Terrell CB Clemson-corner is the most important position on the team with the losses they have.  Antonio Hamilton signing does bring depth but would be getting far more work at corner than he has ever seen. At 6'1" and 195 pounds that ran a 4.42 at the combine.  20 pass break ups and 6 interceptions at Clemson.  Sticking with this pick in round 1 it remains a pick of need still with the Chiefs because of the amount of receivers builing up in the AFC West. Plus he has played in big games and coming from a program that flat out wins.  Had a pick 6 in the national championship game 2 years ago.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Long, press-man cornerback with thin lowers, but good overall size. Terrell has the foot agility and patience to pedal and mirror the release or jab and ride on it aggressively. He's an above-average athlete with quick burst to close out space in tight quarters, but he's not a classic click-and-close talent from off-man and issues with balance prevent sudden stops to shadow at the top of the route. The size and ability to hound 50/50 balls deserve recognition, but he lacks ballhawking traits, which could cap him as an average future starter.


Played in high-leverage matchups in the postseason

Has ability to grind on receivers from press

Punches inside shoulder and leverages release outside

Backpedal is low and steady

Adequate foot agility to mirror

Patient allowing release to develop before declaring hips

Maintains feel in early stages of the route and is quick to crowd the receiver

Hip flip from pedal is twitchy and relatively clean

Reads quarterback's eyes from Cover 3 shuffle

Plays into receivers in tight quarters, disrupting catch timing

Springy jump-ball challenger with plus body control and soft hands

From the Draft Network: 

PROS: Terrific athlete with excellent pattern-matching skills, quick feet, clean transitions and fluid hips. Love how tight he plays in coverage, allowing little cushion and staying connected defending quick game. Finds consistent success in press coverage with excellent balance, patience, hand usage and willingness to crowd receivers in the contact window. Outstanding in click and close situations, driving forward on the football and being disruptive. Does well to play through the hands of the receiver to challenge at the catch point. Has the ideal size for the position and he transitions well for a taller corner. Effective leveraging outside releases, layering coverage and squeezing routes. Good eye discipline, showcasing the ability to read the backfield while remaining in phase. Long and rangy. 

** Round 2: PICK 63-Malik Harrison LB Ohio State-Staying with my top 2 picks and not going to sway.  LB remains a priority for the Chiefs. Big, phyical and tough. I had Zack Baun LB in the first round in mock 1.0 going big run stuffer for the Chiefs in this round.  Malik was first team all Big Ten. 16.5 tackles for loss this year.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Long-legged, loose-hipped linebacker with desired combination of size, physicality and range to help ruin the running game for teams needing linebacker help. His constant downhill mode disrupts blocking schemes and brings impact tackles, but it can be used against him with play-action and misdirection. The instincts are just average but his physical traits even it out on most snaps. He has some coverage limitations but can pressure the pocket as a blitzer and has the athleticism to spy mobile quarterbacks. He's big and tough with the potential to become a good starter inside or as a 4-3 strong-side linebacker.

From the Draft Network:

Tackling - He's a physical finisher, really good grip strength and wrap/roll ability to wrangle ball carriers. Closing burst is good and he does do a good job coming to balance when working off blocks to ensure he's able to finish challenges in the gap. 

Block Shedding - His ability to unload and coil into shedding reps is strong and allows him to stand up offensive linemen and neutralize forward push effectively. Good hand pop — he doesn't have elite length but his unload and coil into blocks offsets well enough for him to stack/extend. 

Competitive Toughness - Boomer, plays with a physical presence and thrives when teams try to come down hill at him and play man on man. Appreciate his motor, range and effort to work back into plays as a rally defender and shows good functional strength and leverage to stalemate bigger blockers. 

*** Round 3: PICK 96-Donovan People-Jones WR Michigan-Big receiver at 6'2" 212 lbs.  Had 14 touchdowns receiving in his career at Michigan while also returning 2 punts for touchdowns.  His size enables him to break tackles in space.  This draft might be the best for WR ever.  Get more offensive weapons despite Demarcus Robinson coming back.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Big receiver with imposing frame

Stair-steps cornerbacks for leverage into routes

Clever footwork adds quickness getting in and out of breaks

Able to track and bring in throw over his shoulder

Hands have been reliable during his career

Grabbed a touchdown once every six catches over last two years

Smooth body adjustments laying out to grab fades

Able to break tackles and find yards after catch

Size to help spring runs as slot blocker

From the Draft Network:

PROS: Wonderful blend of size, hands, ball skills and athleticism. Erratic quarterback play at Michigan allowed him to showcase his ability to make adjustments to off-target throws and snatch the football securely outside of his frame. Can scoop out the low throw but also work back across his momentum to pluck the football. Natural ball tracking skills. Outstanding body control and balance to win in contested situations and hang on through contact. Does a great job of extending throwing windows and he offers an exciting catch radius. Fluid athlete that has easy acceleration and he glides once he opens up his stride. Love how he stacks and creates leverage as a route-runner. Vertical cuts are seamless. Has some post-catch ability to create yardage for himself. Sees the field well and he has the ability to break tackles. Competes like an alpha. Has two career punt return touchdowns and they were spectacular. 

***Round 4: PICK 138-Zack Moss RB Utah-Back to Moss here because I don't feel that A. J. Dillon will be here at this point. Tough runner.   This would be the guy to help the Chiefs continue to dominate 3rd down conversions as they led the league last year at 48%.  Ran for over 1,000 yards his last 3 years and had over 6.0 yards per carry in each of the last 2.  Finished last year with 1,416 yards rushing with 15 touchdowns and added 28 catches for 388 yards and 2 touchdowns receiving.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Watching Moss' game tape is like watching an exercise in controlled violence on just about every carry, but his vision, balance, patience and wiggle are additional skills that help to make him a well-rounded runner. There is some wear and tear that could lend additional importance to his medicals and he may need to become more discerning with his physical challenges if he wants to see a second contract. He is a great fit for gap and inside zone-heavy rushing attacks and could become an effective, instant starter.


Well-built with power dispersed throughout

Both patient and urgent gears at his disposal

Runs with rare calm in the face of early penetration

Underrated vision to process and game plan beyond the line of scrimmage

Adequate burst inside with feel for the contour of the running lane

Short-stepping running style with elite contact balance

Arm tacklers might want to call in sick

Absorbs contact like a cement truck

Spin moves toss tacklers aside

Drops and squares pads as a finisher

Small space power to move the chains and find the paint

Has ability to handle third down duties if called into action

From the Draft Network:

Change of Direction: Wicked loose for a big man. Can drop his hips hard and snap his way into a different angle seemingly at will, with an eye-popping amount of body control for a player with such a boxy frame. Has nice reflexes and really active, quick feet to immediately redirect when defenders pops into gaps. Does have to generate runaway speed when working to outflank opponents and accordingly has a bad gear down when looking to fully change his course -- at best with smaller, more fluid redirections than true cutbacks.

Power: Brings the boomstick. Sees red when a defensive back or linebacker stops his feet in the hole and looks to punish. Has good natural leverage and good flexibility to get his shoulder even lower than an opponent who's trying to cut him at the knees. Tremendous hitting power allows for broken tackles in tight spaces, as well as pile-driving ability in short yardage situations.

***Round 5: PICK 177-Jack Driscoll OT Auburn-Grad transfer from UMASS-45 straight starts.  Needs to add weight but that is what NFL training staffs will do.  Tough player who could end up moving to guard as well. Having that flexibility is what the Chiefs covet.

From Lance Zierlein:


Four-year starter with loads of game experience

Athletic on counter pulls from backside tackle spot

Good recognition of where to turn it up

Composed up to the second level blocks with ability to adjust

Quick out of stance with lateral agility to handle zone blocking duties

Snaps into kick-slides with instant burst

Nimble feet to redirect inside and recover against counters

Continues sliding feet for extended mirror in all directions

Might offer guard and tackle option with work

From the Draft Network:

Balance - Body contortion and mobility through the hips flash most here. He does well to open himself and get his hips across blocks when engaged. Like his fluidity in the open field, too — he's rarely caught over extending himself on the second level to pursue linebackers — knows how to leverage angles and let blocks come to him.



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