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Bink Chiefs mock 5.0

Jay Binkley
April 01, 2019 - 12:49 pm

So much crazy stuff can still happen, will the Chiefs be aggressive and trade up into the first round?  They could but not sure a difference maker is there.   A real splash would be making a trade.  However I feel a big move is coming with this team:

Here is my latest mock for the Kansas City Chiefs:

Previous mocks:





Here is 5.0:

Round 1 – No. 29 overall-Rock Ya-Sin corner Temple-Corner Temple-Tough corner will play nicely with the Honey Badger behind him. 47 tackles, 2 for loss and 12 passes defended.  One thing that has been missing is toughness on this defense.  Matt Miller who I highly respect is moving him up to the first round and I feel this is right.  My friends at Arrowheadpride.com that watched him at the Senior Bowl came away impressed.  I love his toughness and would be a perfect fit into what Spags is trying to do.  Being as physical as he is a perfect fit.  Staying here for another week.

From Matt Miller:

Rock Ya-Sin is the most physical cornerback in the 2019 draft class. His play at the line of scrimmage is menacing. His length and technique are so good that he can jam and recover without having elite speed. Receivers who do get off the jam against Ya-Sin find themselves struggling to beat his feet in-phase. 

From the Draft Network:

Man Coverage - Has good length and a willingness to be physical downfield. Comfortable in press-man alignment with generally strong footwork and a comfort inside the WR's cylinder. Has nice length to him to generate pass-breakups. Struggles with mirror quickness and fluidity -- change of direction abilities leave him exposed to multi-break routes. Is aggressive closing from off-man alignments but doesn't have ideal click/close ability.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Body-beautiful cornerback with good size and potential, but just one year of FBS football experience. Ya-Sin needs technique work across the board, but the ability to handle the duties of the position are all in place and waiting to be unlocked. He has the strength, toughness and feet to go from shadowing presence to a more disruptive one as a press-man corner. His lack of technique allows for some pitch-and-catch moments in coverage, but he has moldable traits to become a future starter with more experience and coaching.

***TRADE-CHIEFS TRADE PICK 61 AND 5HT ROUND NO 167 -Round 2 – No. 61 overall--Chase Winovich Edge Michigan-***((((((TRADE-I HAVE THE CHIEFS TRADING PICK 61 AND THEIR 5TH ROUND PICK # 167 TO MOVE UP TO PICK 53 OF THE EAGLES)))))--Using Jimmy Johnson's trade value chart this might get it done. Tough hard nosed and a motor that does not stop are just a few words to describe this guy.  The Chiefs have been missing toughness and this is exactly the kind of guy this defense wants.  15.5 tackles for loss this year 19 back in 2017.  Love the description by Lance Zierlein-zombie blook pumping through the veins!

From the Draft Network:

Run Defense - Really good point-of-attack run defender, plays with power, leverage and hand placement. Long arms to lock out opponents and keep his frame clean. Easy disengage, push-pulled blockers out of the picture for clean sheds. Penn State and Notre Dame can testify to his functional strength. Smart player who finds the ball quickly and can make plays from the backside. Only limitation is range and athleticism to make plays in space.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Physical edge defender who plays the game like he has zombie blood pumping through his veins.Winovich is relentless, determined and takes no plays off, but his lack of physical traits and explosiveness as a rusher could limit his upside. Scheme fit could determine his role as 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 rush linebacker, but his football character and physicality improve his odds for success as an eventual starter.

-Round 2 – No. 63 overall (from Los Angeles Rams)-Kelvin Harmon-Big receiver 6'2" 221 lb receiver. 4.6 40 at the combine.  Back to back 1,000 yard seasons.  81 catches for 1186 yards 7 td's in 2018.

From the Draft Network:

Ball Skills - Picks up the ball early in its flight path and knows how to adjust to its trajectory. Attacks the football with an alpha mentality and positions his frame to win at the catch point. Capable of making late adjustments to the football and extending in any direction. His ability to track and adjust the football is outstanding and he is apt at showing late hands to not tip the balls arrival. Harmon does well to establish his frame at the catch point and has a knack for making catches that require high levels of concentration and contortion of his frame to secure it.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Put together well with good strong base and above-average core strength

Heavily targeted safety blanket underneath

Can play pitch-and-catch all day if you let him

Has radar to find open space in zones

Scrambles to uncover when play breaks down

Physical receiver who take it and dish it out

Aggressive at the top of the route to clear the table

Stacks and "big-boys" smaller cornerbacks

Presents as a wide, confident target

Expert ball-tracker with subtle hand usage for late separation

Competes hard when ball is in the air

Hands are strong and steady and pluck it with good extension

Contested catches are not a problem

-Round 3 – No. 92 overall-Amani Hooker Safety Iowa-Tough physical player and the Big 10 defensive back of the year.   Can play strong safety and also used in a hybrid linebacker role.  65 tackles last year, 3.5 for loss a sack and 4 interceptions.

From the Draft Network:

Coverage Spacing -Hard not to fall for his transitions, ability to overlap routes from his responsibility are top shelf. Shows really natural segues and ability to drop off as he feels another route developing into his space. Natural to mirror the eyes of the QB.

Acceleration -Lacks high end initial burst. His top speed is perfectly fine but not sold on explosiveness to play true single high free safety. Limitations may hold him to Cover 2 and shallow zones but he excels in those areas anyway...scheme fit needs to be there.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Hybrid safety with an advanced feel for play design and recognition of where the ball is going and how to play it. He could thrive in a "robber" role or as a big nickel where he can match up against pass-catching tight ends. He's not twitchy, fast or fluid and has some limitations in man coverage; however, he has the size, instincts and ball skills to become a plus starter, but needs to find his perfect scheme fit.

-Round 5 – No. 167 overall-Traded 

-Round 6 – No. 201 overall  -Drew Sample-Tight End Washington-6'5" 255 lb tight end.  With Demetrius Harris going to Cleveland they need a TE#2.  Sample has good size and good hands and should develop into a quality tight end.  Chiefs love multiple tight end sets.

From the Draft Network:

In-line Blocking - Has the frame and strength needed to exchange power in the trenches but is still more of a technician. Committed to working his hips around and positioning his frame to seal lanes. Would create more movement if he played with more consistently leveraged hips and developed more strength in his lower half that would allow him to accelerate his feet and move bodies. Does well to fit his hands.

Space Blocking - Has most of his success as a blocker when he is tasked with lead blocking into a gap, the perimeter and as a vertical blocker. Does well to play under control and connect with moving targets. Angles are generally sound.

From Lance Zierlein-NFL.COM:


Sample's size and lunch-pail demeanor are what NFL teams look for at the point of attack. While he might be typecast as just a blocking tight end, he possess enough speed and ball skills to become a more productive pass catcher than he was at Washington. His size, football character and commitment as a run blocker give him a chance to become a solid combination tight end with TE2 potential.

-Round 6 - No. 214 overall (compensatory pick) --Jonathan Ledbetter DE Georgia -Late round pick who could use development especially getting bigger.  Could play DE or DT.   You know how much Veach likes SEC players.

From the Draft Network:

PROS: Unbelievable frame with ideal, height, weight, length and muscle distribution. Powerful, heavy-handed defender in the trenches. Overwhelmed tight ends and fullbacks at the point of attack. Low pad level allows him to drop anchor and stack and shed blockers in a phone booth.

Nasty swim move to work over top of blockers as a pass rusher. Has powerful hands and has flashed the ability to create movement as a bull rusher. Varies his pace and can lull blockers to sleep before snapping into a plan of attack. Tough, physical football player billed as one of the defensive leaders going into 2018. Projects to inside pass rush work in the NFL, a growing role.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.com:


Clear-cut "tweener" lacking the quickness and rush of a defensive end and the mass of an interior tackle. Ledbetter has an ability to win with skill, technique and effort over traits and twitch, but that will become much more challenging on the next level unless he continues to get bigger and stronger. He doesn't offer rush value, but he plays hard and does his job. He should find work as a blue-collar backup defensive lineman with some flexibility between DE and DT, depending on scheme.

-Round 7 – No. 216 overall (from San Francisco)-Staying with -Mark Fields cornerback Clemson-blazing speed who needs work, would be a guy that would have to bust it to make the roster but could end up on the practice squad but that speed can't be denied.  Strong 4.37 in the combine might have him moving up to the 6th round.

From Lance Zierlein NFL.COM:


Fields' draft stock has taken an upward turn after a strong second-half performance against Alabama and a solid week of work at the Senior Bowl. He's combination of strength, speed and explosiveness should serve him well as he transitions inside. His lack of experience shows up in his technique and pattern recognition, but with time, his athletic traits and natural man cover talent could give him a chance to be a starting nickel.




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