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For the 3rd straight week the Chiefs face a team that was struggling

Jay Binkley
October 23, 2017 - 7:29 pm

Here come the Broncos to town.  Are you nervous?  You shouldn’t be but things need to change.  This has been a busy last week in Kansas City.  You had the Chiefs losing on Thursday night football for their 2nd loss in a row and you had the MU/KU game.  It has been a busy week but now it’s back to focusing on the Kansas City Chiefs.  This team needs to play angry.  You are now almost to the halfway point and will be after this game. Two weeks ago the Chiefs had the Steelers right where they wanted them at Arrowhead.  The Chiefs had won 5 straight and Pittsburgh was a team with a lot of stuff going on.  You had the Antonio Brown incidentBig Ben was questioning himself and Le’Veon Bell wanted more carries.  The Steelers were 3-2 and the Chiefs had a chance to really hurt them.  It didn’t happen as Pittsburgh won and then they won yet again this past weekend and sit 5-2 and assume the #1 seed in the AFC.

The next week you had the Raiders and a team that had lost 4 straight games.  Again it was a chance to bury a team with 5 straight losses and 2 straight AFC West loses at home.  Again it didn’t happen and the Raiders won.  Now comes the Denver Broncos who are limping in to this game to say the least. The Broncos had 4 of their first 5 games at home and just went 3-2 in those games.  But it’s how they are currently playing.  Two weeks ago they were embarrassed at home by the New York Giants and then this week were shut out by the Chargers in LA.  The Broncos hadn’t been shutout for 25 years!

The past 2 weeks have not been kind to Denver as Broncos fell to the Giants:

And were shutout last weekend in Los Angeles to the Chargers (first time they have been shut out in 25 years):

But here come the Broncos and the Chiefs have a golden opportunity to seriously hurt them.  The Broncos have to go to Philadelphia next week after visiting Arrowhead on a short week then they have the Patriots right after that.  For the third straight week the Chiefs face a team at real crossroads.  The Chiefs cannot let this opportunity slip past them.  I still feel like the Chiefs are the best team in the AFC West and will win this division. 

But it’s going to take some changes.  For one they need to figure out this defense that sit’s 30th in the NFL in total defense.  What has happened this season with the defense was basically hidden behind a nice 5-0 start.  But the same problem is happening that happened last week and that is they have had big trouble stopping the run, allowing big passing game and for the last 2 weeks they have only obtained 1 sack.  This coming off of Derek Carr dropping back and passing 52 times they did not come up with a sack.  There are some things that will help and that is having your pass rusher that you paid big money to in Justin Houston actually rushing the passer instead of going back into pass coverage so often.  With the Broncos coming to Arrowhead and a national audience this is the chance for the Chiefs to get back to being one of the best teams in the AFC and a serious Super Bowl threat but things need to change on defense because there a wasting and MVP type season from Alex Smith

I fully expect the Chiefs to turn things around with help on the way coming back on the offensive line and hopefully the defense can just be average and let this offense roll to victories. Bob Sutton this is about you making changes and for Andy Reid to ensure he does make these changes.  I am expecting an angry Chiefs team this Monday night because you can count them as a team that is struggling as well.

**Von Miller certainly respects the Chiefs.

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