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The Time Is Now

Wildcats Big 12 conference title hopes are on the line

Henry Lake
October 12, 2017 - 2:24 pm

Wow. This is not what I envisioned, at all. When it comes to thinking about the predictions, the expectations, the Kansas State Wildcats at this point have under delivered. I wouldn't say it in the wary that they are on the verge of a failed season or anything.  But the prospects for how good and what this team can accomplish is on the line.  And it's on the line right now. 

Coming into the season, the talk revolving around the Wildcats was that they were apart of a very small group of schools that would contend for the Big 12 title.  That still may be true, but the pressure to perform, at least for this team is starting to hunker down on them. Kansas State is coming off a heartbreaking loss to Texas, a program by their own standards is rebuilding. Make no bones about it, that was an upset.  

But before that upset in the conference, they also were the victim of an upset in their non-conference against Vanderbilt. A team, that in my opinion, isn't better than the Wildcats. Yeah yeah, they are a school out of the big, bad SEC conference. So what!! They aren't in the top tier of the SEC or a power in the conference. I'm not going to sit here and say it was a bad loss on the road. It wasn't necessarily. 

But Kansas State has two major games in front of them. Both at home. This weekend against TCU, the following against Oklahoma. It's all right in front them. The chance for your program to make a run at a Big 12 title is here. All college football fans know that the legendary figure Bill Snyder won't be coaching forever. You have to take advantage of his greatness now before he exits the building.

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