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It's The Chiefs Time To Shine

If there is a new perception of them, embrace it

Henry Lake
September 12, 2017 - 9:46 am

X marks the spot right? Of course it does. We all know that in sports, when you have a spectacular individual performance, or are a part of a big time upset, it brings so much attention the team and particular players.  Whether teams seek the attention or not, they will receive it.  The surprise, the shock in how well you play, puts you under the microscope for the short term and potentially the long term. But is it a good thing? I say absolutely it is!!

That is what the Kansas City Chiefs are going to have to deal with after the shocking upset they had over the New England Patriots last Thursday night 42-27.  Isn’t wasn’t just that the Chiefs beat the Patriots, but how soundly they beat them.  They crushed them in their very own stadium, which for almost every team in the league is a house of horrors ever since Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck have been a tandem in New England. 

Not only that, but think of the night this occurred?  The season opener where the Super Bowl champions were unveiling their newest banner!!  You talk about the world watching and the shock on the faces of football fans everywhere asking, “Who are these new look Kansas City Chiefs?”

But now what are we going to do with this attention and should we embrace it?  I say we should all want this attention!!  Bring it on!! 

Some folks that I have talked to have told me that they would love for the Chiefs to be the underdogs.  Underdogs?  That’s not happening now.  When you put on a display like that kickoff the season, forget being the underdog, embrace being the villain.  Expect to have the target on your back and be hunted by every team that you will face on the rest of the schedule.  To me that should push you to be better week after week. 

Does Alabama embrace everybody coming after them in college football?  Or Duke in college basketball?  Or the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA?  I want my team on occasion to the hunted.  It’s a sign of respect.  It shows that you’re on everybody’s radar.  You don’t sneak up on people and win.  You're telling all comers to step up and bring it, and you still walk away with wins.

Didn’t we just see this with the Royals in 2015?  We absolutely did.  The team got off to a fast start and didn’t let up.  We became the “bad boys of baseball”.  We embraced it.  Fans around the country hated us for dominating the All-Star game ballot.  With all of that attention, the target on our back, we remained focused and ultimately won the World Series.  In life you don’t always want to play the background.  Sometimes you want to shine.  You want what you earn and don’t care of people want to knock you off your pedestal.  The way I look at, whether you play the role of underdog or favorite, folks want to beat you and see you lose.  Period.  Let’s show them we’re up for the fight.

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