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Who In KC Sports Needs An Intervention?

There are plenty of options

Fescoe In The Morning
May 01, 2018 - 5:30 am

Miami Heat president Pat Riley says he needs to have an intervention with Hassan Whiteside and Erik Spoelstra.

That got us to thinking, who in Kansas City sports needs an intervention?

Welch - Dee Ford. First round pick in 2014, and has never come close to living up to it. We saw a flash of what Dee Ford could be in 2016 when he got 10 sacks early in the season. Only problem is after his burst of 10 sacks, Dee Ford has had just 2 sacks in his last 12 games before being knocked out with injury for the remainder of the season in 2017. But, even in 2017, we still saw flashes of greatness.

The talent is there for Dee Ford. One of his biggest problems is lack of perfected pass rush moves. That's effort. That has nothing to do with talent or coaching or anything like that. It's putting in the time to learn the moves to make you better. Getting Ford to develop in that area is what's going to fix the Chiefs' pass rush.

Fescoe - Alex Gordon.  Alex signed a new contract after winning the 2015 World Series and it hasn't been great for the home grown Royals talent.  He has failed to hit above .220 for an entire season and maxed out on 17 home runs in 2016.  Many have said they want Alex to go the opposite way but he still really wants to pull the ball.  I think an intervention would be helpful to let Alex know that going the other way will make everyone in Kansas City happy and maybe he can deliver more blasts like this one!

Regardless of what Alex does the rest of the way here in KC, that home run will always have fans smiling from ear to ear!

Kling - Whoever doesn't want the Chiefs players to be known in KC.  Whether its the NFL or Andy Reid (cough) or someone else at the Chiefs.   We'd like to get to know you.  Admittedly it's a little self serving, we'd like to have Chiefs players on our show, but it's about getting them known in Kansas City.  I've always felt the best way for teams to get people to buy in to what you are doing is to introduce your players to the masses.  The Chiefs aren't interested in that.  We've tried.  I'm sure other media outlets have too.  Sure the Chiefs do engage in plenty of public service projects, which is commendable, I appreciate them giving back, I really do, but that's touching just a few people or groups.  Do you want people bought in and sitting in seats on a Sunday?   Really get them out there.  Bring back the player shows, let them do radio interviews.   Stop blocking appearances to promote their charities.  (This has happened multiple times on 610 Sports Radio).  The media isn't out to "get" them, we just want to give you an avenue for KC to get to know them.   




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