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Who in KC Sports Deserves a 2nd Chance?

Alex Rodriguez sparks a national discussion

Fescoe In The Morning
May 16, 2018 - 5:45 am

Alex Rodriguez is going to host a four-part interview series on ESPN about 2nd chances called Pivot with Alex Rodriguez.

It got us to thinking.... who in KC sports deserves a 2nd chance?

Welch - Turner Gill

Turner never got a fair shake, I don't care what anybody says. KU football had just come away from Mark Mangino and was delusional about its place in the college football world. This happens sometimes with programs. A coach elevates them, and like with anything successful, the higher ups start buying into their own hype and think they had something to do with it. So, when they hired Gill to replace Mangino, they stupidly expected immediate results.



2 years..... 2. I would have loved to see what Turner Gill could have done with those teams Charlie Weis ran into the ground by going from transfer QB to transfer QB. At least KU learned their lesson and they're seeing things through now with David Beaty, but Turner didn't get a fair shake.

Fescoe - Allard Baird

Baird was and is one of the great people in baseball.  I loved covering Allard.  However, he never got a fair shake.  He was running an organization that was transitioning from being owned by a committee to a new owner in the Glass family.  Baird was limited to drafting players based on signability and not the best playing ability.  At the time the Royals had a very limited scouting budget and they didn't have the commitment to the international players they have today.  I wouldn't trade Dayton Moore for anything but I would have liked to have seen what Baird could have done given better resources.  He was responsible for some of the 2014-15 teams.  Alex Gordon and Billy Butler were two of his picks that went on to have success in KC...including this little hit..

Kling - Marcus Peters

Yep, clearly I'm going to die on this hill.   Sorry to the "get over it" crowd, I just won't.  The team has had plenty of time to leak dirt on Peters and how big of a pain in the rear he was behind the scenes.  They haven't.  It's not like we haven't baited them to.  There hasn't been a case made for his departure.  The "he didn't want to be here" crowd chimes in here, but the fact is you could have made him play here for three more years, heck four more if you wanted to franchise him a second time.   When the money talks, athletes find a way to make it work.  I understand that a lot of fans apparently don't like Peters, whether it's kneeling, throwing flags, alleged bad locker room guy (again not substantiated) or "didn't want to be here" -- I think many of you have taken a narrative and run with it.  I don't think any of those things outweigh his ability.  I wish the collective 'we' could have given Peters a second chance and he'd still be a Chief.


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